It looked EXACTLY like the guy in the video shows us, with the underneath clouds an almost blood orange, and the sky above the clouds fading from a purple to a deep dark blue/black. Eerie Clouds Glow at Night—How to See Them,, Star Trek: The Official Guide to Our Universe. Filmmaterial zu „Ocean panorama. These mysterious, thin veils of clouds appear to form around the polar regions in the mesosphere, the highest level of Earth’s atmosphere. In the Northern Hemisphere, sky-watchers can catch a glimpse of them painting the skies from now through August. {"311283346":{"content_id":"311283346","title":"Ocean panorama. Beautiful red color sky. However, over the last century, these unusual clouds have been spotted more frequently and much farther south, in places such as Kansas, Utah, and Colorado. Have you noticed constant low flying helicopters like way more than usual (also in LA), New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. I think they are seeing similar things from what I've seen on youtube, basically weird light phenomenon they are not accustomed to seeing. Dark orange clouds day to night sky. Last night approx 45 minutes after sunset, the sky was black but low clouds were glowing like orange fog over most of the sky, it was creepy. Red purple orange blue pink sunset cloud background. 2020 National Geographic Partners, LLC. Dramatic sunset over storm clouds. Concept holiday in the tropics.\u201c. The difference is what one chooses to assume is causing it. This kind of weirdness I think is a clue as to why so few people are able to see and acknowledge the ME. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. In recent weeks, sky-watchers have been reporting nightly outbursts of eerie tendrils glowing in the twilight skies. Finden Sie \u00e4hnliche Videos auf Adobe Stock","is_rush_mobile_compatible":false,"thumbnail_url":"https:\/\/\/jpg\/03\/11\/28\/33\/360_F_311283346_Vns6ilhuTFLzlUQBzSOHurWZ1ahAuFqF.jpg","thumbnail_width":682,"thumbnail_height":360,"is_lazy_loaded":false,"can_license_with_cct_pro":false,"file_extension":"mov","getSubtypeLabel":null,"is_licensed":false,"media_type_label":"Foto","video_small_preview_url":"https:\/\/\/03\/11\/28\/33\/240_F_311283346_Vns6ilhuTFLzlUQBzSOHurWZ1ahAuFqF_ST.mp4","order_key":null,"category_hierarchy":"Landschaften","is_free":false,"avatar":null,"artist_page_url":"\/de\/contributor\/200772933\/mikalai-bachkou?load_type=author","is_premium":false,"possible_data_video":{"3":{"video_width":2048,"video_height":1080,"video_content_length":223670813,"video_bitrate_in_kbps":50001,"video_content_type":"video\/quicktime","video_codec":"h264","asset_label":"HD"},"6":{"video_width":2048,"video_height":1080,"video_content_length":223670813,"video_bitrate_in_kbps":50001,"video_content_type":"video\/quicktime","video_codec":"h264","asset_label":"HD"},"11":{"video_width":2048,"video_height":1080,"video_content_length":223670813,"video_bitrate_in_kbps":50001,"video_content_type":"video\/quicktime","video_codec":"h264","asset_label":"HD"},"12":{"video_width":2048,"video_height":1080,"video_content_length":223670813,"video_bitrate_in_kbps":50001,"video_content_type":"video\/quicktime","video_codec":"h264","asset_label":"HD"},"13":{"video_width":2048,"video_height":1080,"video_content_length":223670813,"video_bitrate_in_kbps":50001,"video_content_type":"video\/quicktime","video_codec":"h264","asset_label":"HD"},"14":{"video_width":2048,"video_height":1080,"video_content_length":223670813,"video_bitrate_in_kbps":50001,"video_content_type":"video\/quicktime","video_codec":"h264","asset_label":"HD"},"4":{"video_width":4096,"video_height":2160,"video_content_length":2648185611,"video_bitrate_in_kbps":592005,"video_content_type":"video\/quicktime","video_codec":"prores","asset_label":"4K"}},"content_length":332662,"framerate":"23.976","duration":35786,"time_duration":"PT35S","creation_date":"2019-12-23","video_preview_url":"https:\/\/\/03\/11\/28\/33\/700_F_311283346_Vns6ilhuTFLzlUQBzSOHurWZ1ahAuFqF_ST.mp4","video_preview_width":700,"video_preview_height":370,"video_preview_content_length":332662,"video_preview_content_type":"video\/mp4","video_content_length":2648185611,"video_content_type":"video\/quicktime","video_codec":"prores","video_bitrate_in_kbps":592005,"video_thumbnails":{"pattern":"https:\/\/\/03\/11\/28\/33\/160_F_311283346_Vns6ilhuTFLzlUQBzSOHurWZ1ahAuFqF_%d.jpg","number":"36"},"extended_license_price":null,"downloaded":false,"default_license_id":4,"license_details":{"3":{"product_key":"\/Applications\/StockPT5","license_price":"63,99\u00a0\u20ac","facing_price":"","downloaded":false},"4":{"product_key":"\/Applications\/StockPT8","license_price":"169,99\u00a0\u20ac","facing_price":"","downloaded":false}},"is_allowed_and_purchasable":false,"is_quotable":false,"is_not_allowed_by_org_admin":false}}. We've