Air masses from the polar region bring cold, dry air to the state. One feature of a continental climate is that weather patterns can be unpredictable. google_ad_slot = "2840723465"; In most North COVID-19 Related Closures and Information. The annual average temperature in North Dakota ranges from about 37 degrees Fahrenheit (° F) in northeastern North Dakota to 44 along most of the southern border. High °C. Dakota PDF documents require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader often cause drastic temperature changes. 30-Year Average. What's the Average Temperature in North Dakota? winter and summer extremes, autumn and spring frontal passages often per year. Farther down the page you'll find links to in-depth weather information for places in the state. In North Dakota, there are 4 comfortable months with high temperatures in the range of 70-85°. What's the Average Low in North Dakota? Winter temperatures are extremely Data source: National Climatic Data Center. Temperatures of 100° F or more occur nearly every google_ad_client = "pub-3461982037800143"; Low Temp: 1 °F. Northern Pacific air masses produce warmer, drier conditions, and tropical masses bring warm, wet weather. Mean Temp: 43 °F. 90° F days have occurred in April and October. The State’s highest temperature Areas such as the Turtle Mountains receive higher rainfalls than the surrounding plains, due to higher elevations. How Many Rainy Days a year are there in North Dakota? Place. Each season has distinctive upper air patterns which bring different weather conditions with them. year somewhere in the State, but they are most prevalent in the drier June is the wettest month receiving 3 to 4 inches of rain. This increase is most evident in winter warming, which has been characterized by the much below average occurrence of extremely cold days since 1980. occurred as early as late October and as late as early April. North Dakota’s climate is continental and is characterized by large variances in temperature, both on a seasonal and daily basis. Temperatures over 90° are common. Low °C. Temperatures average from 2° F in the north to 17° F in the southwest with an average of fifty days below 0°. the west and south. google_ad_height = 90; Thus, the mean temperature average in december in North Dakota is 23°F. google_ad_height = 15; Wind: 10 mph. to 44 along most of the southern border. July is the warmest month with temperatures averaging 67° F in the north and 73° F in the south. The warmest month is July when average temperatures range Phone: 701-328-6300, Contact Us, Civil Rights | Privacy | Security | Disclaimer. When, how much and how often Fargo, North Dakota has snow — with monthly and yearly averages for total days and inches of snowfall, snow accumulation, heavy snowstorms and first snowfall. January is the coldest month. common throughout the State. 100 N. Bismarck Expressway, Bismarck, ND 58501-5095 Winter precipitation is highest in January. Average high and low temperatures, total snowfall and precipitation in Fargo for each year since 2010. How often heat combines with humidity at cities in North Dakota to create uncomfortably muggy weather. However, average August /* coolweather temperature mid link created 9/14/10 */ Usually this means the weather station did not supply, track, or have this particular information. Select a link for the average weather, by month or year, in cities, towns and parks throughout North Dakota. 38.4 °F: How Many Inches of Rain per year does North Dakota get ? All rights reserved, the state of North Dakota. //-->. How Much Sunshine each year is there in North Dakota (in hours)? Average season (April – September) precipitation for 30 year period ending 2010. The most pleasant months of the year for North Dakota are June, August and July. What's The Average High Temp in North Dakota? //-->, ,