In the fiscal year 2014–2015, with a total retail area of 60,000 sq. It was founded by Raghunandan S Kamath who opened its first store at Juhu, Vile Parle (Mumbai) in 1984. When we peeled back the lid on this quart, we were greeted by the sight of vanilla bean flecks—a good sign.
Mint Chocolate Chip. [13], The brand's only production facility is situated in Charkop, a suburb of Kandivali in Mumbai, India. You might just get some free stuff. 5 miles Some people say vanilla is boring…but we say it’s understated and underrated.

20 miles

Coming to the flavors, NIC Natural doesn’t have the expansive items which Natural has. (It’s a tough job but someone has to do it.) All natural vanilla ice cream with a salted caramel swirl. 1 mile [2], The chain currently has 135 stores across India, with 8 stores under direct control and the rest as franchised locations. 10 miles 100 miles. After painstakingly tasting nine pints, we’re relieved to say we not only made it out alive but also landed on the following ranking. We did a side-by-side comparison of ice cream to make it easy for you to spot the differences. Value: 19/20; Flavor: 18/20; Quality: 18/20; Texture: 18/20; Scoopability: 18/20; Total: 91/100; When we peeled back the lid on this quart, we were greeted by the sight of vanilla bean flecks—a good sign.

The next flavors that I will try would be That's the bliss of enjoying ice cream that's not the least bit scooperficial.

But happily, we were incorrect. The company manufactures under Kamaths Ourtimes and retail operations under its subsidiary company Kamaths Natural Retail Pvt. (It’s in a category of its own…and it’s pretty hard to compare pea-protein-based ice cream to actually dairy.) Unser Allergenfreies Premium-Eis mit 100% NATÜRLICHE INHALTSSTOFFE Das Unternehmen Fullnatural Austria vertreibt seine Eigenmarke,- das vollkommen allergenfreie Speiseeis- seit nun mehr als 3 Jahren. [2][3][4] The company manufactures under Kamaths Ourtimes and retail operations under its subsidiary company Kamaths Natural Retail Pvt. Natural Ice Cream is an ice cream brand owned by Mumbai-based Kamaths Ourtimes Ice Creams Pvt. Listen, we know Ina Garten fills her six chest-freezers exclusively with Häagen-Dazs vanilla. Let’s just say that given the chance, we would order a scoop of this vanilla ice cream and never look back. ft, the chain's annual retail turnover crossed Rs. The ingredient list is short and recognizable, the vanilla is fair trade, and since it contains no eggs, it’s creamy without being overly rich or eggy. Nutritional Information.

[14], In 2006, the brand received Corporation Bank's National SME's Excellence Award in the Food and Agro Industry. All natural vanilla ice cream with a salted caramel swirl. While it’s definitely on the pricier side, it’s worth the splurge.

15 miles [6] The company spends less than 1% of its sales revenues on advertising, relying instead upon brand recognition and word of mouth to attain revenues. For the low price, we would buy a quart of this without any qualms (and we think it would make a mean root beer float), but we wouldn’t choose it over Breyer’s, which we thought tasted more classically vanilla-y. The stores are present in key cities of Maharashtra, West Bengal,[6] Karnataka,[7] Goa,[7] Telangana,[8] Kerala,[9] Gujarat,[10] Madhya Pradesh,[11] Chhattisgarh, Punjab, Rajasthan[7] and Delhi NCR Region. A theme among the premium ice creams we tasted? Not all flavors available in all locations. A franchise team representative will review your information and will be in touch if there is any scope or availability of for franchise allotment. Compare, Watch, Learn. [7], Starting with around 10 flavours, today Natural Ice Cream has 125 flavour options, of which 20 are offered throughout the year. A trio of all natural ice creams: Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, and Raspberry with chocolate chips. 4.4 out of 5 stars. It’s the most floral pint we tasted, and while that’s not necessarily a bad thing (it makes sense, since vanilla comes from orchid flowers), it’s not the ice cream we would grab unless we felt ~fancy~. Chocolate Raspberry Bliss Trio'politan.

Aside from being relatively easy to find in stores nationwide, we based our rankings on the following factors: We tasted the following nine vanilla ice creams (listed here in alphabetical order): On a side note, we were also sent a sample of Ripple’s Vanilla Plant Based Frozen Dessert, which we didn’t include in our ranking since it’s dairy-free (but yeah, we tasted it—more on that soon). But then again, would we turn it down? The texture of Homemade Brand is a good balance between airy and dense, so it’s not too rich to serve à la mode but not chintzy either.
Best Vanilla with Beans. And that's it.

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