Seeing froot loops on a hot dog is probably off-putting to most, but to Progressive Field in Cleveland, they thought it was the best idea ever. Because they’re turning out flawless versions of traditional dogs and some truly insane inventions of their own. The 20 Most Over-the-Top Hot Dogs in America.

This New York institution (which has locations in the East Village and Williamsburg) has so many oddball creations on its menu that we couldn’t pick just one. Crif Dogs, located in New York City, is known for some pretty oddball creations. Poutine is all the rage these days, and with good reason: It’s French fries topped with cheese curds and gravy, for Pete’s sake. Their spin on Hot Doug’s famed foie dog: a duck sausage topped with slices of foie gras mousse, truffle aïoli, and a sprinkling of fleur de sel. Where do they come up with this stuff?

Hopefully the hot dogs we’ve tracked down can provide you with some inspiration. They’re all unlike any other hot dog you’ve ever had. A blank, delicious, high-sodium canvas. Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. Maybe a little chili and cheese if we're feeling sassy. Their wild creation is called the Cracker Jack & Mac Dog, a hot dog topped with macaroni and cheese, cracker jacks, caramel sauce and jalapenos. Topped with bacon, American cheese, white sausage gravy, and a sunny side up egg, there was no going wrong with this dog. Which is why, restaurants and food stands around America have been trying to spice up their meals by adding toppings that many would never even imagine would be a topping, such as: fruit loops, duck, even cracker jack popcorn. It wasn’t long before it was their ultimate breakfast dog. Another one of its daily specials though that is a big hit is The Billy Ray Cyrus, a hot dog topped with chicken-fried bacon, smoked turkey, and country style gravy. This just might be the cheesiest hot dog in existence. Take the Billy Ray Cyrus, for example: It’s a hot dog … Where to Eat America's Best Macaroni and Cheese. The Peanut Butter Jelly Bacon Dog must be their craziest one though. One, some real creative thought went into them; and two, all of their flavors work well together. Why?

Maui’s Dog House, a hot dog shack located in North Wildwood, N.J., is one hot dog shack that is famous for its delicious and insanely creative hot dogs. The left one is the Tsunami Dog, a hot dog wrapped in bacon and deep-fried, then topped with teriyaki sauce, chopped pineapple and green onions. This hip Missouri dog destination has 25 different hot dog varieties on its menu, each wilder than the last. PNC Park in Pittsburgh has also created a wild hot dog that seems to taste better than it looks. A blank, delicious, high-sodium canvas. Chicago went into a state of mourning when the legendary Hot Doug’s, which was renowned for its wild hot dogs and sausages, closed down, but thankfully a couple former employees have picked up where Doug left off with Hot “G” Dog. There are nine sausages and more than 30 different toppings to choose from, but the wildest of the house specialties is the Crawfish Etouffee Dog, a crawfish sausage topped with homemade crawfish étouffée, sour cream, onions, tomatoes, and Creole mustard. Their famous dog is the Homewrecker, a 15-inch one-pound dog topped with jalapenos, sautéed peppers, onions, nacho cheese, habaneros, chile sauce, mustard, slaw, lettuce, tomato, and shredded cheese. We’re going to withhold judgement on this one for the time being. Take the Billy Ray Cyrus, for example: It’s a hot dog topped with chicken-fried bacon, smoked turkey, and country gravy. It’s a cheeseburger in hot dog form (that is, a tube of ground beef) that’s been battered and deep-fried, then plopped onto a hot dog bun with lettuce, tomato, bacon, and a secret sauce.

Crif Dogs is legendary in its own right, but this swanky, speakeasy-style cocktail lounge is also famous for its hot dogs, made through a partnership between Crif Dogs and local chefs including Wylie Dufresne and Momofuku’s David Chang. You’ll probably need a knife and fork for this one. Sure, it might be slightly gimmicky, but it still serves some delicious hotdogs. On the outside, this dog sounds like it could be delicious but rather benign — an all-beef dog topped with bacon, white American cheese, crispy onions, and barbecue sauce. If you go to a Royals game this year, you can treat yourself to the ultimate breakfast dog: the Sunrise Dog, which is topped with bacon, American cheese, white sausage gravy, and a sunny side up egg. Eating a hot dog is supposed to be fun, after all, and eating these is definitely what you’d call a fun and novel culinary experience. Senate Restaurant, Cincinnati: The Billy Ray Cyrus. But if you expand your horizons a little, you’ll realize that few foods are as ripe for experimentation as hot dogs. This popular Milwaukee sausage shop has several regional-styled dogs on their menu (the Buffalo, for example, is topped with Red Hot gravy, blue cheese, and celery salt), and they’ve really gone overboard in inventing the “Milwaukee-style” dog: It’s a hot dog (or one of the several other types of sausage available) topped with not one, not two, but three different cheeses: shredded Cheddar, Cheez Whiz, and deep-fried cheese curds. Vicious Dogs in Los Angeles, California does have a few “normal” items for those who are not adventurous, but mainly its menu consists of some pretty out their items that are not for picky eaters. This hot dog is called the Slider Dog and it’s a hot dog, topped with macaroni and cheese, a pile of bacon, and then some froot loops. It’s called the Cracker Jack & Mac Dog, and it seems to have only been created because “Jack” rhymes with “mac.” As the name might imply, it’s topped with macaroni and cheese and Cracker Jack, along with some caramel sauce and jalapeños for good measure. With 48 hours’ notice, the folks at New York rooftop lounge 230 Fifth will sell you the most expensive hot dog on Earth. The saltiness and blandness of this dog were what contributed … Their relatively mild, savory flavor … This West Virginia oddity is a certified head-scratcher, comprised of a couple small buildings as well as two converted school buses, with knickknacks, old signs, and rusty antiques covering every square inch. Sounds like a sneaky way to use up yesterday’s uneaten burgers! The Big Question: Are Burgers and Hot Dogs Sandwiches. The Fry Dog, introduced at the Texas State Fair, starts like a corn dog, with a dunk into cornmeal batter. Related: The 10 Best Places To Get Hot Dogs At Disney World, Next: 10 Of The Most Luxurious McDonald's Restaurants Around The World. Dat Dog has four locations in the city, and they’re all ridiculously popular. Photo Modified: Flickr/ Tracy Hunter/ CC4.0. In New Orleans, Dat Dog is topping hot dogs with homemade crawfish étouffée, sour cream, onions, tomatoes, and Creole mustard. Case in point? Why just stop there, though? Caramelized onions. Hot dogs are a blank canvas. Because its hot dogs are delicious and insanely creative. But if you expand your horizons a little, you’ll realize that few foods are as ripe for experimentation as hot dogs. The only place to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures. Just take the Italian, for example. The one on the right is called the Chihuahua and it’s also wrapped in bacon and deep-fried but topped with avocados and sour cream. These Are The Items You Must Bring In Your Backpack, These Foods Were Popular During The Great Depression And Are Slowly Coming Back, It's Cranberry Season In Massachusetts And This Is What To Experience, According To Locals, It's Said That These Foods Can Boost The Romance Level Of Any Dinner, Is Centralia's Fire Still Burning? Progressive Field, home of the Cleveland Indians, introduced a truly head-scratching creation for this season: the unassumingly named Slider Dog, which is topped with macaroni and cheese, a pile of chopped bacon, and Froot Loops. On the left here is the Tsunami, which is bacon wrapped, deep-fried, and topped with teriyaki sauce, chopped pineapple, and green onions; and on the right is the Chihuahua, which is also bacon wrapped and deep fried, and topped with avocadoes and sour cream.

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