Our hardy garlic seed bulbs are large, averaging 2.25 inches in diameter and 6-7  bulbs per pound. Not sure what to buy? Then consider a variety pack where we will select varieties that will grow well in your area. Each time the scapes were thin and tasty. The bulbs sport an outer white skin, with garlic seed cloves that have a reddish tint on the inside wrappers. 10 lbs or more – save $2/lb: $18.99/lb This “porcelain” variety produces extremely hardy garlic seed. Thank you for stoppingby and please check back for new updates. We'll send you special offers, how-to guides, and seasonal information. Hardy, Full Flavored, HOT and Spicy Garlic, Easy to Grow, VERY Hardy, Large Sized, HOT Flavored Garlic, Best for Medicinal Purposes, High in Allicin, Very Hardy, Medium-Large Sized, Full Flavored Heirloom Garlic, Easy to Grow, Hardy, Large Sized, Full Favored Porcelain Garlic, Hardy, Large Sized, Easy-to-peel Large Cloves, Full Flavored, HOT Heirloom Garlic, Easy to Grow, Hardy, Large Sized, Mild Flavored Porcelain Garlic, Easy to Grow, Hardy, Large Sized, Mild Flavored Garlic, Good Performer, Grows Good Sized Bulb, Spicy Flavor with a Mild Zing, Easy to Grow, Hardy Large Sized, Mild Flavored Garlic, Hardy, Medium-Large Sized, Easy to Peel Large Cloves, Mild with a spicy zing taste, Hardy, Medium-Large Sized, Full Flavored, Spicy Flavored Garlic, Hardy, Large Sized, Grows better under Wet conditions then most other bulbs, Large, Uniform Bulbs, Strong, Spicy Flavor, Hardy, Large - Sized, Full Flavored, Spicy Flavored Garlic, Hardy, Medium-Large Sized, Full Flavored, HOT Garlic, Grown in any Zone but do well in warmer climates, Very Hot Raw, Sweet & Spicy baked (with just a bit of heat) Matures early, Short Storing Garlic, Smaller bulbs typically about 1 1/2" or Larger Bulb Size, Moderate - Strong Heat,Especially when Eaten Raw, Early Harvest, Grown in Any Zone but do well in warmer climates, Hot (Especially when eaten raw) Early Harvest. Try to stick with the local shops and they should have a better selection and better quality seed than the big box stores.

We are proud growers of premium garlic seed for 12 years. " Our garlic looks great this year and are on schedule to harvest and then start shipping in August. Thank you! We start making our pickled garlic scapesmid JUNE. } HOPE EVERYONE IS STAYING HEALTHY AND SAFE ", When in season some of the best food on your table comes from your own garden and local farms, Today is May 18 2020. " All garlic orders will be shipped in our all natural, biodegradable wood curl packaging called Sylvacurl. 20 years of selection on our organic garlic seed farm for cold hardiness, superior flavor and storage qualities. They are shorter storing garlic's and smaller in size, but do well in warmer climates. } 1lb of seed will give you approximately 24-35 seeds for planting. Since hardnecks have many fewer cloves, the cloves are larger and easier to peel. Garlic seed for sale for home gardens. These varieties grow very well in colder climates and high elevations. Garlic seed for sale for home gardens. Click to Call (608) 289-1887. If you order 4lbs you will yield around 100 garlic bulbs next year, enough to have 2 bulbs per week for cooking! Buy garlic seed from a local garden nursery In the fall most good local garden centers should sell some garlic seed. Starts at $10 "Real nice garlic this year"         6/24/2018, Back to Main Page Thank you Eastview Farm!”. Each bulb contains 4-5 large cloves that go a long way when cooking and easily survive the harshest winters. Explore the multiple varieties of garlic and discover the wonderful and unique flavors that different garlic cloves can offer from Burpee seeds. GARLIC FESTIVAL German White Extra Hardy Garlic is called, “the chef’s garlic” by garlic connoisseurs. Login / Register ; Cart / $ 0.00. Early Spring " garlic is about 3 weeks ahead of last year. window.mc4wp = window.mc4wp || { Versatile hardneck garlic. Our German White Extra Hardy Garlic is certified organic by Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF) and tested free of garlic bloat nematode by Cornell University Extension. Welcome to GetGarlic.com where we grow the organic garlic seeds we sell, we are not a reseller. Some French consider this to be the best tasting of all French garlic. We grow our garlic using sustainable farming practices, without the use of chemical herbicides or pesticides to ensure the highest quality garlic.

Nutrient dense bulbs: our 2020 cured garlic bulbs scored a 44 on our BRIX test. This is where the real flavor is, say garlic aficionados. This is our new web site and we are adding new content and photos. Remember we are picking fresh garlic scapes mid JUNE 2020. Adams Garlic Farm – Garlic Seed and Gourmet Garlic for Sale – Wisconsin Welcome to Adams Garlic Adams Garlic is committed to growing exceptional quality gourmet garlic for seed and culinary use. Reasons to Buy Our Organic Seeds Grown Without Synthetic Pesticides Conventionally grown seeds come from plants that grew in the fields even longer than food crops and are likely to have had even more exposure to synthetic pesticides and fungicides to keep them viable as seed producers. Get A FREE Catalog. My garlic is beyond beautiful, I’d like to buy more seed for the fall. Photo gallery Can be planted autumn or early spring but dislikes wet conditions. All content property of M & V GARLIC FARM. (608) 289-1887. " GARLIC "NEW YORK STATE GARLIC FARMM & V Garlic Farm: Is located in Central New York (Finger Lake region). { Potato Varieties HOPE EVERYONE IS STAYING HEALTHY AND SAFE "When in season some of the best food on your table comes from your own garden and local farms .
These garlic's originated from South East Asia. The cloves tend to have loose wrappers which make them easy to peel but this leads to shortened storing life.

Website built and maintained by James Lovinsky, Read more about our farm and growing practices…. We believe that this is the best garlic you can buy if you have long, cold winters like we do. Only: £2.49 £1.99 YOUR garlic seed created MASSIVE scapes – never seen anything like it.
Planted bulbs can yield 5-8 times their weight in harvest. We are now accepting online orders. Year after year German White produced the largest bulbs and most consistent crop, so now it is the only variety we grow. Get your garlic seeds directly from the farm that grows them. Remember we are picking fresh garlic scapes mid JUNE 2020You can order these on our website or call.And as always free local delivery or pick-up"Get your canning jars ready". From Artichoke, Purple Stripe, Porcelain, Rocambole and Silverskin garlic seed varieties for planting. Garlic Varieties M & V Garlic Farm: Is located in Central New York (Finger Lake region). Let me also answer a common question that I get, as to why the garlic that you buy from your friendly green grocer does not grow. Today is May 18 2020. " Organic garlic, herbs, vegetables and meat from the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Email address: © 2012–2019 Eastview Farm, LLC • All Rights Reserved. They grow well in most areas of the country except in the warmest of climates. Our certified organic garlic is the perfect choice for your garden. This beats the International Ag Labs “excellent” score of 40 (see chart below). Do you want to try more than one variety? 1-4 lb  – $20.99 Shop Garlic Seeds; Shop Eating Garlic; How To Grow Garlic; About Us; Contact Us; Cart; 0 - items; Got Questions? Read more about our farm and growing practices…. Recipes Newsletter .

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