you were probably Memory and desire, stirring . Memory and desire, stirring / Sighs, short and infrequent were exhaled,” lines 63-4). It is possible to describe "The Waste Land" as a modern poem simply because it was written in the twentieth century. The soil out of which the spring plants grow is composed of the decayed leaves of earlier plants. For Eliot’s speaker, this rebirth is cruel, because any birth reminds him of death. Instead of a life-giving act of love, sex occurs in the poem as seduction or rape, leading to abortion. Eliot's enormously long poem does not fit any traditional structure, and in doing so, Eliot set the standard for modern poetry. Eliot defined the lyric as “the voice of the poet talking to himself, or to nobody,” and if we accept his description of The Waste Land as a “piece of rhythmical grumbling,” it may seem to belong to the lyric tradition. Other quotations or translations come from writers of near-sacred status: Shakespeare (“Those are pearls that were his eyes,” line 48) and Dante (“I had not thought death had undone so many. For Eliot’s speaker, April’s showers are cruel, not sweet. Eliot went on to convert to a High Church form of Anglicanism, become a naturalized British subject, and turn to conservative politics. The Waste Land was quickly recognized as a major statement of modernist poetics, both for its broad symbolic significance and for Eliot’s masterful use of formal techniques that earlier modernists had only begun to attempt. Eliot’s age itself was symbolic of an entry into mid-life. Speak.” These comments alternate with lines, not in quotation marks, that may be spoken or thought by her male companion: “I think we are in rats’ alley / Where the dead men lost their bones.” The ominous tone of these replies suggests, however, that the words may issue from some supernatural source.

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Here, the first two lines seem to be made up entirely of stressed syllables, although they tend to fall into groups of three. The Fisher King is impotent, his lands infertile and drought-stricken; one cause of this infertility is a crime, the rape of some maidens in the King’s court. Eliot's The Waste Land: Breaking the rules or conventions of more traditional, accepted forms of poetry: The Waste Land veers in and out of different languages (German, French, even Hindi, to name a few) and obscure mythological references without clear focus or easily defined theme, without defined meter or form.

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