Today’s Wonder of the Day was inspired by Victor from AL. We think that Wonder 372: When Is Being Grounded Good? Hundreds of millions of years ago, temperatures were above 160° Fahrenheit! This is very interesting. Thanks for sharing your comment with us! This orientation is not aligned with either Earth’s rotational axis or magnetic field. P.S. We suppose it depends on where you begin digging from, Joseph! That's why the inner core is comprised of some of the heaviest materials on Earth. Visit again soon! to create an image, representation, or model of something. Earth's inner core is made mostly of iron and nickel, but 5 percent of it has been a mystery for a long time. Perhaps there are other Wonders you might like better! I learned about it in my science class. #1292 How Did Earth Begin? Let us know if it still doesn't work! Thanks for hanging out in Wonderopolis! The Earth is divided into several layers including the core, mantle, lithosphere, and crust. We're glad you're WONDERing with us, Wonder Friend!! The growth of the inner core is not uniform. One of the most bizarre ways geoscientists study the core is through “geoneutrinos.” Geoneutrinos are neutrinos, the lightest subatomic particle, released by the natural radioactive decay of potassium, thorium, and uranium in Earth’s interior. Its thickness varies from 5 kilometers in the ocean floor to about 70 kilometers on the land surface. :), Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this Wonder of the Day, J_dog31257829! 2014–2020 © National Center for Families Learning,, © National Center for Families Learning (NCFL), hi i was wondering if the inner core was made of molten metal? :), Hi, bob! In fact, one geoscientist calculated that there are 1.6 quadrillion tons of gold in the core—that’s enough to gild the entire surface of the planet half-a-meter (1.5 feet) thick. It is the only liquid layer, and is mainly made up of the metals iron and nickel, as well as small amounts of other substances. We're glad you thought to stop by Wonderopolis for your project! :), Welcome, jordy! Inner Core The Earth's inner core is made up of iron and nickel, just like the outer core, however, the inner core is different. Maybe more than one of these is down there. :), Sorry you didn't like the video, John! How much does Earth weigh and how is this measured? How about learning more about them while also learning a new rap song? The core will never “freeze over.” The crystallization process is very slow, and the constant radioactive decay of Earth’s interior slows it even further. The hottest part of the core is actually the Bullen discontinuity, where temperatures reach 6,000° Celsius (10,800° Fahrenheit)—as hot as the surface of the sun. Earth's surface is mainly covered with liquid water and its atmosphere is is mainly nitrogen and oxygen, with smaller amounts of carbon dioxide, water vapor and other gases. im doing a sience project and this is helping me a lot I wish your site had games :(. :), We're so glad we got to WONDER with the Grade 5's at St. Elizabeth! Venus has a liquid core, but rotates too slowly to churn significant convection currents. Want to learn more about Earth's layers? Fluctuations in the core can cause Earth’s magnetic field to change even more dramatically. We're really glad we learned some new things with each of you! There actually is gravity in space! temperature at which a solid turns to liquid. We hope you liked this Wonder! SCIENCE — Earth and Space. Hi, trent! Earth’s core is the very hot, very dense center of our planet.The ball-shaped core lies beneath the cool, brittle crust and the mostly-solid mantle.The core is found about 2,900 kilometers (1,802 miles) below Earth’s surface, and has a radius of about 3,485 kilometers (2,165 miles). Thanks for WONDERing with us! Billions of years ago when Earth was formed, all the heaviest substances sank toward the middle of the developing planet. So glad you enjoyed learning new things about the earth's core today! :), We're really glad you are WONDERing with us, Colton! powerful light waves that are too short for humans to see, but can penetrate Earth's atmosphere. With a gigantic ball of solid metal as its core, all of Earth is magnetic. Although Earth’s magnetic field is generally stable, it. shock wave of force or pressure that travels through the Earth. The audio, illustrations, photos, and videos are credited beneath the media asset, except for promotional images, which generally link to another page that contains the media credit. At the top of the outer core, iron crystals freeze out and rain into the inner core. We sent you SMS, for complete subscription please reply. to pass along information or communicate. process of separating different layers of a planetary body by chemical and physical mechanisms. Growth is less concentrated around “superplumes” or. The structure of the earth is divided into four major components: the crust, the mantle, the outer core, and the inner core. Victor Wonders, “what are the physical and chemical properties of the mantle?” Thanks for WONDERing with us, Victor! Explore the following activities with a friend or family member: hashim for contributing questions about today’s Wonder topic! As the entire Earth slowly cools, the inner core grows by about a millimeter every year. You have answered 0 of 3 questions correctly and your score is: Subscribe to Wonderopolis and receive If you have questions about how to cite anything on our website in your project or classroom presentation, please contact your teacher. Earth has a core, mantle and crust. The mantle is under the crust and is approximately 2,890 kilometers deep. The problem is hard to attack because seismic waves have to go pretty much straight from an earthquake, right through the Earth's center, to a seismograph. Thanks for hanging out with us in Wonderopolis! massive slab of solid rock made up of Earth's lithosphere (crust and upper mantle). The magnetic forces of the geodynamo seem to be responsible. I never knew the humans are on the crust. the basic unit of an element, composed of three major parts: electrons, protons, and neutrons.

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