Being on the list means you will be first to see my new recipes and you’ll be kept in the loop on all things new and exciting too. Cook them over a medium low heat for about 7 minutes each side. I also added my, « Peanut Butter Mousse | 6 Simple Ingredients, Creamed Peas And Carrots | With Mashed Potatoes (Vegan) ». It adds yet another layer of flavour and makes the burgers look shiny and succulent. It's so thoughtful and helpful. Thanks for your kind comment So glad you liked it! These freezer friendly black bean burgers are really great for making ahead and meal prep. Thank you for following A Virtual Vegan! You might also enjoy my: Subscribe to my email list for a fabulous FREE eCookbook featuring my top 10 recipes. It adds another layer of flavour and makes them look really good! The whole family just loved them. If you don't have ground chia seeds, simply blend whole chia seeds in an. I just wanted to comment that I love that you provide substitute ideas. After 4-6 hours I transfer them to a ziplock bag and there’s no way that they will stick together. . The other trick to stop them from falling apart is to really compact each burger when forming it. These tasty veggie burgers are a healthier fast-food option that is perfect for lunch or dinner. Anywhere from ¾ to 1 inch thickness is best. Flip them over halfway through the cooking time. Some even contain cheese. Cooking times are included in the recipe below. That's because they always tend to be the same softness. ★☆. This recipe did make 4 burgers and i changed flax seeds for chia seeds which i think worked really well, i wouldn’t skip the refrigerating step although i did and two of my burgers split in the pan but were still equally yummy. Trying vegan for a week so have been looking for filling healthy meals . How do you keep black bean burgers from falling apart? You're awesome for doing it! ★☆ I don't recommend making them too thin. So glad you liked them I’ve never frozen them myself, but I think it should work . Also worth asking just in case, you didn't add the optional BBQ sauce to the mixture? Feel free to use quick oats! A good combination of mashed and partially mashed beans for good burger texture! What ingredients & equipment do I need? We don't want any liquid hanging around. Thanks a lot Hope you like them! Veggie Burger Cooking Options. If frozen bake them straight from the freezer for about 20-25 minutes or until piping hot all the way through. Could I use quick oats – or grind regular oatmeal into a finer consistency? Just put the ground flaxseed into the mixture as it is . My preferences in bean burgers are nut butter or ground flaxseed which this recipe uses. Yes, it should work, just add more or less if needed . Thank you for this recipe. Feel free to add some oil if you want, grill them or cook them in a skillet over medium-high heat. However, I don’t share many recipes using them because it’s no easy to find canned black beans in my country and when I’ve tried to make them from scratch, I … These cooked wonderfully on the grill! Once the pan is hot add the burgers making sure there is plenty of space around each one to enable you to flip them easily later. I substituted the black beans for lentils instead and still turned out great! Instead place them on a grill tray designed for grilling more delicate foods, or use a sheet of greased aluminum foil instead. The burgers are actually really good and scrumptious. Get my Top 10 reader's favourite recipes e-Cookbook FREE! Oh wow, that's a great compliment! Hope that helps! And lastly don't cook them over too high a heat and don't flip them too much when cooking. And are absolutely delicious. If you can't fit them all in, have your oven on low (300 ° F / 148 °C) and once the first ones are done keep them warm in there until the rest are ready. - Marissa, "The WHOLE family devoured these flavorful burgers. COPYRIGHT © 2020 A VIRTUAL VEGAN | UNAUTHORIZED USE AND/OR DUPLICATION OF THIS MATERIAL WITHOUT EXPRESS AND WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM THIS SITE'S OWNER IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. You’re so welcome Hope you enjoy them! Black bean burgers are a classic in the vegan cuisine and black beans are my favorite beans in the whole world. Feel free to use canned beans or cook them from scratch. Hi Iosune! I love baking these veggie burgers in the oven. Hearty vegan black bean burger with lots of flavors! To freeze - Let the burgers cool completely then lay them out on a lined baking tray and pop the whole thing in the freezer. The data is a computer generated estimate so should be used as a guide only. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. . How do you keep black bean burgers from falling apart? ★☆ I make a double batch and put some in the freezer for easy meal days. Take the mixture and give it a really good squeeze together. I put them in the fridge for a while and made the burger shapes but left them out for a bit after. To help form the patties, line your 1/2 or 1/4 measuring cup with plastic wrap and pack with burger mixture. Heat the oil in a pan over a medium low heat. Hungry for more? My husband actually says he likes them better than beef burgers!" Fry on both sides until they firm up. Hope that helps! This recipe is definitely a keeper!" Store leftover burger patties in an airtight container in the refrigerator (up to 3 days) or freeze for up to 3 months. They are so good! Comment Policy: We want to hear from you, so please feel free to leave a comment (give us your feedback, share the ingredients you’ve modified or help other readers) and rate the recipe after you’ve made it. I cooked them on a griddler for about 5 to 10 minutes or until golden brown with no oil. Squish the portioned out mixture together in your hands before forming so it's compacted and don't make the burgers too thin. I’ve also realized there aren’t as many as I thought, and I don’t know why because we love them and they’re so popular on the blog…. Will make again, for sure! I love this! Pin Description. Did you drain the beans absolutely thoroughly? Drain and wash your canned beans. My goal is to give you the confidence to cook and bake great vegan food from scratch. Hi Connie! I made a survey on Instagram last Wednesday about sharing some Instant Pot recipes on the blog and most of you agreed, so stay tuned. These burgers are vegetarian, of course. Watch How to Make Veggie Burgers . It adds another layer of flavour and makes them look really good! Add canned or cooked beans to a large mixing bowl and mash them. Rate this recipe Instead either place on greased aluminum foil on the grill to give them some support, or use a greased grill pan that's made for more delicate foods. How do they taste? I hope you enjoy it. Instant oats are the most processed oats. Thanks a lot for your comment , Hi Joe!

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