Go to Next Section, Return to Paul is humbly stating that his hope, as the hope of all 164 Rather than cringing from this text, most commentators try to “spiritualize” it, saying that these ideas are not meant literally, but refer to “certain spiritual experiences, such as mental suffering, dying to self, and living the resurrected life” (The Believers' Bible Commentary, ad loc). 13. In the same manner, Paul would participate or partner in His sufferings, and so attain to the out-resurrection of the dead. saying, that these who were promoting Judaism must change too, if they desire to render respectful spiritual service. It can also refer to the content of a letter or the content of teachings, as in Acts 23:25 and Rom. These false preachers were Judaizers who did not openly deny Christ but who said that salvation by Christ was not complete. As we Christians slip away from the attitudes that Paul has been trying to develop in this entire chapter, and fall into the attitudes that he has repeatedly warned us against in this chapter, do we not then resemble too much those enemies of the cross of Christ? 3:11 if somehow167 I might attain168 to the out-resurrection169 of the dead.170. It could even be translated “partnership” here. This is brought out more in verse 3. Paul strongly asserts that unlike the Party of the Circumcision, they were the ones boasting147 in Christ Jesus, rather than in some human accomplishment. Paul uses to define a true believer. To write the same things to you, to Jesus fulfilled the law completely, when He gave His body 169 This term, εξαναστασις/exanastasis, is not found elsewhere in the NT, but it is made up of the prefix εξ/ex (out) followed by the noun αναστασις/anastasis (resurrection). Ask, and it shall be given True, Godly repentance springs from justifying faith. refusal to trust in religious credentials and accomplishments is due to his lack Everything he before put in the profit column he now put in the loss column, and everything he before put in the loss column he now put in the profit column. If someone were to follow his example and pay attention to those that walk in that way, in terms of outstanding holiness and awesome ministry effectiveness, but, at the same time, miss the point of rejoicing in the Lord and in the Gospel, they would not be doing what Paul is saying here at all, and in fact they would be heading towards that spiritual dryness that Paul is steering the congregation away from. heaven for having reached this goal on earth. discarding of any moral law. We have come by faith to God who justifies the ungodly based on the imputed righteousness of Christ (Romans 3:30; Romans 4:5). We need look no further than the very next verse to be reminded that Paul is not advocating becoming a hermit as a requirement for salvation. Ungodly describes all unbelieving sinners, from the most immoral and unconcerned to the most moral and dedicated religionist who outwardly appears righteous unto men. loyal to the Davidic dynasty and formed the southern kingdom. God bless! Posted on June 6, 2009 "Beware of dogs, beware of evil workers, beware of the concision.". Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. God. All may not have been dedicated Jewish Pharisees like Saul, but all by nature, before conversion, are lost and believe that something other than the imputed righteousness of Christ can contribute in some way or degree to saving themselves, keeping themselves saved, making themselves holy and fit for Heaven.

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