Majestic. Eventually, drawn back to Earth by rumors of another attempt by Daemonites to infiltrate the planet, Majestros' flagship is crippled in a surprise attack, though they successfully cripple or destroy the Daemonite vessels (led by Helspont) as well. However Zannah could not stay a warrior if she became a mother. Majestros took both of them to a Halo Corporation building in New York City. Zannah gave Kenesha to her mother to raise, allowing Majestros to believe Kenesha was Zannah's sister, rather than his own daughter. He told Atom that some of the other heroes (implicitly The Authority) were not to be trusted, but Captain Atom left anyway. Majestros recovers from the Crisis, and continues his hunt despite the evidence that their foes may have at last been defeated. Or so Majestic thinks. Majestic becomes trapped on Earth with three other Kherubim lords during the Kherubim/daemonite war. All of them are held in stasis, except those members of the Plenary, a civilization of refugees who inhabit a derelict area of the vast ark. Big Picture: Despite his attention to detail and accuracy, when it comes to defending the Earth, Majestros doesn't tend to sweat the small stuff. For specific powers and skills, please see Mental Powers or Psychic Powers. Thinking himself triumphant, Imperator seemingly engages the engine by accident, separating it from the Earth, which causes it to castrophically fail, destroying the planet and himself with it. They ended up on Earth together though when their ship crashed on the planet. Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Invulnerability, Flight, Self-Sustenance, Superhuman Senses, Super Hearing, Super Breath, Superhuman Vision, Super Smell, Energy Projection, Immortality (Type 1), Telepathy, Telekinesis, Genius level Intellect, Hand-to-Hand Combatant, Expert Swordsman, Attack Potency: Star level+ (Can fight toe to toe with Helspont), likely Solar System level+ (With his palm he stopped the blow of the enraged Captain Atom with the force of Emptiness. Les sujets dont ils discutent incluent le fait que Majestic a mis en prison des bandits surhumains sans leur donner un procès équitable et se lancer dans des combats contre les héros de ce monde, affirmant qu'il les trouve terriblement réticents. Realizing that continuing the fight would be futile, Majestic uses the power of the Void contained within his possessed friend, Spartan to travel back in time before the Daemonite conquest. When he is transported to Metropolis, he says that he is able to sense that he is in a different universe. [13] Following this, Majestic was among the heroes who gained the Creation Equation from Ladytron and was sentenced into the Hollow Realm where he confront his greatest fear of the animosity between Zealot and Savant; though he kept them from killing each other. He only returns to the civilized world when Savant (Kenesha) asks him to help Zealot in her battle with Tapestry. Intelligence: Genius. When Jim Lee was asked why he based Mr. Majestic, however, shortly escaped his ordeal and didn't go after the Wildcats. He possesses almost unlimited superhuman strength, incredible speed, self propelled flight, eyebeams, genius level intellect, microscopic vision, ice breath, ability to breathe and survive in space and is invulnerable to almost any forms of harm. This threw him into conflict with his former team because he was taking technology from them (since their base had survived mostly intact) as well as survivors to populate the utopia he was building. Captain Atom fights Majesic in response to the Wildstorm heroes' treatment of Earth's people. Returning to Earth, Majestic seals the hole in the Bleed which the Daemonites had used to enter his reality, then sets out to discover the origins of the Kherubim technology cached on the Earth. When Jim Lee was asked why he based Mr. Majestic, né Majestros sur la planète Khera, Majestic était un seigneur de guerre Kherubim. Majestros has appeared in the following non-WildStorm Image publications: As of 1997, Majestros was 3216 years old. The child, a boy named Majestrate, is very much the apple of his father's eye. A few of them develop the powers of their Kheran ancestors, and eventually they band together as the WildCATs (Covert Action Team), secretly continuing their "shadow war" against Daemonites here on Earth, though Lord Helspont remains elusive. Majestic basicly overpowered Eradicator who has basicly the same powers as superman. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Majestic is virtually an unknown on either Earth. Majestic possesses powers similar to those of Superman, but his personality is entirely different. Marvel & DC Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. [18][19] For three months, Majestic had been a sex slave to his lover before Nemesis finally became pregnant. Dans WildC.ATs # 17, on voit sa main briller d'énergie, tandis que des sacs d'argent lévitent autour de lui, suggérant la télékinésie. They lead a force to fight the Shaper's forces, and prevent the use of the Planet Shaper Engine. Yet strangely, there are no car accidents, plane crashes, or other devastation. Majestic, born Majestros on the planet Khera, is a Kherubim warlord. Additionally, Majestic is able to combine his genius scientific intellect with his eye-beams to transmit data and information; on one occasion using them to rewrite the code within the Eradicator's subatomic programming, granting the Eradicator a degree of cross-dimensional awareness. One of the secondary characters, Mister Majestic, was one of the Superman expy characters of the “Image Universe” (in scare quotes since it didn’t stay an unified universe for long).. Ce n'est que des années plus tard que Savant lui a demandé d'aider Zealot dans sa bataille avec Tapestry. After