The center door folds down on hafele hinges with a sugatsune soft-open stay. There were specific cabinets that used lift doors and drilled accordingly. This stunning makeover shows you how to create this chic and super functional home office. Enter the interior Sektion drawer. We are sticking with this design for various reasons that I won't bother boring you all with. That’s why I love coming up with clever ways to get a customized look for less. Running a 2X4 Support in front of the heater to hold the back of the cabinets up would easier. IKEA hackers is all about modding, repurposing and customizing IKEA products. (IE the stack will be higher than the pantry by the thickness of the counter. The Ekestad doors are pretty handsome too. My only suggestion would be to consider the overall height you want to achieve in the end. Many things are different, many are the same. Secondly, the toekick. sritacco - that looks great and thanks for the info on the door holes. Thanks for posting this hack – we are going tondo something similar to create a floating media cabinet. You would probably also want to float the cabinets higher than 4" off the floor and therefore use 20" high cabinets instead of 30." Very creative. Kitchen Through her blog Sabrina combines everything she has learned over the years and hopes to inspire others along the way!

I used lift doors with an interior pull out... yes you have to get out a stool. The great thing about this project is that IKEA has a variety of different finishes when it comes to cabinet doors. That's not to say wall hung base cabinets aren't possible, but I think you would have to do significant reinforcement.

( : I will be subscribing and pinning ( : I echo the reactions of all of the above and I am supremely impressed by your innovation and vision. Also, we can’t use rear legs – only front.

Firstly, regarding legs. The Sektion Kitchen Cabinet line from IKEA is my go-to for DIY cabinetry solution in my home.

Carriebor, lift doors, when used, need to be well thought out.

On the other hand I wanted fancy lift doors on a row of cabinets that will be used frequently and for this I used a type of Blum lift mechanism that Ikea doesn't offer(Aventos HS). I'm not a big fan of the Ikea selection of doors as I mentioned above. This is an amazing and inventive way to create what you want for less. I have a tall refrigerator, but I still put a cabinet over it. I'm pretty sure they are still using the same 32mm hole spacing vertically which is fairly standard on cabinetry. This is actually a bit unusual. If you use the suspension rail to hold up the back of the cabinets, legs are only needed for the front. Although the primary function of this fibreboard is for shelves, the dimensions actually work perfectly in order to wrap the IKEA wall cabinets. I spent some time today going over the new US Ikea Sektion system. Let me know how it goes .

All "doors" are pre-drilled for 35mm hinges. To begin, we started off with two SEKTION wall cabinets (30x15x20″), which are typically used in a kitchen above a fridge or freezer. SEKTION Leg. The KD advised against it saying I'd need a stool just to close it. If your heels, flats, sneakers and boots are piling up in your foyer and bedrooms, restore order with these savvy storage hacks, Use these clever ideas to transform a chaotic study into one that’s more conducive to working, These DIY homeowner ideas include a repurposed vintage tennis racket and reclaimed-wood pieces, Light-as-a-dandelion pendant adds big, fluffy fun to all kinds of living spaces, 10 ideas for using pieces from the Swedish superstore to turn your room into a superstar, Furniture hacks and a cheery color palette personalize a couple’s apartment in a converted Victorian, See how a "hacked together" home became an urban neighborhood jewel, An artistic New York City family enlists the help of a skillful designer to create a customized built-in appearance using Ikea cabinets, Give ordinary pieces a new spin with crafty updates, like a fresh tabletop, decorated sideboard and wall-size pinboard, Franklin County's Award-Winning Design, Build and Remodeling Expert, Stroke of DIY Genius: Get Hooked on These 15 DIY Storage Hacks, My Houzz: Creative Flair Brightens a San Francisco Apartment, Houzz Tour: Visit a Modern Update in Oakland, Room of the Day: Custom-Kitchen Look on a Budget, DIY Projects: 10 Lamps You Can Make (or Imitate) at Home, Wake Up Tired Furniture With Paint, Paper and Fabric, New to Kitchens?

This is GREAT! If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. What type of content do you plan to share with your subscribers? I'm sure there are more.

Does that mean that putting feet/toe plate on the kitchen cabinets is now entirely optional/decorative?

Every kitchen base cabinet and high cabinet needs legs. DN, Hi there! I'm moving on to my next project of a bar area. Would love to see it. Two coats, it was quick and easy! I would want all of the tops and bottoms to stay aligned, so I guess I would alter a 20" cabinet into an 18'5" cabinet (I'm guessing you want an appliance garage type effect). I would highly recommend using the suspension rail to avoid having the tall cabinets tip over.

Hi Sabrina! I have not even made it down to IKEA, yet, to check out the Sektion. The 35mm holes are standard.

