His other forms consist of his various incarnations throughout the timelines. [7] This style of having one artist in charge for each world was unusual for Square, who previously had a single graphic designer in charge of all art direction. The title remains exclusive to Japan, though it was given a fan translation by the online group Aeon Genesis. In his pure Odio form he appears as a bald man with reddish wings. [8] The original concept was born from the desire to make an RPG where players could experience multiple standalone stories at once, contrasting against Final Fantasy where smaller stories served a grand narrative arc. 2-C via Armageddon, Name: Oersted, player's choice | Odio, the Demon King, O-D-O, O. Dio, Ode Iou, Master Odeo, OD-10, Odie Oldbright, Odi Wang Lee, Gender: Male | Varies. As Odio his appearance is altered greatly appearing as a large forboding dark figure floating in the air and when battled his first form consists of two giant eyes that are not attached to a body and a mouth, all of which can move and attack on their own. He was a loyal knight who served Lucretia and its people, inspiring hope with his heroic deeds. Oersted was a skilled knight, who was superior to every other fighter in Lucretia, capable of effortlessly slaying multiple trained guards at once. Live-A-Live(ライブ・ア・ライブ) - Soundtrack (SPC), Live-A-Live (SFC) - Wait For Truth -Mecha Chapter-, 27. The Ørsted vision is a world that runs entirely on green energy. Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ (Can fight with Straybow, and is capable of dodging his lightning-based attacks) | At least Relativistic (Immensely superior to before, fought against heroes such as Cube who can attack using real light) with Speed of Light attack speed (Upscaling from OD-10, who utilises data based attacks), Omnipresent in its true form (Odio is stated to exist in all places, at all times, as the concept of hatred), Striking Strength: At least Large Building Class+ | At least Town Class, likely higher, Durability: At least Large Building level+ (Can take attacks from Straybow) | At least Town Class, likely higher (Can take hits from each of the four heroes, who are well above random encounters who can cause damaging earthquakes). Live A Live (ライブ・ア・ライブ,Raibu A Raibu, LIVE A ヨVI」) is one of Square's many RPGs, developed and published for the Super Famicom. [1][6] After completing these scenarios, an eighth chapter set in medieval times is unlocked, which in turn unlocks a final chapter tying the narratives together.[1]. Note: The synopsis of Live A Live uses the names and terms from the fan translation. Mirror Drive: 1 tile of horizontal and diagonal range, inflicts Wind damage, comes out instantly. Writing the score for the Medieval section became easier once the theme "Overlord Overture" and battle theme "Dignified Battle" were completed. Weaknesses: Oersted's most powerful moves take a few seconds to charge, otherwise none notable | Many of Odio's incarnations are arrogant and/or are concerned with raw power over technique. Fully defeated and repentant of his actions, a dying Oersted sends each protagonist back to their time period. ", "Anyone Want A Remake Of Live A Live? Cut One Way: 1 tile of horizontal and diagonal range, comes out instantly. [30][31] Also in 2015, a tribute concert was held in Kichijoji at Club Seata, featuring performances by multiple musicians including Shimomura, and guest appearances from the game's staff including Tokita. Armageddon (Finale Only, as Odio): Destroys the world. [13] Inoue was responsible for the battle system design, wanting to make a strategic experience which Tokita described as "real-time shogi". [17], Live A Live remains exclusive to Japan. [14] Many of the world suggestions came from other members of staff, with Tokita choosing what he thought were the best. Note these are Oersted`s stats without equipment bonuses counted. He also gains quite a bit of HP as he levels up, His defenses only fall behind Hash`s but in everything else he excels in. Oersted's Max HP is 666, which may be foreshadowing his dismal fate to become Odio. These are all the moves exclusive to Odio. The game follows seven distinct scenarios scattered across different time periods, with two more unlockable scenarios linking the narratives together through the recurring antagonist Odio. It is normally used as Surnames. [13] Except for menus and battles, Fukaya was responsible for all the game's programming. [13] The first world created with the Medieval edition, which informed both the wider narrative and the gameplay design. Superior to Straybow who caused the collapse of a mountain roof and tanked it. [27], In 2008, the tracks "The Bird Flies in the Sky, the Fish Swims in the River" and "Forgotten Wings" were included on Drammatica: The Very Best of Yoko Shimomura, a compilation of the composer's work at Square Enix. Akira's partner Matsu was physically based on actor Yūsaku Matsuda. Plus Link: X-shaped pattern range around self, needs to charge. Oersted is very weak in the beginning however after gaining some levels he actually becomes the strongest character in the King of Demons chapter. [36] In an interview with the magazine Super Play, Square localization staff member Ted Woolsey said that its overseas release was unlikely due to its low graphical quality compared to other popular titles at the time. In the end he has no real weak point being a great balanced overall character much like how Li Kuugo is. [1] Originally meant to be released in Japan before Final Fantasy VI, delays occurred in Live A Live's production and the release order was reversed. [11] It was produced for the Super Famicom's 