The parish church of St Peter's, however, continued as the pro-cathedral for southern Saskatchewan until 1944. Allan E. Smith, "Agriculture Canada Research Stations."

Municipal affairs are handled by the town mayor and council. The transcontinental CPR paralleled this trail when coming through in the late 19th century and early 20th century.[33]. Bordered by seemingly-endless farmland flatness, the dramatic physical features of the valley appear somewhat out of place.[46]. Laboratory and x-ray services are provided on weekdays during regular hours with an order from [a] physician [and] [v]isiting professional services...available at various times each month. 10 miles (16 km) north of Indian Head are the Fishing Lakes which are part of the Qu'Appelle Valley.[10].

", "The Changing Face of the Saskatchewan Prairie Image Gallery: I 75.

However, education planners did not anticipate how quickly both the town's own and its far region's population and its town-commercial outlets would continue to decline. The rationalisation by the grain companies of their depots for buying grain from farmers and the resulting disappearance of Qu'Appelle's grain elevators hastened the process of decline as even the regular visits by farmers to town to deliver grain ceased.

Katepwa Point Provincial Park at the eastern end of Katepwa Lake, the easternmost of the four Fishing Lakes in the Qu'Appelle Valley, features a picnic area, beach, nine-hole golf course, miniature golf course, fishing, boating and campground. December 5, 1884 saw the creation of the first two school districts in the North-West Territories; Moose Jaw School District #1 and Qu'Appelle School District #2.

Bishop Adelbert Anson, the first Bishop of Qu'Appelle (1884), cultivated a relationship between Qu'Appelle and his home Diocese of Lichfield in England and with wealthy friends there. Either enter a postal code (eg. Imperial Hotel, Indian Head 190-?.

Its stone rectory next door, built in 1894, is now in private hands,[20] the church (as with the other three denominations) having long since withdrawn any full-time residential clergy from the town. 1801-1 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5E 1W7 Facebook | Twitter | Add Your Business, 721 Stella Street, Grenfell,

The pub was essentially the sole remaining operation of the hotel; for many years it steadily declined in use together with virtually all town commercial operations until the hotel's destruction by fire in 2003. Richard`s General Contracting.

Statistics Canada Catalogue no. [46] It is currently undergoing re-construction and preservation. [15]:[42][26] The Qu'Appelle Felt and Boot factory opened at the end of 1897 but liquidated in 1900. As in Fort Qu'Appelle, town life in many ways resembled that of an Indian hill station during the British Raj. [47], The Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (PFRA) and PFRA shelterbelt centre set up in 1902 features a picnic area with nature trails along with tree nursery, and flora displays. For many years the program was run by the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (PFRA). [45] Having the silo centrally located in the round barn greatly reduced labour involved in livestock feeding and resulted in a stronger facility than the rectangular structures. Nowadays of course the population is far too thin to demand the medical services that were readily provided in past years. Programs were set up at all stations to advise farmers on the use of these new chemicals. The upgrading of the trans-Canada highway in the immediate post-World War II years with the highway being re-routed to the south took east-west traffic outside the town.

[65][66][67] Streetscapes were extremely lively before the arrival of motorised automobiles, trucks and farm implements.

In his January 5, 1892 edition of the Regina Leader, Nicholas Flood Davin explained what in his mind, and in the minds of most of the people in this area, was the real reason Qu'Appelle was not chosen, or rather why Pile of Bones was Dewdney's choice. Until 1897, however, when responsible government was accomplished in the Territories,[16] the lieutenant-governor and council governed by fiat and there was little legitimate means of challenging such decisions outside the federal capital of Ottawa, where the Territories were remote and of little concern. The wood frame two- or three-classroom school house gave way to a 2½- storey brick school with full basement in 1906. [30] In the 1890s, there was "a flour mill, a creamery [and] a felt and boot factory. Won the dear privilege to call her wife,/ Saskatchewan.

Rather than the small sod and plain lumber houses and outbuildings of later homesteaders, farm as well as town residential and outbuilding construction here was frequently large, ostentatious and built of brick or stone, often with large formal gardens, indicating not only the large families of the time but the anticipation of considerable prosperity and the ability to employ domestic help. "[7] "Indian" refers to Aboriginal Canadians. [citation needed] Today it is run by the Agroforestry Development Centre. The population density of Qu'Appelle averaged 147.7 inhabitants per square kilometre (383/sq mi), compared with an average of 1.6 per square kilometre (4.1/sq mi) for the province.

Customer ratings and consumer reports on Regina Qu`appelle Health – health clinic in Grenfell, SK.

229 Rue 2 Est, La Sarre, QC J9Z 2G7 (877) 785-7433. The Lady Minto Hospital was erected at a cost of CA$6,000. 139.[72].

Qu'Appelle was for a time the terminus of the Canadian Pacific Railway and the major distribution centre for what was then the District of Assiniboia in the North-West Territories and is now southern Saskatchewan. [60], The North-West Rebellion in 1885 caused the farmland of the Qu'Appelle Valley Farming Company to lie untended as their horses and wagons were used in the military engagement. Note absence of motor vehicles. Indian Head has a humid continental climate, with extreme seasonal temperatures. [37] An advertisement featuring the Lord Brassey farm and estate was run in England and attracted farmers to the Church Colonisation Society venture called the Christ Church Settlement. The town foreman co-ordinates and manages the Public Works & Utilities Department.

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