Jesus and all the apostles exhorted sinners to put their faith in God and be saved. You may unsubscribe at any time. You have a very demeaning view of God, you imply that in someway he is in competition with man, and what you believe is worship is more of an insult. However, the universalist conclusion – that hell is not real because there is no chance we are more merciful than a loving God – is based on the false assumption that God would want anyone to go there. Does He not have the will to use His power. Jesus is the Savior of the WORLD, not the potential savior of the World! God is not a rapist – He does not force His love onto everybody, as you propose…. Glory to You, Lord. Jesus has provided for the salvation of the entire world. “The New Testament has a self-authenticating quality about it because it bears witness to a world we instinctively know to be true … The gospel is the historical narrative of a real healing for a real wound” (p. 152).

We do not know the pronunciation of this word. God always get His Will.

Arminians believe in the free will of men to reject Him. Christ came only to save Israel and through Israel the whole world would be saved if you believed in what he taught.

So God sent his Son to be the payment for All sin and yet You like most other preachers stand daily speaking of sacrifices that cannot. It is God’s desire that they be saved yet not all are saved, which is why we are commissioned to preach the gospel. 3:23-24, Moffatt translation). If you break this law by jumping from a five-story building, the penalty will be broken bones, and likely death. God the Father and Jesus were willing to pay our “sin debt” in full. If these were not fixed, life would not exist here.

“The Word was with God” clearly shows this fact. 5:48).

Consider. This, they say, is the only way to avoid roasting forever in hellfire. He is exceptionally clear about sin and our need to be forgiven, but he largely skims over Jesus’ call to repentance (e.g. God is perfect, and expects us to aspire to the same standard. Did you know that Luke was not a disciple of Jesus, but Paul’s disciple, and also he was not Jewish, he was a Roman? But only by our own personal choice can that full union with God, and the fullness of life eternal, be achieved. Finally, the kind of person who would perhaps benefit most from this book is the skeptic who is sympathetic to the claims of the Jesus Seminar and other similar scholars. That document, titled Dominus Iesus (“The Lord Jesus”), went even more deeply into what it means for Christians to assert that salvation is found in Jesus alone. Because of His perfect character and supreme wisdom, God has determined that all debt must be reconciled, one way or another. And what does it mean to be Savior of the world? Andre, please humor me and my “little pet doctrine” by answering this question: why did Jesus dying on the cross, pray for his murderers, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do”. After all, the hyper-moral Pharisees received Jesus’ strictest condemnation (e.g.

Hi Tom, I agree that faith is more than intellectual acceptance of an idea. But I have seen the MASSIVE rate at which this dangerous doctrine is growing and being advocated, especially within the GRACE circles. And FALSE. Bless you, Andre. Become a supporter on Patreon (USD) or Donorbox (other currencies) today.

For me, saved is a verb.. it is something constantly in motion and in action. But then look at this: “I do not judge any one” (Joh 8:15). Most people disciplined would consider it a good thing (not at the time of disciplining :), but afterwards sure, to prevent worse). Yet, long ago, it was determined that the Word—the ever-living One who created all things—must die (Matt. Those who say He isn’t do not have a compelling argument. Is it a bad idea to tell a sinner that they are saved? Yes, some religions lead to activity that is more morally reprehensible than others, but turning from the true God to any other faith, no matter how “moral,” is the essence of sin. I am from India, the birthplace of Hinduism (and the progenitor of every New Age movement in the West), and everything you wrote echoes a philosophy which is most famously found in the Bhagvad Gita. We should not be bashful about delivering this cure — by means of evangelism, apologetics, public debate, and the example of our own lives, inasmuch as is possible for us.
Escape to Reality is a reader-funded website. Wherefore in all things it behooved Him to be made like unto His brethren [flesh and blood]…to make reconciliation [through death] for the sins of the people” (vs. 14, 16-17).

When He became flesh, the Word was named Jesus: “And she [Mary] shall bring forth a son, and you shall call His name JESUS” (Matt. I encourage you to check out my series on the wrath of God (Archives > Subject Index). Rather, am I not pleased when they turn from their ways and live?” Ezekiel 18:23.

