Zeus has been REPEATEDLY stated to be Odin's equal. You may as well have said "Batman vs. Thomas and Martha Wayne's corpses.". In one scan on page two, it's stated that Superman doesn't have that Superman doesn't have that kind of power. Superman is sundipped. Odin has easily resisted the attacks of Surfer and Thanos alike. Seriously what do you think will happen in comics if Zeus fought Superman? This is Pre52 Zeus, becuse when I wrote this New 52 Zeus didn’t have any feats. ), this battle would go on forever. This being since Zeus is a "god" because he is immortal and Superman can only be killed by Kryptonite. and go to town, but I trust the OP intends a neutral locale. Superman isn't "weak" against magic, just vulnerable to it. Zeus win while he is having sex with Hera lol. Zeus can generate and manipulate other forms of energy as well. When a sun dipped Superman does attempt to engage Zeus in fisticuffs, he will throw Zeus around quite a bit (Zeus v. WB Hulk, Odin's occasional fights with Thor), but he will not cause any lasting damage to a skyfather. I don't really know but I may infer that Marvel's Zeus is a lot more powerful strengthwise because DC's version is a lot more about magic and stuff. Again, yes, you are correct. @vuviper: I didn't actually thank you for pointing that out. He certainly bolster his strength beyond current Hulk's whom is strong enough to cause collateral damage through Earth when fighting in it's mantle. But I don't know why that automatically translates to not being able to be knocked out. Superman doesn't stand a chance! out of 10 battles, at most he could win maybe 1 battle, if he was on bloodlust for all 10 battles, please...superman is not at skyfather level. I thought he was simply pushing the planet but that's due to my lack of attention. Zeus exists outside the Multiverse in Heaven Realm. @Mirabel: I always assumed they should be equals.. i got a scan of him striking down galactus with his signature lightning strike. Zeus stomps,and by the way Hulk is Stronger than Superman. Then why ask "do you honestly believe..." as if to call into question my mental faculties at even being able to think such a thing. This being since Zeus is a "god" because he is immortal and Superman can only be killed by Kryptonite. I apologize again. magic has known to mess superman up. This topic is locked from further discussion. Zeus wins, but as far as the Galactus, incident, Zeus was amped by Mikaboshi as fas as i'm concerned, you stated that the writer himself stated the power primarily came from Zeus, i would like to see evidence of this. it looks like something I'd be interested in reading(The Zeus vs Hulk). He knows the Earth well and could just seize military supplies (uranium-depleted rounds, nukes, etc.) Current New 52 Zeus would get roflstomped by Prime. As of current, physical strikes from characters on a lower tier than skyfathers haven't ever caused any everlasting damage against them. I'll try to look for it however. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. There is no such thing as a "skyfather level". Zeus beats the snot out of Supes like he did the Hulk. Any version of Hulk would get whooped by Superman. Before we continue, are there anymore feats of a sun dipped Superman? @PunkMastaFlex: Well Silver Surfer wasn't using physical force, and Hulk isn't really comparable to a sun dipped superman, so I was wondering why you say Zeus could not be taken down by anything in superman's arsenal. Normal Sups loses bad, prime and above rips zeus a new one. Precognition: Zeus also has limited precognitive abilities, and in ancient times was the patron of an oracle at Dodona, through which he delivered prophesies. It would be like if I said that Charles Barkley is equal to Michael Jordan merely because they were both NBA players and moral leaders of their respective teams. I don't think New-52 Superman can take on Zeus; DCU Supes? I don't have any feeling towards him. No rules, Ultimate Fighting. Zeus just happens to have the misfortune of not having a son who regularly had his own comic for fifty years. ! Unless Zeus is able to get his hands on some Kryptonite(sp? Telling me how powerful they are doesn't mean anything about their durability. But all that is mere hearsay, like saying the sentry has the power of a million exploding suns, or that Hulk is the strongest one there is and stuff like that. If it makes you feel better, maybe it's because Thanos' energy blast can be considerably stronger than his phyisical or maybe, that's just how it was written and you need to stop reading into it too much. Am I to assume then that every time Silver Surfer or Thanos fights someone, that their opponents must be immune to any of their considerable powers the writers did not utilize? If that were the case, why would Thanos and Surfer attempt to engage Odin with energy attacks only and not incorporate physical attacks into the fray? Even Dormammu says he is equal to Odin *AND* Zeus. No one in comic book history has ever given Hulk a beat down as badly as Zeus did. I will literally say those statements at the wrong times. I'll say Zeus. When Hulk was engaging Zeus in a physical brawl, he did throw Zeus around a little bit but he did not do any everlasting damage against the thunder god. Otherwise Thanos would attempt the same strategy and given Thanos's showing against Champion, it's not impossible to approach. (Well I have seen, in the Zeus vs Avengers, but I don't really remember it all too well). So you dont think Marvel Zeus could take Superman? also another scan showing zeus going head to head with odin in an argument (i dont have all the scans though). Oh, in that's how I should think about it, maybe Zatanna isn't all that vulnerable to punches I seem to recall people mostly engaging her in magical battles. Beyond planetary busting level? Get your answers by asking now. If its' Marvel Zeus, I don't always favour him. Zeus can change his shape into that of