510.769.1601. Not my favorite for martinis, but it’s my go-to for a G&T. Please note this product was originally £42.50. Unless you’re a koala, skip it. Double-strain through a fine mesh strainer, serve up in a coupe, add four drops Angostura Bitters on top of foam. — Tasting Table, An expression of a forest that is so right on, it could make the bear on the label homesick. Few things amplify juniper as Douglas Fir can. That's a promise. [See more]. However, the wonderful folks at St. George Spirits have provided us the next best thing, the Terroir Gin! We know this isn't the service you expect from us, and for that we apologise. Absolutely beautiful a gin that transports your taste buds to forests of California along with the perfume of a perfect Gin. Interested in visiting the distillery? This should be branded as "St. George Sage Gin." Linked by our passion for both the art and craft of distillation—and our desire to say something new through the language of gin—Botanivore Gin, Terroir Gin, and Dry Rye Gin each help define the dynamic range of this eloquent spirit. Its reputation may be founded on the global fame of Napa and Sonoma, but the U.S. is home to countless lesser-known wine regions producing world-class wines (obvious examples include Oregon's Willamett... St. George Spirits is an American craft distillery in Alameda, California that has been producing spirits for the last 35 years. A unique pine taste and a depth of flavor to the palate. On roasting days, the entire distillery is filled with the most fantastic aromas. Stunning on the rocks or in a martini. An ode to the wild beauty of the Golden State. Tam and uses many botanicals native to the area, hand-foraged by their team! One of my favs combines Terroir, Cointreau, an apple/cranberry sparking cider (e.g. Lime any time of the year, cucumber and rosemary in the summer when it’s roasting here in California. I had a bottle on my bar - prepared gin and tonic w/lime, sat down and finished reading a document. Superb stuff. Andie gave us a tour of their beautiful distillery. The most unique gin on the planet.. it is literally a pine forest in your mouth.. definitely a sipper for sure, no cocktails for this one.. it will get weird due to it’s intense pine needle flavor. (although, in the case where you only give us your name and contact details in connection with a review, we will never use that information for any promotional or marketing purposes). Absolutely, 100%, my favourite gin. Coriander isn’t endemic to the Bay Area, but roasted coriander has an intoxicating earthy bouquet reminiscent of the region’s chaparral. If you've got the means (and the desire), it also makes a stunning Gin Sour. Wildcrafted local Douglas fir and California bay laurel form Terroir’s aromatic signature—and 10 more botanicals help complete the picture. Sip it and be transported. This is California's coast in a bottle, rugged, delicate, dramatic.

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