pKa = 4.6 NH2. This solid, which is dangerously reactive toward water, is white, but commercial samples are typically gray due to the presence of small quantities of metallic iron from the manufacturing process. pKa = 0.8 N H N N H N N H pKa = 11 pKa = 8.9 H pKa = 3.0 N H pKa = 37 Me C N H pKa = –10 N Me H MeO H pKa = 6 N Me H H H pKa = 11 H3 NH2. SODIUM AMIDE is a powerful reducing agent. Reacts violently with oxidizing agents. pKa Data Compiled by R. Williams page-1 pKa Values INDEX Inorganic 2 Phenazine 24 Phosphates 3 Pyridine 25 Carboxylic acids 4, 8 Pyrazine 26 Aliphatic 4, 8 Aromatic 7, 8 Quinoline 27 ... Cl 4-NH2 --, 7.33 57 trimetaphosphate 2.05 77 CH3O 4-O2N 1.53, 6.96 57 Phosphonates CH3O H 2.16, 7.77 57 Reviews, 12:6 1932]. -10 -9 -8 -3.6 -2.4 -1.7 -1.3 4.7 4.8 3.2 sulfuric acid hydroiodic acid hydrobromic acid protonated ether protonated alcohol hydronium ion nitric acid hydrofluoric acid hydrogen nitride carboxylic acids protonated ketone -7.3 6.37 7 carbonic acid tosic acid -0.6 protonated pyridine 5.2 pKa = 27 N H pKa = 21 NH3. Liable to deflagration upon heating and friction. pKa = 4.6 Ph3NH pKa = –5 Ph2NH2. Sodium amide, commonly called sodamide (systematic name sodium azanide), is the inorganic compound with the formula NaNH 2.It is a salt composed of the sodium cation and the azanide anion. pKa = 10 (pKa of EDCIH2 +2= 3.1) HN3. Reacts violently with steam and water to form caustic NaOH and NH3 vapors [Bergstrom et al., Chem. May form explosive compounds in the presence of water and carbon dioxide [Handling Chemicals Safely 1980 p 826].

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