Coal is basically a result of fossil fuel that formed over many years, whereas the source of charcoal is slow burning carbon woods.

Charcoal is the principal woodfuel in urban areas of many less developed countries. It is mineral matter, such as clay, silica and calcium and magnesium oxides, etc., present in the original wood and picked up as contamination from the earth during processing. There are few types of charcoal.

The wood used was either mixed species from the natural forests of the region or eucalypt wood from plantations.

A wood burning stove with a flue is costly.

At carbonization temperatures of 500-600°C volatiles are lower and retort yields of 30% are typical.

Volatile It is virtually impossible to prevent some accidental rain wetting of charcoal during transport to the market but good practice is to store charcoal under cover even if it has been bought on a volume basis, since the water it contains must be evaporated on burning and represents a direct loss of heating power.

The fixed carbon content is the most important constituent in metallurgy since it is the fixed carbon which is responsible for reducing the iron oxides of the iron ore to produce metal.
own charcoal production, to ensure that the charcoal they use conforms to their The fact that charcoal can be burned in a compact portable stove not requiring a flue, is one of its most important attributes and explains its widespread popularity, especially in cities and built up areas. So, charcoal has a relatively low moisture content of around 5 to 15%.

10.1.5 Typical charcoal The volatile matter other than water in charcoal includes liquid and tarry residues that were not fully eliminated in the process of carbonization.

It is in the charcoal iron industry that physical properties have great importance. charcoal is a worthwhile step in ensuring maximum yield from the wood resource,

Fire blackened pots should not be polished outside, but surface layers of loose soot and soft tar should be removed. This causes an additional variation in pit burned charcoal in wet climates. Thus, the thermal energy yield of wood is, on average, 8 percent and can even go as low as 5 percent with the popular three-stone African stove. The least demanding market for charcoal, quality-wise, is the domestic one. High volatile matter charcoal is less friable than ordinary hard burned low volatile charcoal and so produces less fines during transport and handling. The charcoal’s ash content varies from 0.5% to more than 5% depending on raw materials. Moreover, when the hygroscopitity of charcoal is increased, the moisture content of charcoal can rise to 15% or even more.

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