Aesir-Vanir war. “I will not exchange insults with Loki here in Aegir’s hall. Yet Loki’s disguises almost invariably involve shape-shifting. . Hárbarðr means grey-beard and, identifying his various cognomens in the poem Grimnismál, also found in the Poetic Edda, Odin finishes verse 49 with the line Gǫndlir oc Hárbarðr með goðom: [they called me] Gondlir and Harbard among the gods. I’ll pick you up and hurl you into the east and no one will have to set eyes on you again.”, “If I were you, Thor,” said Lola, “I wouldn’t say too much about your own journey east. Flyting is a ritual, poetic exchange of insults practiced mainly between the 5th and 16th centuries. It’s not especially surprising that the Norse trickster god, Loki, features prominently in the. Excellent personal relations skills and exceptional work … “I’m going back in. 11022198. Edda, Snorri Sturluson/Anthony Faulkes, Everyman, London, 1987. It was then customary for him to offer a drink to the loser. November 2016. “You never could be even-handed: you’ve often let the weaker man snatch victory in battle.”, “I may have let the weaker man snatch victory in battle,” Odin replied. On one occasion some while after Balder’s death, when they could think about him quietly and talk about him calmly for all their foreboding, many of the gods went over to the island of Hlesey for a feast. There are many indications as to who we are dealing with: in verse 16 Harbard is a war-god wreaking slaughter, in verse 18 a cunning seductor, but let’s look briefly at verses 20 and 24 as most representative of Odin. “there’s nothing to be gained from raking up what’s best forgotten.”, “Enough, Frigg!” shouted Loki. A classic example of woman – man flyting is the quarrel in the Eddic poem Helgakviða Hjörvarðssonar. Retrieved from:, November 2016. I’ll swipe your shoulder-stone off your neck and that will be the end of you.”, “Look everyone!” cried Loki, unabashed. The difference between Skadi and Hrimgerdr is mainly that Hrimgerdr openly boasts about drowning “Hlodvard’s sons in the sea”[1]. Does it really matter much in the end? Hárbarðsljóð is a flyting poem from the Poetic Edda, in which Thor is challenged to battle wits with a ferryman named Harbard (Hárbarðr) for passage across an inlet. Most authorities cannot agree on a dating methodology, no less specific dates for each individual composition – suffice it to say that Hárbarðsljóð certainly predates it’s 13th c. textual record. Heroes don’t waste words mapping things out.”, Then Idun turned to face her husband. The insults that fly are just as nasty as in man to man sennur, with Hrimgerdr accusing Atli, and by extension Helgi, of impotence and effeminacy (“You would neigh, if your balls weren’t cut off”) at a time when calling a man a “mare” was a legitimate reason for that man to kill you, and Atli responding by affirming his masculinity by calling himself a “stallion” and saying that if he came ashore she’d “lower her tail”. You can never sleep or even sit down; day and night you stand awake, the watchman of the gods.”, “You’re as quick as they come, Loki,” said Skadi, “but you won’t be at large, twirling your tail, much longer. And he that hid Saint John’s eyes with a wimple And, among his varied roles, Odin does perform as the god of (good) poetry. Despite a decisive demand for change, Trump... Sign and send the petition to your U.S. senators: Focus on COVID-19 relief immediately, not Trump’s judicial nominations. The others are Frigg (slept with Odin’s two brothers), Idunn (slept with Loki), Njord (incest), and Skadi. flyting: [noun] a dispute or exchange of personal abuse in verse form. If you feel so angry, why don’t you get up and fight? and share what’s on your mind this morning. He doesn’t trifle with virgins or seduce other men’s wives, and he frees bound men from their fetters.”, “Enough, Tyr!” shouted Loki. The flyting begins after the main character, Helgi, and his companion Atli tether their ships in a fjord for the night.

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