Longini IM Jr, Nizam A, Xu S, Ungchusak K, Hanshaoworakul, W, Cummings DAT, et al. No statistical difference was found in musk concentrations between rural and urban areas in China (p>0.05). Human Exposure and Health Risks to Emerging Organic Contaminants. Results from the second site (WTP 2) showed elevated levels of oestrone, a member of endocrine disrupter steroid suite of tests. Photochem, Thailand Ministry of Public Health. 98 publications. 1985. [Letter]. Sipes, B. Synthetic Musk Toxicity to Early Life Stages of Zebrafish (Danio rerio). Polycyclic musk fragrances are common additives to many consumer products. Further, “[p]reven-, tion and control strategies are unlikely to be, successful if the real sources of the problems. This argu-, ment is not relevant to our article because, we focused on human testing of pesticides, doubt whether testing pesticides on chil-. A modest association for fumigants [> 50 days, 1.50 (1.24-1.81)] and weaker relationships for herbicides [> 500 days, 1.32 (0.99-1.75)] and fungicides [> 50 days, 1.23 (1.00-1.50)] were observed. . Mil Med 167:120–122. A nested case–control, study of methemoglobinemia risk factors in children of, Transylvania, Romania, Environ Health Perspect. Final Report. uniqueness of inhibition of efflux trans-, ) and Pearson (P) calculations show a defi-, The ubiquitous presence of fragrance-associated synthetic musk is cause for serious concern due to their transformation and environmental impacts. tungsten alloys that could not have been pre-. U.S. EPA. musks cannot be inferred from our results, but they do point to the possibility of an, interaction, considering the general property, of the transporters to recognize a wide array, sue—research is needed to determine if the, reported levels in surface waters are extremely, low (picomolar range) but disagree with his, conclusion that such levels indicate that, musks are not a problem. Cariton Kubwabo, Xinghua Fan, Pat E. Rasmussen, Fang Wu. Enantiomeric analysis of polycyclic musks in water by chiral gas chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry. conclusions is unethical on this ground alone. It, is possible that studies of the effects of pesti-. Carcinogenesis, Miller AC, Xu J, Prasanna PGS, Page N. 2002. issues, such as sample size, are irrelevant. Users are Galaxolide, exaltolide and cashmeran were the most detected compounds. and misleading.” We respectfully disagree. Mar Environ Res 58:215–219, McCullagh P, Nelder J (1989) Generalized linear models, 2nd edition. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol, Rimkus GG. J Expos Anal Environ Epidemiol, In her letter, Zeman seems to be objecting, to three points relating my article (Fewtrell. No men-, Resnik and Portier (2005), although this was, published by the U.S. EPA Science Advisory, Board/Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and, specificity, completeness, and relevance to, the health of children, fails on all points. 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