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Shortly after completing THE DROWNED AND THE SAVED, Primo Levi committed suicide. one is never in another's place. The first subject Levi brooches is the problem with memory; chiefly, it is fallible and it is also subjective. After you claim a section you’ll have 24 hours to send in a draft. His publisher disagreed, although there is a chapter in If This is a Man called Drowned and Saved. This idea is similar to the struggle narrated by Borowski, although the characters in Borowski’s stories sometimes actively take advantage of other people’s ill fates, a behaviour that definitely puts them in a darker area of the grey zone. This is difficult to understand for someone who never had to face that situation. They grabbed me, pulled me down to the ground. "Communicating" (4) deals with the emotional and practical consequences of not being able to understand the German commands of the captors, or the conversation of the mostly German speaking prisoners (Levi was Italian but spoke some German). Levi begins it by discussing a phenomenon that occurred following liberation from the camps: many who had been incarcerated committed suicide or were profoundly depressed. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. It looks at how he introduces the "Gray Zone" where internal collaboration between inmates and Nazis becomes the only way of survival. He shares this insight with other Holocaust psychologists, like Viktor Frankl. Levi talks about how Nazisocialism was a diabolic system that “degraded its victims, it assimilated them,” without creating any martyrs or heroes. and although he feels compelled to bear witness, he does not consider doing so sufficient justification for having survived.
Each individual is so complex that there is no point in trying to foresee his behavior, all the more in extreme situations; nor is it possible to foresee one's own behavior" (60). His three-fold explanation mentions the impossibility of choice, the distraction offered by other daily struggles, and the absence of culpability, as reasons why suicide did not happen. suicide is an act of man and not of the animal . . . An analysis and comparison of the theme of alienation seen in Jamaica Kincaid's "Annie John" and Junot Diaz's "Drown".

They inhabited a sort of moral no man's land, belonging to nobody and liked by neither group. Even with the show of force the Germans would display, they often lacked the necessary personnel in camps to keep control of the sheer number of prisoners kept there. In “Drowned, ” Levi elaborates “gray zones, ” ambiguities of interpretation that remain after we simplify history, uncertainties about the meanings of traumatized memories ( Levi, 1989 ).

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