We'll use them when we roll the countertop over. Their visual interest is hard to surpass. Since we are going to seal this project with a sealer that forms a topical membrane we won't need to use pads greater than 500 grit. this looks quite lovely, but how long would it last as a coffee table insert or a countertop, supported by a frame covered in a sheet of 3/4 plywood? on Introduction. We recently started carrying Basalt Rebar, which at 3mm thick has the strength of 3/8" steel rebar. Add the entire bag of Indigo Pigment to the bucket of Liquid Modifier. After the form is sealed and the silicone has cured, remove dust and debris with a vacuum or compressed air. What was the cost of materials, including the mold, to produce this slightly more than 15 sq. This is an amazing piece of awesome :). As the terrazzo mix is blended into the modifier the mixture becomes thicker; hold the paddle mixer firmly to prevent kick-back. For the first coat, you will need 6 ounces of sealer. Ever since I did my first concrete project I wanted to try something like this. Can I use fiberglass reinforced concrete and glass chips in the countertop? Using a bucket, transfer the terrazzo concrete mixture from tub to form, bucket by bucket, until all the mix is in the form. After wiping the countertop down, apply the second coat of sealer following the same steps as the first coat. Ads After 24 hours the second coat of sealer is ready for light-duty service. of recycled blue glass aggregate into the terrazzo mixture and blend with paddle mixer until all glass is evenly distributed. I am thinking of 1.5 inch thickness. Polishing your recycled glass countertop will take a considerable amount of time and patience. Tent the form with a thin covering of plastic to create a humid environment. Good question! After curing, lightly roughen the surface with 320 grit sand paper. For this 24" x 91" recycled glass countertop we cut the 3/4" melamine form base to 28" x 95". We can custom-coat glass of any thickness with any color. Level the form before pouring to help maintain an even thickness throughout the casting. When you see them for the first time it is inevitable that you ask – how did they do that? Allow the vibrators to run for roughly 8 minutes while all trapped air is driven from the terrazzo mixture. Available thicknesses from 1/8″ to 2″ and more! Attach the liners to the form walls, with the factory edge aligned with the top of the form wall. Recycled Glass Countertops Have Insurmountable Qualities. Installation – DIY project lovers will be disappointed as the installation must be installed by a professional and authorized fabricator. Price – last but not least – this is, probably, the major consideration since recycled glass countertops have a high price tag and can cost more than some stone countertops. This kitchen countertop material performs just like the engineered stone during the process of fabrication as well as install. This will make an easily visible cut line to follow. GlassArt Design offers a wide variety of thickness for your glass project. 5 years ago However, it is a personal decision and we all know that high quality comes with a high price. Continue grinding around the perimeter until the material is ground flush with the form wall liner. Some products contain a very small percentage of other materials like porcelain chips or seashells. If you've over filled the form, screed the excess concrete off the casting with a clean, straight edge of wood or steel. A sampling of our available glass edges are below, contact GlassArt Design today to learn more or talk to us about other edge finishes! The percentage of chips varies for each product, but generally, the glass content is about 75% or more. The form wall liner is your grinding guide. Each successive grit removes the cut marks created by the coarser pads. After the aggregate is uniformly exposed, the densifying process can begin. Another consideration which is worth mentioning is that despite the hard surface, this material is not friendly to knives, so the cutting boards should always be at hand. The crushed glass will tear through thin latex gloves so for this casting we’ll use heavy duty rubber gloves for protection. This mold can be made from a single 4x8' sheet of 3/4" melamine, which is about $40 around here. If the more "conventional" countertop materials like granite, solid surface or laminate don't appeal to you and you're looking for something with a unique look, it's worth it to take a closer look at recycled glass. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Recycled glass countertops are enjoying a great popularity not only because they are stunningly beautiful, but because they are environmentally friendly too. At this stage, before polishing, the finish is consistent, with only a few specks of recycled glass showing through. To achieve the boldest color possible we are going to seal this recycled glass countertop section with a high-gloss color enhancing sealer. After curing, you are ready to grind the bottom flat. Attach the Table Vibrators and Variable Speed Controller to the casting surface with long screws. Mark their locations on the slab and grind the concrete flat in those areas. What exactly do you mean? That color is amazing and I want an entire house made out of it! Work the board diagonally across the surface of the concrete in a sawing motion being careful not to disturb the foam walls or wall liners. on Introduction. E-mail: sales@glassartdesign.com, Commercial Glass Solutions, Products and Services. Can the mixture used be mixed in a cement mixer? It's amazing!GREAT job!!! Pour a liberal amount of sealer on the countertop. The form should be filled completely and evenly. For this project we used two table vibrators, one at each end of the casting table. A typical countertop would be installed over kitchen or bath cabinetry and would not require any special supports or bracing. Using our simple foam rail and adhesive forming system we were able to build this entire countertop mold in about an hour. Because of the heavy use, the sealer has lost its original glossiness and has a few deep scratches, but is still holding up fine. Those who are not attracted to multiple colored glass chips can take advantage of the customization options which almost any manufacturer offers – the customer can choose pigments and glass elements for the countertop and have an individual and unique work of art as a centerpiece in the kitchen design. They can overlap at the corners. As you polish, periodically stop and check the surface to ensure that you are polishing the entire surface evenly. Resin-based countertops can be manufactured in almost any color and you can choose or have a custom-made countertop which will work with the overall design concept of your kitchen. Cement-based products are easily cleaned with soap and water just like granite. This countertop has been in use for a few months, and most of the product that ships out of our office in Berkeley passes across this surface. Continue adding Terrazzo Mix 1/3 bag at a time, repeating the above steps until 1 entire bag of mix has been added and fully blended. Click on each glass texture style to see more! The polishing and finishing take a lot of time to get right, but the end result was worth it! Some manufacturers use 100% recycled glass, which is sourced from post-consumer and pre-consumer waste streams. Did you make this project? The wall liners are smooth and glossy on one side, matte on the other. On the downside of recycled glass countertops we need to point out a few considerations that you need to keep in mind. Recycled glass countertops are a unique surface option that offers a new angle on both style and material use. Recycled Glass Countertops are beautiful, durable, and easy to clean! Glass Recycled Surfaces is an environmentally friendly, fully customizable and more durable alternative to granite countertops.

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