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Through reflection we can we can deepen the learning from work. Tips for a great reflective essay. While there is a fair amount of freedom in the content you can include in reflective writ-ing, you should still organise your thoughts using some of the major conventions of aca-demic writing.

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Reflective writing comes in a variety of different formats so make sure you check the specific requirements of your assessment. Reflective writing provides an opportunity for you to gain further insights from your work through deeper reflection on your experiences, and through further consideration of other perspectives from people and theory. Then read the text and tips and do the exercises.

Typically, reflective writing will include • Description of an experience or concept K�H��`�:�&h�� 2�-�4� "���*���� ����$�k����+���| v!#���L[> �o

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What is reflective writing? model to use.

Reflective Writing .

Tone of reflective writing .


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Reflective writing requires a clear line of thought, use of evidence or examples to illustrate your reflections, and an analytical approach.

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Lecturers usually set reflective assignments to have students reveal their personal thoughts about a learning experience - what happened, why it happened, and what can be learnt from it. Reflective writing explores experiences/practice or concepts/theories in order to demonstrate learning and record how your thinking has changed. Writing.pdf .

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This gives them the opportunity to think more deeply than they otherwise would … but in reflective writing, you need to write in the first person (‘I completed the task’). Vocabulary . Writing style. The tone of reflective writing can be quite different to other forms of academic writing. 122 0 obj <> endobj

endstream endobj startxref Many courses require students to write reflective accounts of their performance on different aspects of their courses. Before reading .
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Think what topics/problems interest you most in your subject and decide in what ways they are relevant to your practice/experience.

Writing: B1 Reflective writing Learn how to write a reflective text about a learning experience. h�b``�e````e` cf@ a�(GC{�CHP��m��l � `q �c`K��b9� #� #�%�i�&1�b|������ƫ�~�O{��(Ã������ �~D�b9���@��:w�N�g`����t�0!��8�(C70��i&N]�8� %���z��Q � Y�'}

Reflective writing can be included in a variety of different assignment tasks. What is the purpose of reflective writing?

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REFLECTION: when you ask questions about something you would like to better understand, e.g. Do the preparation task first. 135 0 obj <>stream Although it should still be a formal piece of academic writing, it will be more personal and may be slightly less technical and abstract than other kinds of ... → Griffith University: Reflective Writing (PDF, 169 kB)

2. Since reflective writing is focused on self-development, it needs to be written from your perspective, in the first person. Use the past tense when writing about your experience (‘I felt’) and present tense when referring to the literature (‘Smith suggests’). h�bbd```b``�"O�H&�~,2,� D�L�|yf� ����1�x�� ��π����+J@�L/��N���/�-� �@�6�Q �%

��A�@��$�$�8�Ĭ&FN�Ɓ%�3�y` GL� a problem to solve or an issue to consider.

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The four steps in this approach (adapted from Boud, D 1985, Reflection: Turning Experience into Learning) are to describe, interpret, evaluate and plan.

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