Get revenge on Snow White/Mary Margaret (formerly).Change her ways for Henry (succeeded).Save Henry in Neverland (succeeded).Kill Marian (formerly).Find the author (succeeded).Make villains (herself specifically).Have their happily ever after (succeeded).Help Emma in Camelot (failed in Camelot; succeeded in Storybrooke).Help Emma bring Hook back from the Underworld (failed; sort of succeeded because Hook is alive now).

Do you think seeing a second true love die will send Regina back to the dark side? What did you think of Robin’s death?

Once Upon a Time Wikia is a FANDOM TV Community. I’d like to know what you guys intend,” but that’s difficult because sometimes the writers don’t know where they’re going to go. Get revenge on Snow White/Mary Margaret (formerly).Change her ways for Henry (succeeded).Save Henry in Neverland (succeeded).Kill Marian (formerly).Find the author (succeeded).Make villains (herself specifically).Have their happily ever after (succeeded).Help Emma in Camelot (failed in Camelot; succeeded in Storybrooke).Help Emma bring Hook back from the Underworld (failed; sort of succeeded because Hook is alive now). Regina Mills To add salt to the wound, as she liked to do back then, she banished Hansel and Gretel (who refused her offer to live with her) to the Infinite Forest, never to reunite with their father until 28 years later, when the Dark Curse is cast. Crimes We then saw that she had (or gained) a sense of standards. I’m going to take a little bit of time out to be a dad and have a bit of time off, and then I will be getting straight back to it. Blind Witch | However, the evil queen took this advantage and stabbed her, but Regina was shocked that Snow could not be killed as Charming and Snow and their family, are under the protection of Rumplestiltskin's magic. Regina can also crush the heart killing the victim, but Regina has not been doing heart removal lately since she had been redeemed by the heroes. And you know, this was supposed to be five episodes and it turned into three years, a wonderful three years that I’ve absolutely loved. Isaac Heller | Trapped Sydney Glass back in his mirror prison and plotted to kill "Marian," but ultimately changed her mind.

Clorinda | She appeared to harbor self-loathing; enchanting Cupid's arrow to instead guide to the person she hated most (Snow White), it actually lead her to gaze at herself in a mirror. (", Manipulated Jefferson, who possessed a magic hat that could transport people to other realms of magic (except the Land Without Magic), into taking her to Wonderland and rescue her father from her captivity. Anastasia, Secondary Villains Prince Hans | (", Kidnapped Belle and told Rumple, whom she discovered she had feelings for, that she had committed suicide. Each 6" Scale action figure features an incredible likeness and includes character specific accessories. Regina is also very vengeful as she vows to destroy Snow White and her happiness for the death of Daniel, and even goes far for framing her for murder for everything she did to her. Regina Mills, also known as the "Evil Queen", is a central character and the main antagonist-turned-protagonist of the ABC fairy tale drama Once Upon a Time. However, it takes a dark turn when they try to leave. With the enchanted heart, she can command the victim to do whatever she says. Occupation Being the Evil Queen, Regina has committed numerous horrifying acts: Main Villains I haven’t really spent a lot of time speculating what will happen or where the characters will go — I think Adam and Eddy would prefer to tease that their way anyway. Coven of the Eight. (". MillsWilma (disguised)Evil QueenQueen Regina MillsHer MajestyUrsulaQueen Snow White (alternate universe; formerly)The QueenMy Queen (by Magic Mirror/Sidney Glass/Genie)RoniThe Good Queen When did you find out about Robin’s fate? It gave me a little time to process that because it came as a bit of a shock, as I’d only just been made a series regular that season and moved my family up there and everything, but that was the plan that Adam and Eddy had come up with, and my job as an actor is to serve the writing, serve what’s on the page, and that’s what I’ve always tried to do to the best of my ability. MaleficMass MurderAttempted Mass MurderSerial HomicidePatricideAttempted MurderRapeAbductionImprisonmentChild EndangermentAttempted InfanticideAnimal Abuse Caterpillar | Unlike her sister or Emma, she lacked in power, this mixed with her constant self doubt she was often unable to tap into her fullest strength. Maleficent | The Woodcutter | This was shown when she was visibly shocked her mother killed Snow's so she could become the Queen and had uneasiness, not to mention suspicion, with her mother's plan to take Rumplestiltskin's power just to become a family with Henry. From the second season, she has been a complex character, trying to redeem herself for Henry's sake and eventually became neutral. Mark Mylod. She confides to Emma her struggle to suppress her inner demons. However, before she was executed, Snow stopped her execution, with the Blue Fairy stopping the arrows from flying. Chernabog | Of course, getting approval from a mother like Cora is next to impossible. Sacrificed her father to do this, the one she loved most and the only one who saw the good in her. As such, she abandons Jefferson in Wonderland and leaves with her father. What a shock.

