I’m 23 now and have been smoking, with alternating levels of regularity, since i was 11. I’ll ceratinly make note of that. I wonder if this may help some people dealing with this issue or other dream problems.. I suppose I am glad to see that others have the same “problem” but wish that there was some sort of answer instead of returning to smoking. I haven’t really missed it, but I love being stoned. Same thing has happened to me before when I have been on Holliday and not smoked or give up fro bein Ill I do know it’s is defo from stopping smoking weed. Vivid dreams after quitting. Relieved! I go to bed happy and waiting what the next adventure will be like in my dreams. Because i also realized that i never had dreams when i use to smoke. I’m wondering when they will stop- I really dread going to bed because of them. We hope your troubled times have come to and end Elv. Im 35 year old female and have smoked weed regularly since i was around 21, in the last ten years i have smoked everyday after work as i’ve always been a light sleeper and found this the best way to combat the issue and relax. As you can imagine this really confused me.. Have others found this to be true, dreaming of weed often? But I soon realized I would smile to pass out every night and never had a dream . however, for the past year i have stopping every 3rd week so that i could enjoy these dreams. The enemy will hit you when you least expect it. I myselfe quit now and then, while i’m off.. i actually enjoy the dreams, cuz they are so vivid and real! Anyway, I’m not sure if these dreams are caused by quiting weed, or just what non-smokers experience normally. Day 5: Was at a friends house, there was a really attractive girl i use to go to school with. the dreams im starting to get do always have either a dark and depressing theme or are extremly violent, so that everytime i wake up, i am depressed and/or confused. I love tp dream but they get more and more real as time goes on. Do not give up when you’re feeling down. Ive been a heavy user for 10 years. I find this interesting because I wonder if this is the extra THC that is stored being release somehow? I busted out my phone ..took some pictures . Possess a towel with you in your the game of golf travelling bag and wash the membership encounter away from before you put the group back into the travelling bag. A scientific explanation is that when you are consistently putting a substance into your body that inhibits the production of certain neurotransmitters, namely Serotonin, and then suddenly stop putting this substance in your body then there will be a re-balancing period where your body tries to use the excess Serotonin – therefore more Serotonin is used up in dreaming which enhances the vividness and memory of these dreams. Awesome article dude! Does it ever go away? Today was my sixth day without smoking. Sure I’m a little terrified and I wake up in sweats, but what’s life without a little fear? Let's explore if there could be other options. Quit 2 days ago just to get clear head back and study some work related material to better myself. Low Testosterone Nz Then at a stop light he started pulling apart the dash board because he figured I might have weed since I kept getting lost. I couldn’t talk just sob. Thanks for the tip about writing these experiences down and I have begun doing so. You must rinse your facial skin day-to-day to remove dirt and excess essential oil that could most likely prevent your skin pores. the rest of the dream was me sitting in my house paranoid as hell waiting for the gang to come kill us while i just kept repeating” its all a dream right? I stop smoking a couple weeks ago.. I’m going through the same thing which brought me to this site via googling the effects of quitting and I must say they’ve been weird, some was dark, scary, violent to some being odd like me being in a self serve food place trying to make a taco and every time I put one together it falls apart lol… My point is we have a very common thing that brought us all here and the person MINJ is on point in my opinion about thc and how it supresses the dreams due to the short memory loss… I rarely dreamed when I was smoking, and I was smoking very potent marijuana regularly… So once I stopped these dreams came on strong!! While the nicotine will be long gone from your body, you may have cravings for a cigarette that feel just like nicotine withdrawal. Most of them have been from my past, back in school, back in cars i used to have, people i used to know. Wake up almost everynight at least once from some sort of confrontation with someone or something. Anyone here managed to quit smoking? Yes same thing here, quit on Friday have been ok for 3 days now the most weird real seeming strong dreams of lost friends and times gone by, mad party’s, skateboarding as in my youth although some do have a sinister side ,kinda wieRd always wake up scared and with a headache. At least when I wake up in the morning I am refreshed. The dream started with me lying in my bed as I was when I went to sleep. Even before I started smoking very rarely am I able to recall my dreams but lately I can retell them like they really happened, only thing is they are really messed up!! So i’m 15 and 3 months ago from now, i tried an edible which really fucked me up.

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