A master's degree in computer science provides advanced training in algorithms, programming, and computer systems. Some colleges offer coding bootcamps that lead to a graduate certificate. One of the most common jobs that you’ll run across in your employment search will be coding in one form or another. There are many resources out there for bedroom coders and if you’re thinking of applying to study a computer science degree it is a good idea to have a go first. We’ve looked at the latest jobs and plucked only the ripest and most satisfying ones for your enjoyment. It’ll be a funky-fresh adventure, so let’s get this party started. Perhaps one day you want to start your own business! What Is Time Blocking and Why You Should Be Doing it? This focused, graduate-level training helps computer science professionals advance to leadership and supervisory roles. You might prefer to use your computer science skills in a different venue than software development, of course. In addition to being an exciting field, computer science is also quite profitable. Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg or Google CEO Larry Page immediately spring to mind but you might be surprised at the other famous names that have studied computer science degrees. Studying a degree sets mini milestones on your path. Find out what you will learn on an art degree, what you should study to get a place on a university course, and what jobs you might get once you graduate, Why study to be a vet? Women in STEM: stories from MIT studentsStudying at POSTECH, South KoreaCaltech: ‘uniquely difficult but a wonderful place to study’Keeping up with codingWomen in STEM: ‘I hope that one day the tech sector will be more diverse’. Prospective computer science students should always research program and college accreditation before applying. Computer science majors keep sensitive financial data secure, design customer-facing financial management programs, and create financial advising software. Other skills admissions boards look for are problem solving, logical thinking, attention to … We let you know which jobs will net you outstanding pay and which ones will scratch your creative itch. I am setting my own course, with future milestones and slowly figuring out what I want to be when I finally grow up — I’m 25, but still! Data analyst 6. Computer science graduates can also work in the technology sector, government, financial services, healthcare, or communications. Each degree prepares graduates for different careers. This means that new technologies and software should excite you and you should be comfortable throwing out what you currently know to learn something new. Given the rapid rate of change within technology, computer science majors need to have a thirst for learning to keep up with the latest developments. Taking classes in finance or business administration can help computer scientists succeed in the financial services sector. Learn more about the best online coding bootcamps. This runs alongside specialised learning in areas of your choice and many universities take the opportunity to pair final year computer science students with industry partners and researchers.

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