Thanks. In order to obtain a work permit in Mexico… Came back in two hours and it was ready. Brent and his wife are grateful for the opportunities they have and to be able to live in a place most people vacation in. Again… Highly recommended! Which was more of an inconvenience than anything because there’s no “three strikes you’re out rule”. Mexican Consulates will collect a $36 fee per visa, upon issuance. Brent's extensive knowledge and experience in the buying process will leave you at ease while buying property in Mexico. That’s unusual. The first stage of the resident visa process begins with you submitting an application and an interview at a Mexican Consulate beyond Mexico’s boarders. My understanding is once I complete four years as a “temporal,” I can roll right into “Permanente.” Will I have to meet whatever income requirements are in place at that time? Hi Guys, this may be too personal but you don;t look retired so how did you prove the $2765 from actual pensions each month or did you divert some money into that bank account to prove the required running balance for 6 months then return it to your investments or whatever? I know I will be able to get freelance work which is what we will live on, but my clients are all in U.S. However, either of us has much of a history with Mexico. Note: When Linda and I applied for Mexican residency, I was the only one with a retirement income so we listed her as a dependent. My wife was able to qualify for her Permanent Residency visa by listing her pension and Social Security income. You can stay in Mexico for 180 days at a time as a tourist without dealing with the time, expense and hassle of getting, and ultimately renewing a resident card. We now want to return the favour and help others with this process. Nope! Soon we will return to Huatulco for the in-country procedure. You can also expect to provide your fingerprints to be kept on file before your Permanent Visa card is approved and printed. If you wish to purchase property we may also introduce you to our nationwide network of real estate agents and developers.We will send you the application forms and provide assistance to complete the questionnaires, and translate and legalize documents. Thanks again! So there’s no longer an additional 25% beyond the $130k required for spouse/dependent on the financial means PR? That’s awesome! Normally this requires you to do some paperwork with immigration to approve your rights to earn in Mexico. Hasta Luego. You are related to a permanent resident of Mexico or a Mexican by birth up to the 2nd level (i.e., grandparent, parent, sibling, daughter, son or grandchildren). If you have sufficient funds, you CAN work in Mexico (i.e you are not really retired from working)?? That’s what we did for Linda because she has zero retirement money coming in. Usually a tax credit is available for foreign tax paid.

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