But we know how impractical it would be to do it right now. I found myself using them more and more and many sources recommended them as a natural cleaning alternative. That’s it. Your email address will not be published. Not sure where you stand on microfibers? They are claiming it as an alternative. Your email address will not be published. Then, we’ll try to find the closest alternatives for those uses. If you were dusting with your microfiber towels, you should try these dusters. You can even wash and reuse after cleaning or wiping with the piece. They shed from other textiles – including rugs and carpeting – and even cigarette butts, according to the Plastic Ocean Project. It’ll be more efficient for you to dust anywhere. So, they perform better in a sense than cotton cloth. They cleaned almost all surfaces with little or no additional products, were reusable, and seemed really sustainable. The environmental activist will strictly tell you to stop using anything related to plastics immediately. There are many more situations where we love microfiber cloths. So, the piece of cloth you’ll throw after use will degrade over time. We could come up with 6 alternatives to those tasks performed by microfiber towels. Cotton is purely natural. Polyamide includes nylon, Nomex, Kevlar, and trogamide. On top of that, every time you wash a microfiber cloth, you’re likely introducing microplastics into the water and subsequently, the environment. Your microfiber cloth or towel might be bigger than five millimeters long, but the actual fibers that make up the cloth or towel are what are dangerous. In the environment, these microplastics can harm animals, cause pollution, and leach out dangerous chemicals. You can stop reading here and go back to what you were doing. Why Microfiber Cloths Became So Popular for Cleaning, Better Alternatives to Microfiber for Natural Cleaning, area between the spokes creates a larger surface, our oceans literally fill up with floating islands of plastic. In comparison to some truly sustainable paper towel alternatives like reusable bamboo un-paper towels or reusable cotton cloths, microfiber towels get an A for reusability, but in most other categories, a hard F. For starters, microfibers are not recyclable. But if you have something expensive to clean or a glass surface, you should use it. For more convenience, you can go to vacuum cleaners. But keep searching, and you’ll find alternatives to plastic items like we’ve seen the best alternatives to microfiber towels here. Microfibers are teeny-tiny particles of synthetic fabrics that come off of our clothing while it's in the washing machine, making them a type of microplastic. Consider washing any microfiber or synthetic fabrics with a Cora Ball, wash bag, or microfiber filter, which will catch microfibers before they escape through your pipes. Flannel wipes are also made of cotton, but they are super smooth, super soft, and highly absorbent. But if the material itself is made from fossil fuels and then turns into microplastics, causing it to be very difficult to break down, how eco-friendly could microfiber really be? Microplastics are also notoriously hard to get rid of; as in, they don’t break down so easily. Microfiber cloths are made of plastic fibers derived from crude oil or natural gas. Microfiber towels are having a moment. Cheap ones are even worse. Clothes can be made out of microfiber, but these pieces of clothing pose the same risk as cloths or towels. For dusting, you can use Lamb Wool Duster or Ostrich Feather Duster. So, you can use them without hurting nature. Essentially, we’re constantly surrounded by microfibers, so it’s not only our waterways we have to worry about. However, the reuse of microfiber – especially microfiber cloths and towels – is certainly sustainable in some cases, as it cuts back on the use of single-use paper towels. For different use cases, we should use various options for the best result. Microfibers attach themselves to dust and float around, invisible, in the air. But you might have heard some environmental issues regarding microplastics which can be found in microfiber. Some of the more common fabrics include polyester, polypropylene, and polyamide. Hi Deb, The name of the product is Microfiber Down Alternative Duvet. Linen is a very strong material and even stronger when wet. We all have linen clothes in our homes. They are a bit expensive. It’s good to use it on a reflective surface like glass. So, you’ll need a large quantity to do your daily wiping and cleaning. “You get a clump; it’s not a pure, homogeneous mixture of liquid plastic, and therefore, it’s not a plastic that can be regenerated into a new product.”. They are claiming it as an alternative. Now that you’re more up to speed on microfibers, you might want to avoid microfiber fabrics if possible. These fragments may be tiny, but they cause harm to our ecosystem, as marine life swallows them, causing injury or death. We know how much you love your microfiber towels. But they are not so useful in removing dirt or strains. It is a synthetic ‘down alternative’. But microplastics aren’t only dangerous because they end up in the bellies of fish (and then eventually, our own bellies). That’s ridiculous! Linen is not as absorbent as cotton. So, you can use them to absorb water on any surface. You can also use them for moping, wiping, or dusting. Cotton and linen both are natural. Other areas where microfibers may be hiding include any synthetic apparel, upholstery, or industrial filters that are woven or knit. ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ One item of clothing can produce more than 1,900 microfibers in just one wash cycle — and luckily, there are a few ways to reduce the amount of microfibers you produce. Right now, we could find out some best alternatives to microfiber towels among which we prefer the Terry cloth towel. Terry cloth towels are closed-loop cotton cloth towels. Keep reading for everything about microfiber. Even better than any alternative mentioned above for dusting. They could’ve suggested a cotton towel. These towels clean a surface without leaving any microparticles. As with most sustainability scenarios, this is a complicated answer, but the short answer is that microfiber is not made nor broken down in an eco-friendly way. So, if you’re in the movement for the sake of nature, don’t fall for those. Required fields are marked *. “Natural gas is used to create plastics that are spun into fibers and weaved into a cloth that has really great properties for doing things like picking up dust and dirt,” Shelie Miller, associate professor in the School for Environment and Sustainability at the University of Michigan, told The Kitchn. “Natural gas is used to create plastics that are spun into fibers and weaved into a cloth that has really great properties for doing things like picking up dust and dirt,” says Shelie Miller, an associate professor in the School for Environment and Sustainability at the University of Michigan. They are soft, easy to wash, comfortable to use, and reusable. These are expensive ones but very good at dusting. Wear gloves, or use cotton cloths. Cotton clothes are the best water-absorbent known to men. But how can an inexpensive microfiber towel be an alternative to an expensive one? These microplastics then cause pollution, as well as injury and death to local wildlife and marine life. But how can an inexpensive microfiber towel be an alternative to an expensive one? It might be super soft to the touch, but the reality is that microfiber fabric is made out of plastic. After you have used those completely, dispose of the duster properly. Bar rags or cotton diapers are good for cleaning. When I first switched to more natural and green cleaning products, microfiber cloths seemed like a panacea. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Paper towels are made from bio-degradable material. While surfing the web, you may find some people advising to use cheap microfiber towels instead of expensive ones. Starting to replace one item at a time, we can finally find a plastic-free lifestyle without disrupting our daily routine. You can use them to absorb water after a bath or spilled water in any place. Sitemap. Just don’t buy those. Certain items like microfiber cloths and towels are easy to avoid. Let’s see the list and get to know more about those alternatives below. But plenty of other synthetic materials and textiles that don’t boast the words “microfiber” right on the label also have microfibers in them. If microfiber towels or clothes are made from recycled plastics, then they are certainly a better option than those that use virgin materials. Also, if you want to wipe a surface after cleaning it with water or another chemical, you can do it. Cotton clothes are inexpensive as we’re talking about the old ones here. They could’ve suggested a cotton towel. Paper towels are highly absorbent. “Sometimes they are made of recycled plastics, but other times they’re made from totally virgin materials.”. So, you can expect linen to degrade over time after you have thrown it into your garden. So, they would be best for wiping or dusting. Linen clothes are stronger than cotton. You’re using what is abundant. Also, be careful as linen tends to be highly flammable. They are naturally antibacterial and odor resistant. They are simply the best at dusting. Or reuse the ones you already have for a long time (taking care to wash them sparingly). I hope this helps clarify :) Move over tie-dye sweat suits! First of all, let’s see some common uses of microfiber towels listed below. Microfiber pollution refers to the pieces of plastic – called microplastics – that shed off our textiles usually in the laundry, later to emerge in marine and freshwater environments. Technically, microfiber is in the category of microplastics, which constitute any plastic debris less than five millimeters long. These are good absorbent of water and are one of the best alternatives to microfiber towels. Microfiber is soft and fluffy like down. So, using those old clothes for wiping or cleaning can be useful. People use those as baby diapers, but you can use those as wipers. Terry cloth towels are a bit expensive like microfiber towels but are worth the cause. Home » Microfiber Hair Towel » Alternatives of Microfiber Towels. Use the alternatives that are friendly to the environment. So, it breaks down over time and doesn’t harm the environment in any way. Microfibers aren’t just escaping through our laundry. But even still, the fact of the matter is: There are more sustainable alternatives out there. The smart move would be to change the norm slowly and secure a better future. In other words, its an alternative option to natural down. The Average Human Swallows 2,000 Microplastics a Week, Study Finds, What Are Microfibers? Microfibers don’t just shed off of microfiber clothes and cloths, however. “The concern I have is that it can be produced out of PET material – polyethylene or polypropylene material – both of which are technically recyclable, but in its application and use it’s not recyclable… [Microplastics] ruin the batch of plastics when you have an immature plastic melt where some of it is melting at a certain temperature and some is not,” Bob Gedert, president of National Recycling Coalition, explained to The Kitchn.

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