other humanoid beings (as when he impersonated Amphitryon, the husband of Hercules' mother Alcmena), of animals, or even of objects. It's not going to take him out. This is New 52 Superman vs Zeus- the one that beat up the Hulk recently. One difference between the scan I've see of Superman's planet pulling vs the war world thing is that Sun Dipped held war world overhead, displaying that superman not only had the strength of flight but the upper body strength to support it. Superman is blood lusted (Zeus killed Lois Lane.) I'm using Hulk as an example to showcase how little damage Superman would cause to Zeus. Zeus can create interdimensional apertures through which he can transport himself and even the entire Olympian army. @Jayfournines: That's actually DC Zeus i think. Zeus's ability to generate tremendous amounts of electrical energy and to project them from his hands in the form of lightning bolts has become his trademark. Most people when they say skyfather they think of Odin...and believe me, Zeus is not in the same league as Odin. From what you're insinuating here, physical force isn't equivocal to that of energy attacks. Zeus > Original first appearance - Golden Age, Zeus > All Forms of Justice League Superman, Zeus > Master Roshi > Current 52 Superman and Cartoon Versions. out of 10 battles, at most he could win maybe 1 battle, if he was on bloodlust. Are you insinuating depicting the conclusion that a sun dipped Superman can actually take down Zeus? I'm using Hulk as an example to showcase how little damage Superman would cause to Zeus. If so, it's not very impressive. !Make Hulk fan boys mad! Zeus blinks and superman's entire digestive tract becomes kryptonite. I never said I believed a Sun dipped Superman could take down Zeus, but when this because a hand to hand battle, don't you think it relevant to discuss their physical stats instead of how powerful they are? I apologize but attempting to even approach this subject in a debate clearly depicts levels of bias, which will automatically discount the credibility of your post anyways. 1 0. and the reason I ask is simply because, if I remember correctly, when Mikazeus decks Galactus, Galan is taken aback and says something akin to "no mere skyfather could...", indicating that a regular incarnation of Zeus is not strong enough to damage Galactus. I believe these two powers put it in Zeus' favor: Energy Manipulation: Zeus possess vast energy powers of an unknown nature, which surpass powers of any other Olympian god. zeus was amped by Mikaboshi, but most of the power came from zeus himself. Thanos is strong enough to engage Odin in fisticuffs and he's certainly more than smart enough to figure out if Odin is more vulnerable to physical force than energy attacks. When the alfather mentions that he and zeus are equals, he's merely referring to the fact that both are leaders of their pantheons. Zeus can easily overpower virtually everything in the Universe since he is the Godhead of the Universe. From what you're insinuating here, physical force isn't equivocal to that of energy attacks. Why isnt religion and christianity in the mythology section? Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. I've no idea what fight nor arc that was from. to be fair, Marvel Zeus has zero to no feats, Still, the feats he does have? All it'll take is one strike from Zeus to cause dismay to Superman and severely stun him, then the next few strikes will indefinitely kill him. A lot of this depends on whether Zeus is allowed to electrify himself with lightning during this H2H battle -- Superman is often felled by electricity in the comics. What was that dragon question i saw the other day. Supermans weaken to magic and you can tell Zeus is far stronger, he could probably shred Superman with superior strength. ^^. Here's the part of the fight I was talking about with Skaar, It's a pretty long fight, but in the end Hulk saves some innocents from being collateral damage, which causes Skaar to stop attacking him, and then Hulk beat's him bloody when he stopped fighting back (Like he did against Silver Savage). What you've stated earlier and the basis of your argument that you're striving at is that the physical durability of skyfathers isn't enough to tank and resist that of characters such as Silver Surfer, Superman, and Thanos. Thus we can surmise that given how much their equality is bashed over our heads, they well and truly are equal. Superman can already destroy a planet under normal circumstances with pure physical strength? Zues has lightening, while Superman has Heat vision that works on a … Probably Zeus since hes a skyfather. He can strike Zeus as much as he want, inundate him with a barrage of heat vision and freezing breath, it won't do anything but pose a nuisance to Zeus. The combination it takes to move a planet doesn't rely solely on strength, but it requires speed of flight and durability. He may be able to throw Zeus around a bit, but will be unable to take him down indefinitely. For serious, not even fair. Zeus while having a phone conversation with Hera). I agree with you. Between Superman and Zeus. jeanroygrant posted them and they were several pages. Zeus has absolutely no feats that would put him on Odin's level. And if Dormammu and everyone else say's there equals, I think Marvel is trying to say that they're pretty much damn equal. @Cybrilious4: This is a mismatch...convince me not to flag this. This is cold. Giving him the edge in both AP and durability, likely by magnitides. I dunno, I don't think I could make a convincing case for Superman. It's generally accepted that skyfathers are capable of destroying galaxies (Mephisto, Dormammu, Odin). Its spite all day everyday and twice on Sunday. Meaning magic would affect Superman as much as it affects Penguin. Is that the only legitimate feat of a sun dipped Superman? vs Zeus vs Superman Rules: Winner by death or KO.

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