that, he told Atom what he'd found out about the destruction Atom would cause if he didn't get home. Due to temporal posioning Majestic dies,disinagrating into little white slivers which blow past the Mr. With Superman and the Eradicator forced to return to their home universe, Majestic must investigate this situation alone. Back at the Halo Corporation building in New York City, Majestros asked Charis to stay with him as well as join the Wildcats. These are the growing pains that any developing race has to go through, after all. Majestic is virtually an unknown on either Earth. When Nemesis was sent into the future by the Void to learn enough about the coming Armageddon to prevent it, she discover that Majestic had become an enemy of the Wildcats because of his effort to create a New Khera in Hawaii. The idea of "downtime" is not unknown to him...but it's rare, and even then often tends to be the kind of thing that still would qualify as "work" for most people (like scientific study). The four initially rejected his offer, but Nemesis and Jodi Slayton eventually accepted after their battle against Daemonites. In 2005, Majestic (with the aid of Superman) returns to the WildStorm universe in an ongoing solo-series called Majestic. Ainsi, Zannah donna Kenesha à sa mère pour qu'elle l'élève, ce qui permit à Majestros de croire que Kenesha était la sœur de Zannah, plutôt que sa propre fille. Some might say too proud. Charis was part of the Coda but was betrayed by another faction (led by her new man Raven) the Brotherhood of the Blade. Mr. Majestic, Majestros is shown moving the planets in order to confuse an age old galaxy consumer. Pendant que l'équipe se battait contre Lord Helspont et la Cabale, Majestros a été obligé de tuer son ami et collègue Kheran Yon Kohl (aussi connu sous le nom de John Colt). Il a passé des siècles à se battre pour la justice et a finalement rejoint l'équipe parrainée par le gouvernement pendant la guerre froide, Team One. Those of extreme age (millennia+) may have heard tales of his past visits to Earth, but probably distorted in the retelling. Mr. When he was done, Atom spit in Majestic's face, causing him to hurl Atom into the Washington Monument. Comic Adventures Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Kenesha, also known as Savant, is in fact the daughter of Majestros and Zealot. Mr. He rejoins at the request of Grifter at the end of WildC.A.T.s but didn't stay long. Majestic is distracted with saving the life of Ladytron, a nuclear-powered team member who had come to regard him as a bit of a father figure. He had become an enemy of the Wildcats because of his effort to create a "New Khera" in Hawaii. Majestrate flies into the dimensional maelstrom and brought the imbalance to an end. Arrogant: Majestic is very proud of his heritage and accomplishments. Majestic possesses powers similar to those of Superman, but his personality is entirely different. This revelation enraged him to timely arrive at the site of the battle between Tao, Max Faraday, and Spartan, where he helps in subduing Tao with the Nemesis Swords. Cet événement l'a amené à chercher la solitude dans l'Arctique. When they seemingly succeeded in preventing the apocalypse Nemesis ended up in bed with Majestic again. While the team is fighting Lord Helspont and the Cabal, Majestros is forced to kill his friend and fellow Kheran Yon Kohl (also known as John Colt). In addition to controlling the world, the Daemonites are using Kheran Planet-Shaper engines to adapt the planet to their needs. [6], Midnighter and Apollo managed to bring Atom back to the Carrier and were about to kill him when Atom started to glow. But Lord Khull Imperator, having defeated Helspont, announces his real desire, to seize the Planet Shaper engine for his own faction. Which isn't to say that Majestros is incapable of compassion...far from it...but getting him to show it outwardly is probably a little more difficult. Majestic apparaît dans la série animée Wild CATs . In Majestic's second series, Superman returns to Metropolis and first thanks Majestros for all his heroics in his absence. Sadly, Majestrate and his mother both perish in a Daemonite attack. Majestic rarely shows strong displays of emotion outwardly, and can often suppress them so that he can act objectively in most situations. Majestic and Nemesis had met on Khera when she tried to steal his sword. Thusly Zannah gives Kenesha to her own mother to raise, allowing Majestros to believe Kenesha is Zannah's sister, rather than his own daughter. Stoic: Emotional reserve is a major component of Kheran culture, particularly for their warriors. As was seen from Nemesis' experience in the future Majestic attacked the Halo Building to take their advanced technology and the survivors that they have saved so he bring them back to his "utopia". Majestic so much on Superman, he stated that he was tired of seeing so many comic heroes who possessed great power but were too afraid to use it. The two manage to discuss their differing outlooks on the world around them: Majestic's no-nonsense, all-business personality and Superman's more subtle approach to things. Kenesha est née d'une union avec Majestros et Lady Zannah (Zealot) sur Khera. After this, both Zealot and Majestic swore to hunt down Charis (now Nemesis), not knowing that she had also sworn to avenge her sisters. Majestic's varied appearances also show a lot of inconsistency in his power and durability levels. He ends up joining the government-sponsored Team One during the Cold War. She was too late to stop him from activating the girl, and the resulting blast knocked her off the flying ship and to the ground.When she awoke, she was with Majestic, Zealot, Grifter and Savant.

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