The Yamuna enters the State near Kalesar and is the source of irrigation for large tracts of farmland in the state. This emerge near … Map of … Rewari River Map. इस पोस्ट मे हरियाणा की प्रमुख नदियां( List of Haryana Rivers),हरियाणा के प्रमुख झीलें(haryana ki jheel) एवं हरियाणा की प्रमुख नहरें(haryana ki pramukh naha) Ambala River Map. Haryana has no perennial rivers of its own. There are (or were) eight major rivers in Haryana-Yamuna, Ghaggar, Saraswati, Dohan, Tangri, Krishnawati, Sahibi and Markanda. This category has the following 2 subcategories, out of 2 total. Basic details of Rivers flowing in/ through Haryana state Rewari River Map. S Sarasvati River‎ (1 C, 19 P) Several small streams also flow through the state namely, the Markanda, the Sahibi and Indori. The altitude of Haryana varies between 700 and 3600 ft (200 metres to 1200 metres) above sea level. Ambala River Map. Rivers of Haryana. Yamunanagar River Map. Haryana has only 4% (compared to national 21.85%) area under forests. Panchkula River Map. Yamuna: Yamuna River … Rivers of Haryana. Haryana is a landlocked state in northern India. The important rivers flowing through the State are the Yamuna, the Saraswati and the Ghaggar. Karoh Peak, a 1,467-metre (4,813 ft) tall mountain peak in the Sivalik Hills range of the greater Himalaya… Ghaggar river is a seasonal river which starts from Dagshai (1927 m) near Shimla. Panchkula River Map. Rivers in Haryana fall mainly within Indus and Ganga basins. Kaithal River Map. The total geographical area of the state is 4.42 m ha, which is 1.4% of the geographical area of the country. Kurukshetra River Map. : Subcategories. Gurgaon River Map. Kurukshetra River Map. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Rivers of Haryana. Yamunanagar River Map. Map of … River Ghaggar sub basin and its tributaries in the west of the state caters to the Indus basin, while river Yamuna and its tributaries in the east make up the portion of the Ganga basin. It is between 27°39' to 30°35' N latitude and between 74°28' and 77°36' E longitude. Gurgaon River Map. Kaithal River Map.

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