6:1-2); after all, He commands us to be perfect. His death freed us from our captor—Satan the devil, who, through sin, previously held power over death. Having undercut the “objective proof” for the relativists’ case, Edwards presents his own evidence for Jesus’ unique status as Savior. We believe because Jesus himself claimed to be the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and all his claims were vindicated when he rose from the dead. Even if Adam and Eve didn’t sin, Jesus was still coming to earth in order to bring mankind into relationship with the Trinity. While this statement may seem uncontroversial for many Christians, recent years have seen numerous attempts even among Christian theologians to suggest that people may be saved in different ways, that may or may not involve Jesus.
Again, he appeals to the coherence of the Bible narrative and plain common sense — always postmodernism’s worst enemy. Is this a salvation issue for born-again Christian? Can God fail in His perfect plan (all His ways are perfect), can His love ever fail? We, too, should resist it. We get to be voices of hope which the Holy Spirit will use to bring other to a saving knowledge of Jesus. Edwards’s book begins by demonstrating that the academic theories claiming to get at the “historical Jesus” are not grounded in scientific objectivity, but in a naturalistic worldview that rules out anything supernatural from the start. Saved by Grace.

Once a person “accepts Jesus,” they believe, he or she is guaranteed a “place in heaven.”. Jesus met the ransom price for all human beings: “All come short of the glory of God, but they are justified for nothing by His grace through the ransom of Christ Jesus” (Rom. As we will see in the coming weeks, the gospel is really good news for lost people. This is an Anglican Media Sydney production.Web development by Kreativ. Jesus said, “I will build My Church…” There is a single organization that teaches the entire truth of the Bible, and is called to live by “every word of God.” Do you know how to find it? The New Testament is a credible historical source — much better than anything else of comparable age. I’m asking you not to reference the bible because I would like you to put those words in the context of how “saved” and “condemned” work in daily life… not in some eschatological scheme of things. Though it is given to us as a free gift, it cost a tremendous price: the death of a God Being! Any one of us who claims to have it all down pat and 100% pure is fooling no one but themselves. What does it mean to be saved though my flesh is weak and I am sin in nature? That it’s a stick of the convenant that came before the cross of Jesus. Edwards’ tool is reasonable argument — apologetics, if you will. On the flip side, if you stand outside in temperatures of 50 degrees below zero Fahrenheit, will you not receive frostbite and eventually die? Since one cannot earn forgiveness, then it must be free, is the thinking. They wrote about him 70-100 years after he supposedly died.

Why ask it if he truly is the Messiah? I am not sure whether you already know this, but every sacred text of Hinduism has undergone a process of revision and re-editing which has lasted centuries- made quite easy by the fact that they were not written down for centuries but passed by word of mouth. we would never say one is “objectively” alive when they were just a twinkle in their father’s eyes.

The assorted media deliver into our living rooms — as if our private space were a cultural landfill — each day’s lurid murders, political scandals, movies, TV shows celebrating every kind of abomination, and doomsday scenarios from global warming to bird flu.

How to share E2R, Copyright © 2020 ____ says they have 67,000 members — but think about it — that is a drop in the bucket compared to those who ascribe to the TRUTH. Edwards’s approach would be better turned on its head, “for no one can lay a foundation other than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ” (1 Cor. As St. Paul observed, “For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God” (1 Cor. And, like Adam and Eve, it is up to us to make a choice, for or against a life of salvation. Jesus has provided for the salvation of the entire world. Thus, two eternal Beings—not one “triune” being, as most assume—are mentioned here. 24:16) “the children shall be put to death for thier fathers, neither the fathers be put to death for thier children, but everyone be put to death for his own sin”. I used to be conditionalist, I never accepted traditionalist view. A person who is saved is being transformed. These verses reveal that two Beings existed “in the beginning.” One is the Word; the other is God. All we need to preach is turn or burn, eternity being eternal and all. Lewis called his master, was a Christian Universalist. Now we just have to share this higher truth with others. Create a website or blog at He was “God with us” (Matt. Have you fully surrendered yourself? u have tried alot, but i want to let u know that jesus came only to save his people (jews) from the technical point of view in the gospel of (john 17:9) “i pray for them, i pray not for the world, but for them which u have given me, for they are thine”. Jesus is the perfect sacrifice for sin (sin of the whole world). My grandfather have me a vey good answer to that.

The word “eternal” in the verse you quoted actually means “divine”. It is universal and automatic. I don’t want there to be a God; I don’t want the universe to be like that” (p. 204). Because of sin, everyone owes God a debt—a price for that sin—which we saw earlier is the death penalty. You read scripture with the view that the creator is in competition with the creation, no wonder you are so confused. Why is Jesus the only Savior, according to Rev. Logic is dead, but the living word of God transforms a person… and I’m not talking about letters on a page. Like you, I am not a Universalist…but I sure would love if they are right! Personally I believe eventually everyone will be saved. I know this is against the original intent of this blog entry, but it goes directly to the question “was Jesus the Savior of the whole world” – albeit in a different context. If you’re not interested, no problem. Nowhere is there anything that anyone wrote about Jesus WHILE HE WAS ALIVE !!!

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