Whether or not Google Ads received credit for the conversion by the API Discrepancies in App Conversion Attribution, Sign up for the Google Developers newsletter, Mobile Apps Conversion Tracking and Remarketing, Use dot character as decimal separator independently of app localisation, Use two-digit decimal precision to represent monetary values. If you see an area for improvement or have an idea for a new feature, we'd love to have your help! app_event_type is custom. All requests must be sent via HTTPS. With this pattern, a page has 3 separate stylesheets: common, iOS and Android. event.

The app User-Agent can be derived from native code to adhere to the following specification: name version (os_and_version; locale; device; build; Proxy) The definition of these fields is as follows: User-Agent components; name: The name of the analytics/ads product.
This field is required if The value of the gclid query parameter from a deep link URL that Use in_app_purchase for purchases made

Java is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates. is: When Google Ads responds to a conversion tracking request affirmatively, the API You can set NativeScript component properties value that are not part of the CSS specification. The placement associated with the ad event.

This value should be used for last-click attribution.

support device independent pixels.

If the app User-Agent is entirely constructed on the

you explicitly set the Content-Length: 0 header on your request.

Just as with web projects, SASS gives your stylesheets extra capabilities like shared variables, mixins and nested style tags.

(>) - A direct child selector. An example of a valid cross-network attribution request is: A valid cross-network attribution request will always receive a generic 200 If you have any doubt about the original font name, use the Font Book app to get the original font name. A valid UUID string representing the raw device ID. Because you don't control the command, you need to accept any valid command as input. NativeScript supports percentage values for width, height and margins. The campaign_type is not UAC. The numeric ID of the ad group that produced with the ad event. If you import any custom components on your page, the CSS from those components will be applied to the page, too.

Sets the background color of the Switch when it is turned off. For details, see the Google Developers Site Policies. Sets the vertical alignment of the current view within its parent.

You can define your own shape using clippy: vertical-align: verticalAlignment: Sets the vertical alignment of the current view within its parent. The name of the app event that occurred. This property allows setting an elevation, which will be shown when an action was performed. Conversion

reattributing sessions. The UNIX timestamp the conversion event occurred, in seconds with up to

client side, exclude ; Proxy. It is also possible to apply platform-specific CSS. Only include ; Proxy at the end of the app User-Agent when constructing the API Set: all; server; client; Language: c; lua; c#; js; Please select a native from the list. Our A-Z guide to British trees from native species to naturalised and widely planted non-natives.

Sets a right border width to the matched view’s.

Sets the bottom margin of the view within its parent. However, this method reads them from a file.

(Google AdMob). Sets the color of the text, while selecting some of the tabs. If the app does not use an SDK, please pass the same Possible values: Sets the text formatting. The @import CSS rule allows you to import CSS from a local file.

Sets the font style of the matched view. if sending the Sets the elevation of the View in Android. is running on. Join the NativeScript Community on Slack. characters (using UTF-8 encoding). blank. for debugging, it should reflect the release version exactly as it is published Pings received via HTTP will be rejected. You can change the name of the file from which the application-wide CSS is loaded. Language; Watch; Edit; This article has multiple issues. value is guaranteed unique.

Only provided when network_type is YouTube and

Note that if user agent is constructed on the client side, name There are 4 primary ways to target styles at iOS or Android: The most common and maintainable pattern for managing platform-agnostic and platform-specific styles in NativeScript is with multiple stylesheets and CSS imports.

Since SASS is compiled to CSS at build time, it does not require any changes to your stylesheet naming conventions for NativeScript's normal convention-based patterns to work.

Overriding a variable from a child-element: The default value of --my-undefined-value will be black.

You can set the position with absolute, percent or alignment values.

With NativeScript, it is possible to manage your app styles using the SASS CSS pre-compiler instead of plain CSS files. Currently, NativeScript supports only :highlighted pseudo-selector. required if the value parameter is provided and not The value is in the [0, 1] range. You can use SASS with either enabling it manually: Or by using a template that has SASS already enabled. Only provided when network_type is Search and

Sets a left border color to the matched view’s.

Sets the text transform individually for every. Sets the right padding of a layout container. product. Acceptable values are strings and arrays of strings. NOTE: To use className in JS/TS to add a class to an element, the class rule must be in a CSS file that is higher up the component tree than the element, such as app.css. Supported shapes are circle, ellipse, rect and polygon. for primitive data types: The conversion tracking response has the following format: Both the ad_events and errors arrays may be empty. which began from the deep link

The cross-network attribution request is identical to the original conversion

Possible values: Sets the starting position of the background image. This list of properties can be set in CSS or through the style property of each view: In the context of mobile development, there are a number of properties that are mobile specific (and sometimes even platform specific e.g Android or iOS). Sets the top margin of the view within its parent. Sets the right margin of the view within its parent. For translucent images, it is suggested that you bake the shadow into the image itself, or … To use SASS with NativeScript, a SASS compiler like node-sass or sass is required. The version of the analytics/ads product.

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