Get free map for your website. The northern-most districts, particularly Nkwanta and Krachi, are deprived in health facilities and personnel. 14.0 per cent of localities in the region have a junior Secondary School (JSS) within the locality while an additional 58.1 per cent are located within a five-kilometre radius of a JSS. Four other districts (Akatsi, North Tongu, Hohoe and Jasikan) have yet to cover 15.0-20.0 per cent of localities to satisfy the M.O.E’s policy requirement. Without you having to pay for that. In 1960, questions on economic activity were asked of all persons aged 15 years and older. Accompanying the moderate declines in mortality are also improvements in maternal and child nutrition for the region as a whole. 1. Rapid strides are however being made to provide electricity to both rural and urban households, in addition to improving upon the quality of urban housing. Another pattern worth observing is the fact that Krachi and Nkwanta Districts, which enrol larger than average number of males and females in primary schools, do not necessarily retain them at the secondary and tertiary levels. Slightly higher proportions are in Production, Transport and Equipment Operation (13.7%) as in Sales Work (12.8%). Analysis of the district distribution of doctors shows that the regional share of doctors is higher than the regional share of the population in six out of the eight south-most districts of the region. This raises concern for child labour. The other reason may be that there are few new infrastructures for JSS in the districts. The general activity rate for females in 1984 was higher (85.3%) than that of males (79.7%). On the other hand, the proportion of women in the Service occupations is higher than that of men, and much more so, among Sales workers. Public toilets (21.2%) and pit latrines (30.8%) serve the needs of households in each district. The problem for planners is to look for a way to cut down on the use of wood by encouraging the use of gas, as a replacement for wood, as a cooking fuel. The region has a length of about 500 kilometres, stretching from the south to the north. Maps are assembled and kept in a high resolution vector format throughout the entire process of their creation. A list of the most popular locations in Ghana as searched by our visitors. Conversely, both male and female employment are lowest in the three north-most districts, Kadjebi, Nkwanta and Krachi. If you like any of the maps, please don't keep it to yourself. $(window).fireEvent('scroll'); // kvuli 1px ve ff mh_priprav_lnk(wg_adresa_lnk); We want to redefine the experience of discovering the world through the maps. is Ghana's leading news website that delivers high quality innovative, alternative news that challenges the status quo. It is worth noting that a quarter of the households in the region do not have any toilet facility. The main type of dwelling unit in all the districts is the separate house, which accounts for 46.4 per cent of all types of dwelling unit. List of the locations in Ghana that our users recently searched for. The national average is 0.7, compared with 3.2 per 100 persons for Greater Accra. Another origin of migrants into the region is the ECOWAS States. This observation is supported by the fact that in the Ketu, Akatsi and southern Ho, Districts in particular, there are deliberate attempts at harvesting rainwater for household use. The region has two rainfall regimes in the year, the first; from March to July and the second from mid- August to October. The low room occupancy ratio for Keta may be a reflection of the declining population of the town over the years due to sea erosion. What to do when you like this map? In examining the housing condition of the region, the census gathered data that could be used to determine the extent of overcrowding in households occupying dwelling units. This is in contrast to the 1984 figures. In the Krachi, Nkwanta and Akatsi Districts, there are more thatch/palm leaf roofed dwelling units than in any other district. The 2000 census recorded a TFR of 3.5 for the region, thus confirming the declining fertility in the region. jQuery.noConflict(); Maps are served from a large number of servers spread all over the world. Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. He will be assisted by Togbega Patamia Dzekle VII of Battor. The kerosene lamp is the main source of lighting in many households in every district in the region. if (mh_touch && $('mm_lkll')) $('mm_lkll').dispose(); Agricultural workers need to be assisted to enable farmers acquire implements and small-to medium scale irrigation equipment that will facilitate farming throughout the year. You can easily download, print or embed Volta maps into your website, blog, or presentation. ad_je_pak = (function() { Maphill lets you look at the same area from many different perspectives. We create each map individually with regard to the characteristics of the map area and the relevant graphic style. In each district throughout the region, the proportion of employed males is almost the same as that of females. The most prominent feature of the age structure of the districts is that the age group 5-9 years constitutes the largest cohort in all the districts, except Nkwanta and Krachi, where the highest concentrations are in the 0-4 and 5-9 year age groups. Sure, this road detailed map is nice. The proportions of localities beyond 30 kilometres of clinics in Nkwanta (31.9%) and Krachi (18.1%) are still high. For example, between 1993 and 1998, the proportion of married women using any modern method of contraceptives increased substantially from 7.7 per cent to 12.1 per cent, nearly a two fold increase over the five year-period. The service sector in the districts needs to be encouraged to update its infrastructure to enhance efficiency and technological proficiency. The economic characteristics of a population indicate, among other things, the type of economic activities pursued by individuals and groups, and the contributions of the various sectors to the total output of the population. No district in the region has average room occupancy equal to or, higher than, the national average. The Traditional Council is composed of several Area Councils. It is wrth noting that 48,205 of the 344,546 children, 7-14 years (14.0%), were recorded as working; 2,506 (0.8%) had a job but did no work and 6,180 (1.8%) claimed to be unemployed. Therefore it is clear from the population age structure that the region still has a high fertility regime and that the need to continue to educate couples to adopt low fertility life styles is worth supporting. Togbe Fiti also sought to be part of the five representatives of the Volta Region in the National House of Chiefs. After independence, the Parliament of Ghana adopted a resolution to merge and integrate the Trans Volta Togo with Ghana, under the name Volta Region. The free Compulsory Universal Basic Education programme (fCUBE) is probably beginning to yield results leading to higher primary school enrolment. window.addEvent('domready', function(){ Given that the average household of 4.7 persons is a mix of parents (head with or without spouses), children and other relatives, it seems that the ideal housing situation would be an average of about three rooms per household. Terrain map shows physical features of the landscape. This represents an increase of 27.0 per cent over the 1984 figures. The cultivation of non-traditional crops like black pepper, cashew nuts, ginger, pineapple, pawpaw and mangoes, meant for export, are on the increase. The population density of the region increased from 59 persons per square kilometre in 1984 to 79.5 persons in 2000. In this respect, and on the basis of the results from the analysis, the following are suggested: Sustained efforts need to be intensified and focused towards modernization of agricultural production, using appropriate technologies to increase productivity and output. On the other hand, the Ho and Hohoe Districts, which start with lower than average enrolments into primary classes, have larger than average enrolments into secondary and tertiary institutions. Cultural and social structure This pattern runs through all districts with slight variations. mh_map_poloha = {sw: new google.maps.LatLng(5.75965214, -0.321004), ne: new google.maps.LatLng(8.75051785, 1.19178104), c: false, z: false}; Women aged 25-29 years tend to contribute more than average fertility in the region. left: 0; It is also worth noting that, despite the higher proportion of Ewes in Hohoe, almost a quarter of the population of the District are Guan. The population structure indicates that all the districts in the region have a young population, typical of most developing countries. The analysis shows that the region’s population increased by 35.0 per cent over a period of 16 years since the last census in 1984. The second pattern, which consists of districts with a moderate sex ratio, includes North Tongu, Ho, Kpandu and Hohoe, where there are between 90 to 94 males per 100 females. The main ethnic group in the region is the Ewe, followed distantly by the Guan, the Akan and the Gurma. This underscores the crucial importance of the private sector in the economy of the region of which it constitutes the key to economic growth and associated developments in the region. The proportion of non-economically active females (28.2%) is higher than that of the males (26.8%).

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