Male Henry learns he is not in any of the stories and realizes that he is one of a kind. Henry blames Mr. Gold for the mess they are in, and storms off to sulk at a nearby fountain. They find the body of Charlotte, whose cloak Regina touches without knowing it has a magic dampening spell. Once they are on the plane to New York, Henry regards their travels excitedly while Emma reassures an unenthusiastic Mr. Gold that they will find his son. He shows her how it works by putting money in it and choosing the song "Only You". ("True North"), In the morning, Henry walks out of his house with his backpack when he sees the stranger from last night with his motorcycle and a large box attached to the back of it. Pan acknowledges Wendy is dying because magic on the island is slipping away and specifically didn't tell him so he wouldn't have the burden on his shoulders. A panicked Emma accidentally collapses a streetlight, though David pushes Hook out of the way and takes the hit instead. Hidden behind a tree, he overhears Pan assigning Felix to deliver supplies to the other side of the island. Er ist der leibliche Sohn von Emma Swan und Neal Cassidy, sowie der Adoptivsohn von Regina Mills. Nick begins driving him to Jacinda's apartment, but on the way there, Henry talks about helping Weaver and Rogers with the candy Killer case and what he learned about the killer's psyche. They make up with a hug and then go upstairs together. Then, he takes out a piece of rolled up paper and hands it to Henry, guaranteeing that once it’s opened, Henry will understand why he believes him to be the hero that magic so desperately needs. At Regina's house, Henry comes downstairs as Emma is in the midst of trying to convince her allies to take off the cuff that is restricting her from using magic and helping them. Henry's mothers search for him, and Emma finds Cruella holding Henry at gunpoint. Fearful for her son's safety under the curse, Regina later brings Henry to the mayoral office. Upon arrival to this realm, Ella leads Henry towards a cottage she believes Alice went into, only for them to be caught in a net trap. While Emma and her parents hug, he calls David, "Grandpa", which the latter joyfully acknowledges before embracing him as well.

The casting call for his adult self describes him as "a 'strong yet vulnerable' leading man in his late 20s to mid-30s, a gent who was once optimistic and hopeful but now is a friendless, cynical recluse. At these words, Emma hugs Henry protectively.
However, Henry decides nobody should have that power, breaking the pen. ("A Pirate's Life"), When Regina finally gets her locator spell to find Cinderella, Henry accompanies her and Hook to a camp, where Cinderella has joined Tiana's Resistance army to end Lady Tremaine's tyranny. Although Belle was unaware of this, she assumes Mr. Gold has found a loophole around the issue. Emma insists she can't back down even if there's the possibility this fight may be her last, and that she needs to be the Savior. Regina gains his consent to do whatever it takes to save Marian's life. He is the main reality version of Henry (Wish Realm). He relates this idea to both Archie and Emma but is cut off when Regina orders him into her car. He goes on to clarify nothing happened between him and Ivy and that, in fact, Jacinda is the one he can't stop thinking about. Cinderella looks surprised to see him, to which Henry reminds her of the slipper she left behind and how she once said she didn't believe in signs of fate. In turn, Henry inspires Archie to change into the person he wants to be rather than listening to other people all the time.

In tears, he goes straight to Emma, who comforts him and then drops him back home. Parent(s): Henry meets Violet, and develops a crush on her. The two try to run after spotting a submarine coming to the harbor, however, they are captured by some of the captain's men and forced into the vehicle. Henry gets the engine running just as Jacinda and Nick arrive back from their date, to which he tosses the keys to Jacinda before walking out. ("Tallahassee"), Henry is still having nightmares. Alice regards the motorcycle as strange and wonders if the man riding it came for the upcoming royal ball. Jacinda pops in to borrow tools from Roni for a food truck she is fixing, and Henry offers to help her, but she declines before rushing out. Occupation: Regina explains to the head nun that she wishes for the storybook Author to rewrite her a happy ending.

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