Finally, looks like there is a debate going on between Thor and Kratos when originally it was a mismatch on one side of the party.
The beings who forged the universe itself, as shown in the God of War: Ascension introduction. So no, it's not a contradiction. WoG reaffirms that the Titans and the Olympians are generally equal to the Primordials, which makes crystal clear sense with what we have established so far in this post.
The Pillar (and subsequently Atlas) sustaining the universe makes sense. the ones to deem that the Titans lost the war. In a conversation with Ariel Lawrence, the writer of God of War 2, she stated that Cronos's birth led to the very birth of time. And what makes even more sense is that said dimensional portal is inside the Lantern of Delos, a structure that is stated by the oracle, Aletheia, to be located at the edge of the Aegean Sea - the same place that Helios is stated to banish Nyx in. @boutatakeanl: IIRC Baldur pierced him with a sharpened stick. The exact same void that spawned the primordials and ended up being connquered and brought to order by Uranus. more than water - the mystic life-blood of something entirely new. This is why they never managed to cooperate all that well and didn't have a hierarchy, unlike with the Titans and the Gods, who ultimately ruled the universe with their own hierarchy of power. If it’s about the future, he adds it to his collection. Good Heavens, it's been a while since someone has done a fight between the God of Thunder and the God of War. Which is supported first and foremost by the wording Gaia (who narrates the series) uses to describe it.

Composite does not mean using either hyperbolic/out of context statements or ABC logic. Who will win in a fight between Kratos and Rune King Thor? In God of War 3 the vast majority of the world's population died when Kratos slayed Poseidon (as shown in the concept art and deduced by basic logic, considering it was a worldwide flood with a water thickness of hundreds of kilometers, at least), and Hermes led them all to the Underworld right away. BTW in actual Greek mythology he's actually the son of Pallace and Styx. They all deal with the creation myths around their region - it’s just separated by geography.”, a vast plane, with a gigantic mountain where the Gods live towering over the entirety of it, and a dark and murky realm far larger than the upper world existing many miles beneath everything. Kratos isn't weaker in the latest GOW game. There are several statements sugesting the World Pillar is the landmark that literally holds up everything in the God of War universe together. The World Tree, Yggdrasil, contains all the nine realms within its branches.

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