Aquaculture Department, Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center, Tigbauan, Iloilo, Philippines. Culture of Scylla serrata megalops in brackishwater ponds. [39], Infanticide is common among gray langurs. Gray langurs exist in three types of groups: All-male groups tend to be the smallest of the groups and can consist of adults, subadults, and juveniles. Prionailurus was proposed by Nikolai Severtzov in 1858 as a generic name. Externally, the various species mainly differ in the darkness of the hands and feet, the overall color and the presence or absence of a crest. ACIAR, Canberra, Australia. Williams, M.J. & Primavera, J.H. Despite this, research in some areas show high levels of support for the removal of langurs from villages, their sacred status no longer important. However, some religious groups use langurs as food and medicine, and parts of gray langurs are sometimes kept as amulets for good luck. 2004. [50] They do not move much in terms of locomotion for the first two weeks of their life. 19 pp. S. hector Asian Fisheries Science, 14:185-190. [10], As of 2005, the authors of Mammal Species of the World recognize the following seven Semnopithecus species[1], Since then, two other species have been moved from Trachypithecus to Semnopithecus:[14][15][16], In addition, Semnopithecus dussumieri has been determined to be invalid.

Recently, formulated diets developed for penaeid broodstock have been modified and used as supplemental feed for hatchery-maintained mud crab broodstock.

[9] A possible explanation for this is that the T. pileatus species group is the result of fairly recent hybridization between Semnopithecus and Trachypithecus. [8], Traditionally, only Semnopithecus entellus was recognized as a species, the remainder all being treated as subspecies. Their tails, at 69 to 102 cm (27 to 40 in) are always longer than their bodies. They will also groom each other regardless of their rank. This happens even in protected areas, with deaths by automobile collisions making nearly a quarter of mortality in Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary in Rajasthan, India. When do states certify their election results? Females usually give birth to a single infant, although twins do occur. You’ve read the differences between wild catch crabs and farmed crabs. [4] This was followed in Mammal Species of the World in 2005,[1] though several of the seven species intergrade, and alternative treatments exist where only two species (a northern and a southern) are recognized. But we eat pork, don't we?

Crabs. [3], In India, gray langurs number at around 300,000. (1976) "Social behavior of the Himalayan langur (, Vogel, C. (1977) "Ecology and sociology of, Sommer, V., Schauer, P., Kyriazis, D. (2006) "A wild mixture of motivations: same-sex mounting in Indian langur monkeys".

Primavera, J.H., Biňas, J.B., Samonte-Tan, G.P.B., Lebata, M.J.J., Alava, V.R., Walton, M. & Le Vay, L. 2010. © 2005 The Associated Press. [45] Such solicitations do not always lead to copulation. FAO, Rome. Sharma BD, editor. Mud crab nursery in ponds. In multiple-male groups, the costs for infanticidal males are likely to be high as the other males may protect the infants and they can't ensure that they'll sire young with other males around. SEAFDEC/AQD, Iloilo, Philippines. Quinitio, E.T. entellus. Niem (eds). Other populations have seasonal reproduction. S. johnii However, feed companies may not find the commercial production of feeds for mud crabs profitable, due to low demand (crab farming is 20-150 times less intensive than shrimp farming). [5] Phylogenetic evidence supports at least three species: a north Indian, a south Indian and a Sri Lankan one. Lack of seedstock for the expanding industry. chlorinated, ultraviolet-irradiated water); rinse, Spines of larvae become shortened & eroded; loss of appendages; discoloration of parts due to brown pigment melanin, Siphon out excess feeds, moulted exoskeletons & natural food from tank bottom; avoid overcrowding, Branching non-septate filaments observed in eggs & larvae; eggs may not hatch; larval mortality, Monitor condition of eggs & larvae for early detection; treat ovigerous females in 25 ppm formalin bath, Interferes with gas exchange in eggs & larvae; also affects movement & feeding, Avoid overfeeding & high organic load; provide sufficient aeration; observe good water management, Moult death syndrome (MDS); also known as Exuvia entrapment disease (EED), Possibly multiple but nutritional deficiency implicated, Difficulty of zoea 5 to moult to megalopa, Provide proper nutrition; avoid low water temperature (<27° C) & exposure to high levels of prophylaxis, Carrier crabs do not show obvious external signs, Observe biosecurity in the culture system by screening crabs for use; quarantine & restrict movement of crustacean hosts & carriers; install screens & fences, Chitinolytic or chitin digesting bacteria, Shell appears as discoloured patches on carapace & may later spread over appendages; parts of exoskeleton become soft & black as they lose the calcified tissue; may also be induced by mechanical injury, Prevent build up of organisms which provide favourable substrate for establishment of chitinolytic bacteria; provide good water conditions for regular moulting of crabs, Presence of stalked organisms around the carapace, base of chelipeds & other limbs, & on gills; reduces the amount of gill surface available for respiration, Grey-brown to black discoloration of gill arches; complete blackening of the gill system, Proper pond preparation; prevent siltation & other causes of sediment suspension in the water; provide adequate means for water exchange; avoid overfeeding, Nutritional deficiency or unsuitable environment, Crabs weak; slow mobility; leg muscles degenerate & chelipeds & other appendages easily fall off body, Provide proper nutrition to prevent emaciation; avoid over-exposure to dry environment & high water temperature. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nationsfor a world without hunger, Indo-Pacific swamp crab culture began as early as 1890 in Guangdong, China. Prices depend on the season, size, sex and gonad maturity. At present it is unclear where the T. pileatus species group (consisting of the capped langur, Shortridge's langur and Gee's golden langur) belongs, as available mtDNA data place it in Semnopithecus, while Y chromosome data place it in Trachypithecus. "Scientifically, there's nothing to prove that fish caught after the tsunami cannot be consumed," Health Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva told The Associated Press.

The main issues in swamp and mud crabs farming are: In general, mud crabs culture has little detrimental impact on the environment because stocking density is low due to its cannibalistic behaviour. In multiple-male groups, the highest-ranking male fathers most of the offspring, followed by the next-ranking males and even outside males will father young. Asian Fisheries Science, 14:101-111. However, higher-ranking females give out and receive grooming the most.

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