He's faced Thanos' Black Order, Doctor Doom and a bunch of powerful villains, so you can bet he'll be prepared for Darkseid. That is, until Bob Reynolds, The Sentry, was introduced.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Street Fighter Vs. Mortal Kombat: Which 1990s Comic Book Series Is Better?

However, Sentry has been knocked out by a single punch from the Hulk before.

So can we sit down at Tier 4B Sentry vs Tier 4B Darkseid (Post-Crisis Avatars) first?

In over 80 years of publication, Superman has certainly accomplished a lot.

If superman was marvel hed beat thanos or galactus on the reg. That said, we know his power-set. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Also, as king of the Inhumans, he would view Darkseid as another regal threat who wants his throne, and we know how serious Black Bolt gets in such circumstances. Throw in his surfboard and Silver Surfer would also make the Kryptonians come off like amateurs. Darkseid for the win . Darkseid has had a tough time when it comes to Kryptonian opposition. doped. Such magical heroes from DC's corner of the universe rarely go up against Darkseid, but Strange is usually front and center when catastrophe comes to Earth. If Batman can rival Darkseid, Iron Man can too! make some research. Messages: 1,371 Likes Received: 128 Trophy Points: 462 Joined: Jan 12, 2017. The Phoenix could obliterate him because it's still one of the most powerful entities to roam the space-ways in the history of comics. Superman has definitely built up a wider rogues gallery than Sentry and defeated all of them at some point.

Agent Storylines You Have To Read, MCU: 5 Characters Thor Should Partner Up With (& He Shouldn't), Batman: 10 Non-Canon Stories Every Fan Should Read, DC You: Everything You Didn't Know About The End Of The New 52, 10 Marvel Superheroes Stronger Than Ultimate Gohan, Batman & The Girl Wonder: Everything You Didn't Know About Carrie Kelley's Time As Robin. Welcome to the forums! Darkseid has rarely faced off against such a super-power and he should be wary because Franklin is a weapon of mass destruction on a mental and physical level. Estacado. However, Superman certainly serves as a stronger symbol to humanity than Sentry. Halloween Drawing Contest is happening now! However, in comparison to Sentry, Superman has defeated significantly greater opponents. You disappointed me unanimously, not everyone, and thank you. In over 80 years of publication, Superman has certainly accomplished a lot.

Sentry is something you gotta look after.

If the ruler of Apokolips is expecting compassion and mercy, he would be sorely mistaken because Hyperion has zero chill... except for the one in his icy stare. The purpose of this wiki is to index the statistics of characters from a wide variety of different fictional franchises. Its when a skyfather-level character like Darkseid lets himself be humiliated and defeated by a flying boyscout. RELATED: The 10 Most Physically Strong Members Of The Justice League, Ranked. Yo!~ Wassup my protege? Regardless, Superman definitely has no shortage of dangerous technology within the walls of the Fortress of Solitude. J. enjoys reading and writing comic books during his free time and truly has a passion for superheroes.

quanchi112. If a villian appears first like The Collective, owns everyone, but a bit later he/she can be defeated.

Remember how brutal he was in Planet Hulk as well?

Without a doubt, Sentry has a significant advantage over Superman in regards to pure power. When Jean Grey became the Dark Phoenix, she showed what it truly was to be the epitome of cosmic chaos. show 6 replies . All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Regardless, in a one-on-one fight, Superman is much more likely to tire before Sentry, giving the Man of Steel a small disadvantage. Is that a Gokuism supporter that I see?! Expect a repeat performance here. Darkseid vs The Sentry # The Sentry sentry>celestials>uxas. As mentioned previously, The Void resides within Sentry.

Most need the full moon to bloodbend, but Amon comes from a great line of bloodbenders (Father Yakone, Brother Tarrlok) and these 3 do not need the full moon to bloodbend.

Prove them wrong the world over, but there's absolutely no need to insult them. . Apparently some wanker or some sort made Yusuke Universal+ with MFTL+ Speed LMAO and this is real btw (well was until an admin had to fix it), Aza'gorod the Nightbringer (4-A) my choice, Diablo (high 4-C) @Star King Instant Death Chad Demon Lord, The rules are S I M P L E, choose a tier 4 character and try to defend that character as hard as you can, Edit: I'm going to make this LOGIC based instead of votes based. Caps Conscience. Granted, Hulk was at his absolute strongest, but still. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

During the Final Crisis, Superman was successfully able to rescue the planet from descending into the dark multiverse. RELATED: 15 DC Villains Who Would Obliterate Wolverine. He's gone after the X-Men, the Illuminati and oh yeah, the Avengers! If he underestimates her and her army of squirrels, then he should consider himself beaten. Goku not on here cause he’s not good.

Superman & Sentry 2 vote(s) 22.2% Darkseid & Thanos 7 vote(s) 77.8% Multiple votes are allowed. ca. EmptyHand 11 mo 21 d . In actuality, Superman is likely stronger than the Sentry is willing to become, but Sentry would still be able to surpass him if he wished.

Sentry has in the past saved Cornelius Worth from a point blank gunshot wound to head from being inflicted on him by the Void (Dark Sentry) (Earth-616). Well The Collective is a powerful being and that wasn't exactly "punked".

Originally posted by Rewmac Ooooh yeah.

That's not the kind of person Darkseid wants to face because she's as loose a cannon as they come. Yeah come with that...An avatar. The fact is, she could become any Avenger and X-Man available, making her a bomb with quite the payload. Not very well at all. Business-wise, I make big cheddar (not really) as a copywriter and digital strategist working with some of the top brands in the Latin America region.

You have to give it up for amalgam, that Batverine character is so over the top that its design alone is made of win. Black Bolt has fought some of the heaviest-hitters in Marvel Comics, such as Hulk and recently, Thanos (in Infinity). Squirrel Girl has taken on the likes of Doctor Doom, but her biggest accomplishment comes in the form of dropping Thanos. Well Darkseid got owned a bit more...by Superman . Uatu and Metron would certainly enjoy watching her go up against Darkseid, and make a great audience for what would be a very, very weird fight.

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