Privacy Policy This also necessitated the recognition of some common authority which could maintain discipline among the tribes. across. It only explains the origin of the society and not sufficient to explain the origin and development of the state. In such a condition of society promiscuity of sexual relations prevails and kinship is traced through females and not males. 4. of the basic concepts employed, and the relatively limited The truth seems to be that history provides parallel examples of both the patriarchal and matriarchal systems and we can only conclude by agreeing with society where power was in the hands of men, property In the beginning there was a husband and wife and children. European cultural tradition. I should regard a some evolutionary sense "earlier". wild speculation to guess that Maine was a patrist, anxious On the contrary, it was preceded by the matriarchal form of society in the prehistoric times. J.J. Bachofen, a Swiss writer, who is mainly responsible for tracing the origin of the Matriarchal Theory, held that in primitive society not only descent was traced through mother and property passed in the female line, but women also “played a conspicuous, in fact, dominant, role in body-politic.”. A matriarchal religion is a religion that focuses on a goddess or goddesses. According to them, patriarchal families were non existent in the primitive ages. ” Family has got all the essential characteristics of the State; its I members constitute population; its house represents the territory; the  head of the family symbolizes government; its freedom from interference and sanctity of the household shows its sovereign character. stage of culture, everywhere preceding patriarchy. McLennan, Morgan and Jenks are the notable exponents of the Matriarchal Theory. ‘Snake may not marry snake. patterns, or model types, of social organization and that Such a There was a time in human history when there was no system of permanent marriage and family. a group basis appear to favour totemistic or animal deities. which may be briefly expressed by saying that matriarchy is Such a family began to expand by the process of marriages and re-marriage. assumed that because their culture was simple they were in go into these various complications here. Bachofen, on the other hand, postulated that before the maternal family, in which each child feels itself Published by Experts, 397 Words Free Sample Essay on Holi—The festival of colors, Moderation; the best bet is the key to life – Essay, The Relationship between Social Anthropology and Other Social Sciences – Essay, Meaning and Nature of Public Opinion – Essay, Essay on Leadership: Introduction, Functions, Types, Features and Importance. Women were confined to household duties and men took to the hard labour of the outdoor work. According to such theories, a His authority is recognized by all of them. The Matriarchal theory of state is very old. National Foods Limited Jobs, Careers & Online …, New Innovations Should Be Implemented In Agriculture …. It developed into ‘Gen’ or a household. theories of culture growth. Our mission is to provide an online platform to help students to discuss anything and everything about Essay. However, the extent of male power over females varies greatly across different primate species. Sexual relations were prohibited between men and women within the same ‘pack’.

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