seen it too. © 1996-2015 National Geographic Society, © 2015- I also do not see how a valley can 'trap' light, light does not get herded by valley walls which are not reflective. That's how the ME is so sneaky, we see weird things yet even knowing of the ME, somehow we still often quickly dismiss them without further thought. The gossamer clouds are even visible from space—astronauts on board the International Space Station have reported seeing them and have captured the occasional image. People living in high latitude areas (between 45º and 70º above or below the Equator) have the best chance of seeing noctilucent clouds. I think i got a picture on my phone, lemme see if i can find it and upload here, ...I cant imagine having a conversation about unusual sky phenomena, especially regarding clouds, fog, and colors, without talking about geoengineering/weather modification/chemtrails(er whatever the f...) -- ME or not. The insane "weather warfare" going on overhead makes it difficult to sort out a natural phenomena from an engineered one...sry bout the tangent. Eventually the glow faded but when I drove to a nearby hill to see longer distances, there was still glowing lines of orange fog low over the San Diego area. Durch Auswahl einer Region können sich die Sprache und die Werbeinhalte auf der Adobe Stock-Website ändern. They glow from the bottom even though you would think the tops should be if it had anything to do with the sunset. ).........Back to the orange sky --- I have seen heavily sprayed skies look very simiar to what you describe (at sunset but not 2 am) especially vibrant orange colored "clouds" looking like fire. It was not right on the horizon but higher up, right on the horizon was black and then higher up was this light blue glowing patch and all the rest of the clouds were glowing orange. I tried to take a photo but my phone camera could not see the color. As for that video, the point is that people are seeing this all over and I for one have never previously seen these weird light colored skies as recently. I grew up in a place where fog was almost daily in some seasons, never once saw that and obviously we had street lights. Concept holiday in the tropics. Concept holiday in the tropics. Dramatic sunset over storm clouds. Similar clouds were also spotted on Mars back in 2006, when the Mars Express orbiter saw them floating some 60 miles above the red planet’s surface. Concept holiday in the tropics.“. An orange glow in the mornings or evenings is caused by smoke and dust on the lower horizon. Finden Sie ähnliche Videos auf Adobe Stock Plus there was one area near where the sun had set that was very bright kind of a light blue color but was not the sky. Andrew Fazekas, the Night Sky Guy, is the author of Star Trek: The Official Guide to Our Universe and host of NG Live! All rights reserved. Dramatic sunset over storm clouds. Press J to jump to the feed. This year is no exception, with reports of jaw-dropping displays already coming in from Scotland, Poland, and Russia. Spectacular red sunsets and the distinctive glowing clouds persisted for years. Dark orange clouds day to night sky. There is no reason that the clouds are orange now when they were not before. Plus there was one area near where the sun had set that was very bright kind of a light blue color but was not the sky. Mit einem Credit-Pack sparen Sie 50 € bei Videos. Ocean panorama. Follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and his website. I have now lived in my current location 15 years and we also get a lot of fog here (I've always lived along coastal CA someplace) and am only just seeing this recently. Descarcă aplicația pentru iOS sau Android și autentifică-te cu datele tale My Orange, apoi cu Orange Cloud îți grupezi automat fișierele în fluxuri de poze, videoclipuri, muzică și documente, eliberând astfel spațiu de stocare pe telefonul tău. For the video, that guy does not need to be smart to simply post weird photos of the sky and get the word out, I am not suggesting that people let him pick their stock porfolio.

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