Regina is also the anti-hero of season 3a and the tritagonist of season 3b and season 4a. Despite her corruption, she truly cared and loved her adoptive son Henry (named after her father), even though his biological mother is Emma, the one who can break her curse, and his grandparents are her sworn enemies, Snow White and Prince Charming. From the hit ABC Television series once upon a time comes these highly detailed and articulated action figures of hook, Emma Swan, Regina, and Robin hood! Unfortunately, when Robin is tragically killed and obliterated, Regina is in grief.

Drizella | Which scene or moment were you most proud of? Season 1, Episode 1. Variety spoke to departing cast member Sean Maguire about Robin’s death and his exit from the series. She is the main antagonist of season 1, the anti-hero of season 2a, and secondary-antagonist turned anti-hero of season 2b. Medusa |

Left David Nolan/Prince Charming in a coma, preventing him from rekindling his love with Snow White/Mary Margret Blanchard. Regina wasn't too keen with doubts of her strength, causing her to overreact and make irrational decisions. Storybrooke She waited so long to find true love and has already lost so much. Prince James | She débuts in the third episode of the first season. Later freeing Regina from her cell, Snow tested to see if the Queen could truly change. King Arthur | However, after reliving the monstrosities she committed, she had a change of heart and saved Marian from a snow monster (even though it would be a perfect way to easily get rid of her). Hades | Celeb Style Under $100. With this, regina uses blood magic that only she can access to unless someone from her bloodline can infiltrate it, like Zelena did before their first meeting with each other. Caring for her adoptive son Henry.Terrorizing villagers (formerly). (". January. Mr. Smee | Monstro | She serves as the main antagonist of Season 1, the secondary antagonist of Season 2 (along with Captain Hook), one of the secondary protagonists/anti-heroine in Seasons 3-6 and the main protagonist in season 7. She later became known as Regina Mills, ruling Storybrooke as mayor with an iron fist. Magic Tyrantess, GinaSister (by Zelena and Grumpy)Madame MayorMs. When it turned out Zelena had been impersonating Marian and was now with Robin's child, Regina attempted to use the Author to write her out of existence. love with Daniel, the stable-boy, and saved Snow White from her runaway horse. (". MaleficMass MurderAttempted Mass MurderSerial HomicidePatricideAttempted MurderRapeAbductionImprisonmentChild EndangermentAttempted InfanticideAnimal Abuse. Hobby

She seeks romance, adventure, and approval. Wraith, Groups GinaSister (by Zelena and Grumpy)Madame MayorMs. Read Next: John Mulaney Joins Seth Meyers’ ‘Late Night’ as Staff Writer, ‘Ash vs. However, after she adopted Henry, Regina is a good mother and is very protective of Henry, and later, her granddaughter, Lucy. When Robin is threatened by a Fury because of her failure to pay the price to save him (her life in exchange), she sacrifices herself, which in turn inspires the others to join her, thus driving off the Fury. (", Lying about the Enchanted Forest's fate after the curse was broken. After murdering Leopold, Regina terrorized the kingdom with her cruelty. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Jabberwocky, Other Villains Henry Jekyll | With love from him and Henry, Regina evolves greatly; utilizing light magic to defeat Zelena and showing the vile witch mercy out of belief she can change too. Cheshire Cat | It could be both, there’s a lot to work out with regards to two current projects that are on the table, but I’ll let you know.

Overtime, Regina has become protective of her friends and the enemies who became her family. Emma Swan | She has long black hair that she sometimes puts up in a bun or a pony tail. However, she is rescued by the time-traveling Emma Swan and Captain Hook, only to be killed later by Regina's half-sister Zelena. Got Mr. Gold to kill Kathryn and frame Mary Margaret, as she would have to be taken out of town for her incarceration; due to bad things happening to people who try to leave town, she hoped that she would die in a car crash as a result. It is also revealed she fell in When compared to her mother, she decides to focus on her happiness instead of jeopardizing it with her own self-destructive.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In the second half of the season, her dynamic character increases, teaching Emma magic and showing to have gained a gentler attitude with children. Talks Henry's therapist Dr. Hopper into believing his fairy tale theories are crazy, which would distance him from Emma. At the start of the third season, she is sarcastic, snarky, and vitriolic, constantly disagreeing with the group on how they save Henry from Peter Pan. Cora - Mother Henry - Father and Victim ... Once Upon a Time. Dir. She also took pleasure in tearing apart others' romance, such Snow and Charming, Rumple and Belle, and Ariel and Eric, and used the the Genie's feelings for her as a way to rid her of Leopold. Rumplestiltskin |

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