Athan app is a great way to get accurate qibla direction. (after converting it to your local time), you will be Because the earth is a sphere and the distance to Makkah measured from northeast is actually lesser than the distance calculated from southeast. • Draw another perpendicular line to this line. He has obtained licenses (ijazaat) to teach numerous sacred texts in all Islamic sciences including Fiqh, Usool, Hadith, Tafseer, and Aqeedah, as well as the recitation of Imam `Asim (Hafs & Shu’ba). • Join both marks using a straight line Look at the projection of the world map, centered on North Pole. This is only possible if your location is somewhere west of Makkah at that point in time. Facing the sun on those two dates around 6 am gives the correct direction of Qibla from North America. facing the Ka'bah giving you Qibla direction, because if there were a If you are in Islamabad, Pakistan (+5 hours time difference from Greenwich), the local time to observe the sun would be 2:18 pm on May 28, and 2:27 pm on July 15. The downside is that this particular method can only be used twice a year. Nowadays, however, the easiest and least complicated method is also the fastest one; through smartphones and websites, which enable you to determine the direction of the Qibla within micro-seconds just by entering your location coordinates, and voila! The sun ascends to a position directly above the Ka’bah twice a year: • May 28 at 9:18 UT Artwork by: Ahmed Mater. It inspires solidarity, unity, and oneness and showcases the magnanimity of all that Islam and our faith stands for. All these methods are valid direction indicators and can prove extremely helpful in the time of need. If you’ve located south, you can now determine the other directions as well. Various ways can be used in order to locate it, irrespective of your location. When you observe the sun at these times The simplest and the easiest way to determine cardinal directions is a compass. If you find any inappropriate material (or links leading to inappropriate materials), kindly  contact us. The Qibla direction in India is generally West. • This direction is west to east; the first mark being west and the second being east • Draw another perpendicular line to this line. The actual direction of the sun observed verifies with the angle calculated using Spherical Trigonometry for calculating the direction from one point to another. This is possible through various apps and online platforms which pinpoint the precise direction of the Qibla within seconds. IslamicFinder © 2020. Be a part of IslamicFinder and write for us! Find a piece of flat or level ground and position a vertical object on the ground, approximately 3 ft. long, just a little before noon. Allah is everywhere. The fact that the earth is a geoid (ellipsoid flattened at the poles) affects the results in negligible and practically immeasurable quantities. While pursuing his university education, Abdul Wahab Saleem studied numerous classical works from a plethora of distinguished scholars, particularly under the tutelage of Sh. This gives an idea of the continents of the world, as to how are they actually related to each other. • Draw a circle around the object, using its length as the radius Conditions and Privacy Join 1,000,000+ subscribers and be the first to know about latest articles and a lot more. The second line will be a north-south line • After you have located the cardinal directions, it will be easier to get a rough idea of the Qibla direction as well. • The direction in the middle between the hour hand and 12:00 o’clock on your watch is south. , five times a day, every day. It’s commonly believed that Muslims are to pray facing east; this is wrong. And so, through figuring out the cardinal directions, you can easily locate the Qibla as well. For Chandigarh, a city in the north of India, the direction is about 263 degrees. He is not confined by time or space but by choosing to stand in front of Him five times a day, facing His holy House, a certain level of proximity and nearness to Allah takes over. All information on is verified by professionals beforehand. Therefore, it is correct to say that Qibla from North America is generally North-East, except from Alaska and California where it is close to North direction. Muslims in many distant countries for centuries used to wait for these dates, in the hope to see which direction is the sun and then set the orientation of the mosques. Aqsa Mosque in Bayt al-Maqdis (2nd Qibla). However, if the sun is setting to the right, then you should be facing the opposite way. • Hold the watch horizontally so the 12:00 o’clock mark points to the sun. Hence, for those Muslims, praying in the northeast direction is correct. To gain insight on the Hijri year, have a read below. Now, let us take a few examples. If you are at a location that you cannot see the sun on the above mentioned two dates, then you can locate Qibla from the sun when it comes overhead at a point diametrically opposite of Makkah on the globe and look for the following two dates and times: Face toward the shadow from the sun at these times (after converting it to local time) and you will be facing Ka'bah. Just look at Alaska and Saudi Arabia in line with North Pole. • This direction is west to east; the first mark being west and the second being east Everyone would agree that if we can see that minaret, facing to that is the direction of Qibla. This video is a detailed discussion on the issue of the direction of the Qiblah based on the tradition of the Messenger, “whatever is between the east and west is Qiblah.”. • Mark the point where the circle and shadow intersect If you are aware of your location in relation to the Ka’bah, a compass proves to be much more accurate and precise, compared to a mere stick in the ground.

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