This character really helps him and Apple Company shows outstanding and produces cutting-edge products. All the industries are managed by people and most essential work is done by person, so leaders of these two industry must sharing some characters or trait with each other. Few companies are as closely associated with their founders as Apple is with Steve Jobs. But when the head company made a decision to penetrate into China market they make huge innovation to both their product and brand image. They also want to see teamwork. When iPod appears on the market in 2001, Jobs said, “In our own small way we’re going to make the world a better place.” Where most people see the iPod as a music player, Jobs sees it as tool to enrich people’s lives. There are mainly 7 techniques that Jobs has learned about inspiring his audience; he use all of them to wow his employees, customers, investors, or anyone else he need to motivate. He is so directive that every employee should follow his commander and do in his way with no excuse otherwise they will be dishonored in public. By spreading the pirate culture he gets a highly motivated group and reaches his goal. Pour cet homme, l’argent était une priorité secondaire, disons qu’il souhaitait gagner de l’argent en produisant les objets les plus originaux et merveilleux du monde. He always keeps himself busy and company start to make profit again. Take an example of KFC to illustrate my opinion, as we all know KFC which is one of the most famous fast food company in actually china comes from USA, but KFC seems don’t have that much fans in USA compared with China. Hospitality as a business mainly about produce guest satisfaction has a high demand of this kind of leading style. Pour moi, l’essence de Steve Jobs réside dans le fait que sa personnalité était indissociable de sa façon de mener ses affaires. December 17, 1996 is a remarkable day for “Apple” and the entire computer industry. Steve Jobs va à l’encontre des principes qu’on nous enseigne en écoles de commerce. ‘Steve Jobs’ leadership style was autocratic; he had a meticulous eye for detail, and surrounded himself with like-minded people to follow his lead.’ His creative awareness, his ‘meticulous eye for detail’, was clearly a driving force in Apple’s success. Do you have a 2:1 degree or higher? Show it to them. At last he even can’t stand stay in the school, he goes out the campus and get a job in HP. His pessimism has the effect of depressing everyone around him because he is the leader the role model of the followers. By the time he went back he start to reform and restructure the traditional operation and administration in the company. Share the stage. From this point of view, Steve jobs’ leading method is perfectly suit for hospitality industry. Hospitality industry as a labor intensive industry requires more powerful and skillful leader compared to other industry. Each time Apple introduce new product into the market, there will be a huge purchase wave appear. Second,Reveal a “Holy Smokes” moment. Outstanding Negotiation Skill 备选,值å¾-一写. Even the school dismissed him, he still stay in the dormitory learn by himself and do the experiment. Or, his word seem have some magic that you can’t refuse he will let you believe he is the only person that will lead you to success. In this case he began to become more and more independent and hate the regulation from others and tends to make every decision by himself. He also introduces employees who deliver sections of the presentation. As a referred previously in this paper, he is the one who born to change the world. Whether it’s designer Jonathan Ive or marketing chief Phil Schiller, employees with particular expertise in one area often share the stage with Jobs. Learning from others or even other industries becomes a shot cut for many leaders who want to improve themselves leading skills. Hotels need motivated employee to produce high guest satisfaction, and this can be handled perfectly by a charismatic leader. It usually takes two steps to control a person, first, he will use some frightening or even rude way destroy the person’s confident makes the person feel like a helpless child. When we are surfing the internet with a comfortable laptop or enjoy a game using a multi-touch screen cellphone in a subway, we will find out it’s Jobs’ directive and perfectionism that make our life so interesting. This man is worth mention not only because he lead Steve into the magic electronic world but also he introduce him a job in HP and this is so important for Steve because it help Steve to know more about electronic and the business. Physical and Background Traits Steve Jobs is adopted as referred in the introduction part, this quite influence his personality formulation of his whole childhood, Steve is so clever that he recognized he was adopted when he is very young, this makes him feels it is more dependable of himself than others, because even his biological parents abandon him. Power of dominance. Before he came back company’s balance show a negative number of one billion but by the time 1999 the balance show a positive number of 300 million, at the same time iMac II shock the computer market again people began to regard him with special respect. Another trait that make him so success maybe because his environment he stay during his childhood. Steve Jobs dominance everything during work including the detail process of production and all employees. This is a symbol of charismatic or transformational leadership. We've received widespread press coverage since 2003, Your UKEssays purchase is secure and we're rated 4.4/5 on The reason why he leaves apple in the early years is also caused by his directive or even someone calls egocentric. Selon lui, quand le marketing et les ventes prennent le pouvoir dans une entreprise, les profits sont condamnés à long terme. After analyzing and abstracting the basic leadership traits and leadership behavior of steve jobs, let’s take a further step in exploring the application of steve jobs’ leadership character in hospitality industry and find out how the current management methods in hospitality industry can be improved. So, it is the passions on making unique products that are outstanding and change the perspective for consumers. He create the pirate culture not for fun, his real goal is to motivate the group to work hard to shock the world on May 16, 1983 when the computer fair would be held. Not only for the product adjusting but also the service concept changing. First 3year when he back to Apple he didn’t get any money from the company which equals to stock worth $500 million and insist working 90 hours a week. All work is written to order. The answer will be “yes”. Which means his major character of his leading attributes is about innovation. Steve Jobs is adopted as referred in the introduction part, this quite influence his personality formulation of his whole childhood, Steve is so clever that he recognized he was adopted when he is very young, this makes him feels it is more dependable of himself than others, because even his biological parents abandon him. Those who fail to meet his expectation will be reprimanded. This turns out to be a big success. Your audience craves variety. The image of a computer sliding in an envelope was immediately unveiled in Apple ads and on the Apple website. Study for free with our range of university lectures! There is always one water cooler moment in Steve Jobs presentation.

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