In some cases, when properly aged, it can develop a strong flavor with a pungent aroma. Muenster is an American cheese, not to be confused with the French variety, Munster. At the time that the recipe was written down, Alsace was German (German from 925 AD to 1648 AD, from 1871 to 1919, and from 1940 to 1944), but the monks appear to have been French (though for all we know, they may have spoken Latin instead of German or French.). One is the Glocknerhof company (Käserei Glocknerhof) in Münstertal, Germany. It is very pale, almost white, ripened 4 to 5 weeks, and sold in 23 oz (650 g) rounds, with an orangey-yellow or orangey-red rind. Muenster (English: / ˈ m ʌ n s t ər / or / ˈ m ʊ n s t ər /) or munster is a semi-soft cheese from the United States. This cheese is commonly served as an appetizer. Even French versions without cumin or caraway are often served with cumin or caraway seeds on the side. These are farmhouse Muensters made in France that have been awarded French AOC status. The name Munster-Géromé, used today in France, is a protected A.O.C. They have also achieved European PDO status (PDO Reg No 2081/92.) These AOC versions have a shiny red rind the colour of a brick, which is caused bacteria, but enhanced by the addition of the annatto. Muenster is a smooth textured cheese with an orange rind and a white interior. Gewurztraminer or full-bodied red wines nicely complement Munster. Lotharingia comprised present-day Alsace, Belgium, Lorraine, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and north-western Germany, as well as Italy, Burgundy, Provence and western Switzerland); 870 – Alsace becomes part of the duchy of Swabia in the Holy Roman Empire, as per the terms of the Treaty of Meersen; 1648 – Treaty of Westphalia awards most of Alsace to France, but the towns in it such as Strasbourg still maintain a good deal of independence; 1697 – Holy Roman Empire formally signs all of Alsace over to France in the Treaty of Rijswijck; 1870 – 1871 – the Franco-Prussian War was an embarrassment for France. Muenster is pale in color and smooth in texture with an orange rind. Because Havarti’s smooth flavor, like that of Monterey Jack, is sort of a blank canvas inviting experimentation, it is often found flavored with dill and other herbs, horseradish, hot peppers, or caraway seeds. The area of Alsace went back and forth between Germany and France (or rather, the regions that would become them in modern history) from 843 AD to 1945 AD. Muenster usually has a very mild flavor and smooth, soft texture. He was a giant panda, Santa Claus and the Jolly Green Giant rolled into one. The moulds are let stand for 24 hours. Munster means monastery, coming from the Latin word “monasterium.”, ‘Physically [James Beard] was the connoisseur’s connoisseur. A German version, Münster, is made by a few companies in Germany. Other than protecting the cheese, the rind is also responsible for a strong, penetrating aroma and tangy taste. Muenster is a smooth, moist cheese that varies in intensity, from mild to sharp. American versions are sold younger, and with a weaker taste, than European versions.. ), A version called “Géromé” has Anise seeds in it. The original name of the French cheese comes from Alsatian abbey of Munster in the Vosgian mountains. The name Muenster is derived from an English transliteration of Münster, a city in Germany. Some versions made in Alsace have caraway seed in them; they are called “Münster au Cumin.”. In the German town actually called Münster (90 miles / 150km north of Cologne), they don’t actually make any cheese at all there any more. 21 days is the minimum aging time for Munster or Munster-Géromé; le petit Munster or petit Munster-Géromé is aged a minimum of 14 days.

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