It is salt derived from benzoic acid. Le Benzoate de Sodium est largement utilisé comme agent conservateur dans les produits agro-alimentaires et cosmétiques, car il est efficacec sur les levures, bactéries et champignons.Il est le plus souvent couplé avec le sorbate de potassium, afin d’améliorer son efficacité. Nom INCI: sodium benzoate Dosage recommandé: Entre 0,1% et 1% dans les laits, les crèmes et les moussants Solubilité : Soluble dans l'eau Dangereux. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. A cyclic-free... I went to doctors surgery the next day as I had a large lump in my neck. view more, Sun Care: Sun Bioprotection Detox Gel Cream with 2% NICOMENTHYL® 20 by Multichem R&D, This Sun Bioprotection Detox Gel Cream with 2% NICOMENTHYL® 20, a topical lipophilic vitamin B3 (niacin) derivative, thermostable, multifunctional and sensorial active. This formulation smoothes and reduces pore size. It has also been used to treat urea cycle disorders and has shown to impede the process of Parkinson’s disease. It is used as a preservative in foods, cosmetics and medicines to increase their shelf life. Pure Sodium Benzoate – 100gr Flower Tales Sodium Benzoate is an organic preservative with bacteriostatic and antifungal properties. A formulation by Multichem... Garnier, Head & Shoulders, Pantene, Aussie, The Body Shop and Burt’s Bees are a few of these companies. The results found that sodium benzoate was clastogenic (disrupting or breaking of chromosomes, leading to sections of the chromosome being deleted, added, or rearranged), mutagenic (mutates cells) and cytotoxic (cell destructive) to human lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell). Cancer: Ingredients linked to cancer in government, industry or academic studies or assessments.

En achetant ce produit, vous pouvez collecter jusqu'à 1 Once shipped, they sometimes undergo drastic temperature changes. They also hoped that the companies involved would eventually be moved to not use the additives any longer. You can read about the study here: Protects skin cells against... Required fields are marked *. This means that it simply inhibits the growth of fungus, and or bacteria. A study was conducted by Dr Ali Noorafshen and published in Europe PubMed Central that found that rats subjected to constant doses of sodium benzoate developed anxiety and poor motor function. view more. As a preservative, it is a bacteriostatic and fungistatic chemical. My life has gone from good to a living hell because of this evil substance. Or perhaps, like me, this is the first time you’re hearing about it. (It would be great to see references and dat of post, makes it more credible). You’re probably terrified after reading this article and discovering all the products you are consuming sodium benzoate through! The Top 10 Baby Safe Paint Products For Your Nursery.

Most surprisingly however, is to discover The Body Shop and Burt’s Bees in this list, since these two companies are so well known for the natural products that they offer. The sodium benzoate was found to damage the DNA of the mitochondria, which is the powerhouse of the cell. It makes us question what we are actually eating, when half of the ingredients listed on the back of our food packaging, we don’t even consider because it’s written in scientific codes. Enlever les lentilles de contact si la victime en porte et si elles peuvent être facilement enlevées. First and foremost, sodium benzoate is useful because it increases the shelf-life of many products. It is used as a preservative in foods, cosmetics and medicines to increase their shelf life.

Developmental & Reproductive Toxicity . ATTENTION : Provoque une sévère irritation des yeux. Be aware of the chemicals in the foods you eat and the cosmetics you’re using. Cancer . Another study was conducted in 2007 by Dr Peter Piper at Sheffield University. Sodium benzoate can be found in foods such as salad dressings, fruit juices, carbonated drinks, jams, pickled foods and condiments.

The European parliament suggested that all food products in the European Union that contain any of the offending additives should carry a warning label on the packaging of the harmful side effects that may occur if consumed. That being said, studies have shown that the combination of sodium benzoate with ascorbic acid (vitamin C) converts the chemical into benzene which is associated with various blood cancers. After two month of more and more mucus in my face and throat I took a teaspoonful of Benylin mucus cough medicine…. It appeared in my shampoo, my face wash, my mouthwash, my hair mousse, my sweet chilli sauce, salsa dip, Doritos and my coke zero! Diseases include Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, Alzheimer’s and spinal muscular atrophy. It lowers the pH level of food, for example, thus preventing the growth of mould. Also more mucus formed in my sinuses and would not deminish. Furthermore, a rotarod test measured the rats’ ability to balance and think quickly. Although it occurs naturally in some fruits and spices, such as cranberries, apples, plums, prunes, cloves, and cinnamon, it is generally not ideal for lab synthesised chemicals to be artificially inserted into other products.

There are conflicting opinions about sodium benzoate throughout the world. Les compléments alimentaire Fleurance Nature. No comedogenic, no occlusive. Register for freeForgot Password ?

It has to be banned before children are overdosed on it and die of horrific cancer or closed windpipes. It has an E number of E211 and can also be identified as benzoate of soda, benzoate, benzoate acid and benzene. But why do products like soft drinks need this preservative? Even though sodium benzoate is accepted as low risk and it holds the ability to increase a product’s shelf life, it’s no good if, at the end of the day, it’s shortening yours! Hair care (Shampoos, Conditioners & Styling), Probenz™ SP Powder Sodium Benzoate, Food Grade, Kosher, Probenz™ SG Sodium Benzoate, Food Grade, Kosher. and not knowing what it was I took antihistamines for about 6 hours and

The test was conducted on a group of children and found signs of hyperactivity. Sodium benzoate is a preservative used in cosmetic and skincare products. Diets are regularly changing; sugar is good for you one moment and bad for you the next! Knowing the different names sodium benzoate hides behind, I took a walk through my house to check the ingredients of various products. point de fidélité. Sodium Benzoate is a food preservative that inhibits microbial growth. We won’t bother to research these codes later. …. The combination of sodium benzoate with vitamin C changes it to a chemical known as benzene. Nobody at this point told me what I was allergic to. ATTENTION : Provoque une sévère irritation des yeux. They did this in the hope that it would deter parents from purchasing these products as most people are more likely to avoid products with warnings. Sodium Benzoate seems to be the new chemical on everyone’s mind these days. This in turn affects everyday bodily function. The study involved food colourants, used to make food bright and appealing to children, and the preservative sodium benzoate. It has an E number of E211 and can also be identified as benzoate of soda, benzoate, benzoate acid and benzene. I was told to stop using the drops. One arm of the maze was open, so there were no railings or walls to keep the rats safe from falling. It has been synthesised in the laboratory and is 100% pure. I keep reading comments on different "natural" sites that Sodum Benzoate is toxic and to stay away from cosmetics with this ingredient.

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