Medieval Swords Contact Us When purchasing swords for sale on our site, you will also find the best customer service team online to assist you through the purchase process. Viking Swords For those who are looking for the latest swords for sale, we have the best products available at Swords Knives and Daggers.

$259.99, Stiklestad Viking Swords We believe in helping you find the product that is right for you. Pleasantly surprised with this sword. Whether it is a fighter sword or one to hang on your wall to decorate the office, we have the exact one for you and at a price that is lower than our online competitors. Beautifully made. Quality, Quality, Quality. Came in about 2 weeks great quality love it awesome to have zoro’s shusui. Almost gone. Cosplay foam swords from your favorite anime and manga series, Cold Steel knives and swords, medieval long-swords and everything in between. If you are looking for something you don't see in our online catalog, please contact us. The point of balance is 4 ¾ inches and the point of harmonics is 20 ¼ inches. $299.99. These cutting swords are designed by Michael Tinker Pearce and inspired by real 9th Century Viking Swords. Perfect product and transaction. The ninjato sword is truly awesome. These swords have commonly the blade that is not case hardened and we don't offer a quarantee for breakage. The guard width is 2 3/16th inches and the tip width is 1 ½ inch. Love the sword so much I’m thinking of ordering another one to add to my collection. The Cane Sword or also known as a stick sword, is a knife, dagger or sword that is hidden in the shaft of the cane.At Swords Knives and Daggers, we have many to choose from a decorative sword cane to the higher end designer sword cane. Custom Scabbard Bushido Dragon Samurai Katana - Blue 41", Samurai Sword with Gold Dragon on Red Scabbard - Carbon Steel, Samurai Sword with Gold Dragon on Black Scabbard - Carbon Steel, Snake Eye Warrior Dragon Sword Set with Display. nThank you to TrueKatana for the splendid birthday gift. Overall I’m happy. Overall, you kinda get what you pay for it. They are peened at the pommel. nnIt has two pegs anchoring a full tang (one of the pictures seems to only have one). Real traditional types of katanas for sale, Shop our curved blades of katana online store. We only carry the best sharp katana on the market and are well worth the money. At Handmade Swords Expert, buy authentic samurai swords. We are happy to help you find the sword that is on your mind. It’s a really cool sword think I might buy more, Beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Viking Swords for sale include a wide selection of styles made by popular manufacturers. It arrived in very careful packaging, and in perfect condition, Very pleased with my order, looks just like the website listing, These two swords are excellent quality.

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