16-megabit cartridge. Live A Live is a role-playing video game in which the player takes on the role of eight different protagonists through nine scenarios. [7], A notable feature of Live A Live were the artists brought in to design the lead cast of the seven main sections. [18] Aoyama designed "Secret Orders" protagonist Enma very quickly, and at Tokita's request based Ode Iou's design on the Japanese warlord Oda Nobunaga. Cube and Xin Shan Quan's successor—to his own time, with the player choosing which protagonist to play as. Live A Live[a] is a 1994 role-playing video game developed and published by Square for the Super Famicom. Odio is hatred itself, and cannot die so long as there are beings who perpetuate hatred), Avatar Creation, Invulnerability, Healing, Statistics Amplification, Enhanced Senses, Large Size (Type 9), Omnipresence (Odio exists in all places and all times), Reality Warping, Abstract Existence (Type 1, in his true form, as Odio is hatred itself), Non-Corporeal (As Odio's avatar), Forcefield Creation, Pocket Reality Manipulation, Acausality (Types 1 and 3), possibly Fear Manipulation (Implied to be the cause of all the fear-based beings in Devil's Peak), Fire Manipulation, Illusion Creation, Breath Attack, Soul Manipulation, Sleep Manipulation, Absorption, Petrification, Statistics Reduction, Power Nullification, Spatial Manipulation, Life Manipulation, Status Effect Inducement, Possession, Power Bestowal (Odio), Sand Manipulation, Poison Manipulation, Acid Manipulation and Sound Manipulation (Ode Iou), Chi Manipulation (Odi Wang Lee), Electricity Manipulation, Information Analysis (OD-10), Afterimage Creation, Light Manipulation, Shapeshifting, Paralysis Inducement, Curse Manipulation, Inorganic Physiology (Type 2, Can exist as a concept and as a robot), Resistance to Status Effect Inducement, Statistics Reduction, Biological Manipulation, Telepathy, Paralysis Inducement, Sleep Manipulation, Petrification and Void Manipulation. Straybow (ストレイボウ) is a character from Live A Live. These are all of the attacks and techniques that Oersted has without optional equipment or Odio's power. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In his pure Odio form he appears as a bald man with reddish wings. VS Battles Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. [10] Several staff members, including designer Nobuyuki Inoue and lead programmer Fumiaki Fukaya, had worked on either Hanjuku Hero or the Final Fantasy series. Oersted can hold up to 99 of any of these items. He calls each of the other seven main characters to his timeline to question each one of them on why they fight. [9] Shimamoto was originally going for an anime-styled design for his characters, but changed it to one based on traditional manga when he saw the other designers' work. He is initially a close friend of Oersted, but later betrays him after finding a way to fake his own death, and save Alicia before him. None notable for Odio's true form. For the protagonist's "Inheritance" female student, Fujiware deliberately went against stereotypes of martial arts heroines with large breasts, drawing her with a "tighter" figure. While it was exclusive in Japan, it was unofficially translated into English on December 25th, 2001, with a new version released on May 28th, 2008, both projects done by ROM translation group Aeon Genesis. "Flow" made several references to classic mecha manga and anime. And in the end he comes to realize that his way was not the right way and remembers what it means to be human again so it is shown despite him turning to Odio he is still an understanding person to a point. Straybow, who took this time to realise the secret of the mountain, takes the opportunity to cave the room in and fake his own death in order to escape deeper into the mountain. Oersted and Straybow square off in the background. Tokita's work on Live A Live influenced his later projects, and he has voiced his willingness to remake the title if there were enough demand. Caused an entire mountain to shake simply by powering up, slaughtered the entire population of Lucretia and fought four of the heroes at once), likely higher. [33] Characters from Live A Live were featured in 20th anniversary crossovers with the mobile games Holy Dungeon and Final Fantasy Legends: The Space-Time Crystal. [8][38] Speaking on the subject of a remake, Tokita said it would depend entirely on fan demand. [6], The music was composed and arranged by Yoko Shimomura. Oersted is one of the many playable characters in Live-a-Live, and the main protagonist in his chapter, and the penultimate chapter, King of Demons. [8][9] The production was made possible by the expanding storage capacity of the Super Famicom ROM, with the aim being for players to be able to complete each section within a day. The party can either kill Oersted, trapping them in his time; or spare him, leading to final battles with each form of Odio, which Oersted describes as the physical incarnation of hatred. Along with its references to classic martial arts films, the name of the protagonist in "The Strongest" was made up of kanji symbols taken from the names of four famous wrestlers. Being a typical knight, Oersted fights primarily with his sword, but can also use energy and wind based attacks in order to fight at range. [15] Prior to release, Tamura created a prequel manga to the "Mechanical Heart" scenario, later noting that she drew the manga without Square's permission. In the "Final Chapter" unlocked after completing "King of Demons", Odio draws the seven protagonists—Pogo, Oboro-maru, the Sundown Kid, Akira, Masaru.

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