Grand Total: $394. Thanks so very very much for your generosity in sharing I look forward to seeing glimpses of how your brain works — for those of us who aren’t so gifted!!! It's pretty much a sure thing that the swing-door hinge boring is at a different spacing. Also the door that covers the two side by side 30" boxes used in this are just narrow pantry doors turned horizontal and the unfinished round holes where the hinges would go are exposed. Exterior drawer front heights are 5″, 10″, and 15″. I also like the updated blum drawers with side pieces etc. Nursery Thanks to those of you that were actually helpful and not condescending. Well done! In my latest family room makeover, I created a TV stand using IKEA kitchen cabinets and some fancy brass hardware for that clean linear look that I was after. Staircase. We do have an idea … but, anyone with experience with this? Your suggestion for sending some off for them to use is a good idea. 2 - The wall hanging cabinets seem to have the exact same depth as their floor standing "tall" cabinets.

This means the IKEA SEKTION legs that come with the cabinets will not work.

The cabinetry is all from (you guessed it) Ikea’s Sektion collection, and the doors are our White Shaker style. This will put the cabinets above the heating unit, allow heat to still radiate in the room, and still use the railing. We didn’t end up going this route due to the fact that the benches only come in two lengths (47″ or 70″), one being too small and the other being to large for the wall we are using. REVEAL ORC Week 6: Combined Living + Dining Makeover. There is a size and weight restriction for that hardware. The MIA requires trivet use, but the myth continues. Well done! Photos of 27/28in sink in 30in base cabinet in your kitchen.

Disanto, yes that is the same as with their old line. However, attach Pretty Peg 9.1” legs to the fronts of the cabinets only. We have three to bolt together – how did you secure the two cabinets together before putting on the MDF? We have 5,000 (+ counting!) Wall cabinet (x2): $88 Every detail is well thought out and executed fussiness is QUEEN! We have Akurum in various applications in our house (the biggest being the kitchen with custom doors) and have done successful hacks with that, so I am excited to see what Sektion is like.

I'm scratching my original idea of vertically mounted drawers, as it sounds like a bad idea, and just biting the bullet and ordering either rev-a-shelves or the Accuride mentioned above (which I had never heard of until now). The HS isn't a simple flap up, it goes up and over and the handle rests comfortably in reach when the door is raised.

Gold Hardware (x4): $30 She is indeed a storyteller of style and has an extensive mixture of artistic skills and abilities which include everything from make-up art, graphic designing, painting, drawing, and even self-taught photography, just to name a few. sritacco, that looks fantastic! lyfia, a lot of the door sizes changed so it is likely that the hinge boring may have some quirks. Also, if you have a cabinetry person doing the installation you can always have the hinge boring done on-site. I was thinking maybe hairpin if it isn’t too tricky. Exterior It's getting close! I don't see anyone doing that. The hacked IKEA cabinets pictured above have no backs, feet, or toe kicks, yet easily support 180 pounds. Your email address will not be published. The picture below show what we are working around (heating and window). When we did our kitchen, I went into the store thinking I wanted one thing and didn't like the look/feel in person. It would have been a problem for the kitchen I finished last year where it would have been an ergonomic problem(ouch! You Really Can Paint Tiles: Rust-Oleum Tile Transformations Kit, How to Freshen up your Grout Lines (for $2 or less). I was a bit of an expert on Akurum, so it seems feasible that a Section could be adapted. The new system has the hinge plate directly on one of the 32mm holes, so the spacing from the edge of the cabinet door can't be the same. The baseboard heating system is 8.5” from floor along the wall. Actually your whole wall, gallery, fireplace and paint choice couldn’t be more perfect. The interior drawer fronts are just shy of 4″, 7″, and 9″ high. I’m sure your choice of the Carl 230 will look great too. The problem: we have baseboard hot water heating running along the only wall to place the cabinets. Door handles went on great, but decided on knobs for glass cabinet and they aren't on yet. The workspaces has enough room for 2 workstations and look at all the storage!Love this one Source. The new pull-out interior drawer is nice, but I'm surprised they seem to have gotten away from their old pull-out pantry (door attached to two drawers). is not liable for any product failure, injury or damage resulting from the application of suggestions, ideas and hacks featured on this site. I’m looking for the perfect gray and you found it. Bathroom This great versatile project could easily be used as a sideboard, a buffet server or just plain out extra storage in any part of your home.

I think they have made hacking depth now about as convenient as hacking width. Hi Elizabeth, The inch difference gave us enough play to add an overhang to the front of the unit so the cabinet doors are flush with the wrapped frame.

And there you have it, 21+ gorgeous and affordable Ikea desk hacks perfect for all types of work spaces. Home Office They are all designed to be installed with the same new rail system. Oh Sabrina, the cabinet is gorgeous. We have Akurum in various applications in our house (the biggest being the kitchen with custom doors) and have done successful hacks with that, so I am excited to see what Sektion is like. So many little things--wipe cabinets off and clean, drawers all soft close, trash and sink auto opening, so many types of drawer organizers I know where everything is and things go right back. The most significant difference from a practical design standpoint is that the new wall cabinets are about 3" deaper than before.

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