Excellent. Aftertaste is mainly smoky. A spicy Christmas cake. Without, its a 6 for me. Whatever grains were used do not make much of an impression amidst such flavourful malt. Nutroma, the condensed milk for your coffee! There's a sharp, slightly acetone like note but it's not unpleasant and doesn't mar the proceedings. Awesomely smooth with a terrific finish. This is confusing. Nikka From the Barrel also smells and tastes exceedingly better than Macallan Classic Cut 2018 Edition, one of Macallan’s higher proof releases that ended up being fairly disappointing. The source mash for these batches includes both grain and malt based formulas. The Whiskey Reviewer uses a letter-based rating system, instead of the numerical 100-grade rating system. It was gone in a flash and body was way too light. Taste: an immediate intense vanilla toffee,very much like the 'wurthers' sweets, quite dominating,but quickly gives way to a fresh candied oakiness. After “chewing”, I still get honey, berries, and oak, but now I also get a few drops of cantaloupe. Wonderful flavour ,rich and very slightly smoky a lovely 'sting' to the lips as this is 51.4% , very satisfying drink . With this expression it was much more then I expected from a Japanese Whisky. An oaky tang is present, with a touch of licorice. I could have had a bottle some months ago, but the shopkeep talked me out of it and into something else. Nose: There is a bit of floral with more of a citrus peel nose. No one flavor or quality dominates. "From the Barrel" is bottled directly from re-casked barrels of whisky and features almost the same alcohol percentage. Gave it a 10 as well. Perfect caramel and smoke blended in a clean finish. Makes me all warm inside. It’s as smooth of a ride as any whisky, blended or otherwise. A combination of almond, toffee and coconut and a hint of milk-chocolate in flavour. And they aren’t wrong. I love blends, actually (love Hibiki!) It is very creamy with a full body. I liked this well enough, if it was the only Japanese whisky I've ever tried I might be slightly disappointed but it is very well blended. It is often rumored that there is a significant amount of Ben Nevis in the blend too. Learn how your comment data is processed. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase. They did it better. Nothing will ever compare to Irish whiskey. I don't know if it's true, but since I have Nikka Coffey Grain, that came natural to compare it and I do prefer the Coffey Grain because it is very different and although I can find some part of it in the NFTB, as I was saying, the finish take all the place. The Price Flavor: The whisky delivers as flavor the spice and apple advertised on the nose. Drop in an ice cube to transform the flavor a lot. good and delicious taste. Nose: raisins, caramel, sherry, citrus (orange/lemon), and vanilla. A hint of coconut milk emerges. COLOUR: Gold red copper. Not quite as smooth as Yamasaki, but a bit more complex. Nikka From the Barrel is packed with sweet honey, caramel, vanilla cream, and fruits including berries, plums, dates, and oranges. The bottle almost seems to scream “no marketing gimmicks needed here, we know we have something awesome.”. I must say that I much preferred the other Nikka that I tasted in 2012. Cinnamon sticks and vanilla, a little pepper as well. Excellent review of a great value whisky that is the perfect introduction to Japanese whisky, Your email address will not be published. Matured from grain and malt whisky, the liquids are re-casked to marry the spirits and flavours.From there its out of the casks and into the bottles. age. You gave it 95 points and seemed to be really stunned by this dram. More fruity as it opens up in the glass. Palate: thick, viscous mouthfeel. Dear god. Wonderful Japanese whisky flavor profile. Taking a sip, my tongue goes numb almost immediately. The Nikka from the barrel is good. Some people get around this by "selling" their chometz and buying it back after passover. Long, warm and creamy. What’s the Difference Between Whiskey, Bourbon, Scotch, and Rye? You Might Also Like. It is mouth coating a soft, but with quite a prickle. The Whisky this is divine! The alcohol thankfully isn’t punishingly hot, but still leaves a nice tingle in my mouth. It’s almost berry parfait-like. As a rule, I don't enjoy blends, but this expression was a pleasant surprise. With a couple rocks of ice, I can finally taste some of the flavors I thought I smelled. By Paer Johansson. I really cannot smell malt at all, but what I do smell here I like. Stock up on these! Branded as the #1 top whiskey of 2018 by Whiskey Advocate, Nikka Whisky From The Barrel is considered by many to be the flagship product of Nikka. What a whskey? Some tart fruit. I was going to order the Nikka All Malt as Japanese entry. This one is already on my radar. Caramel/brown sugar sweetness, spices, vanilla, and a subtle peatiness. Next Post. It has the slippery smoothness of a blend but the flavour impact of a good malt. Traces of damp Autumn leaves. Nose: An orgy of all things wonderful. The ABV is high (51.4%) and I added water more liberally than I usually would, but the dram is quite drinkable straight 'from the bottle.' Nose: Caramel, Sweet oak, coconut. It has good balance, but not great refinement. Honeysweet and spicy. Seems to be great value for money. Powerful (high proof for a Japanese) and rich so great on a cube with amazing flavors. Again I am reminded of Yoichi. All rights reserved. Lightly smoked, naughty and strong. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Note: At first the floral notes where overwhelming but with airing over 30 minutes it opens up to one of the most fantastic whiskies that has ever graced my nose.

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