You may use either hand for the purpose. Display based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law. only ends up hurting them and other gamers in the long run.

Neither one of us has any money. Would you tell me if the following sentences are correct? Many thanks! I feel like Jason and Emily are two divorced parents fighting over custody of us.

Either... or is used to offer a choice between two possibilities: Either you leave me alone or I will call the police. B: Me either. I can't swim.

A: I did n’t go to the party. Neither one has any money. You’re right and your friend is wrong.

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viele jüngere kids fangen direkt damit an mp3s zu spielen, aber ich glaube in fünf jahren und wenn du die musik wirklich magst, wird es dir leid tun, dass du nie eine platte gekauft hast, um eine schöne sammlung haben, die du an verregneten tagen durchspielen kannst oder deinen freunden zeigen kannst.

Either can be used as a pronoun, adverb, adjective, and conjunction. Is this verbless clause 'when a student at Harvard' grammatically correct? It is important to grasp the meanings and difference between Either vs Neither so that we don’t get confused between the two. Die hochrangige Expertengruppe sprach darüber hinaus noch mehrere andere Empfehlungen aus, die die Verantwortung der Direktoren stärken sollen: a) Einführung eines Rechts auf Sonderprüfung, das Aktionäre, die einen gewissen Anteil am Aktienkapital halten, in die Lage versetzen würde, bei einem Gericht oder einer Verwaltungsbehörde eine Sonderprüfung zu beantragen; b) Ausarbeitung einer Regelung über die Konkursverschleppungshaftung, wonach Direktoren persönlich für den Konkurs. “That cannot be done by me or my deputy” is fine.

As an adjective, it indicates one or the other, or both.

have some other way to rewrite it?

Both buses are headed in that direction, you can get on either.

cover the last mile to their destination after traveling on a train or bus.

It may have been best, in that case, to use “none” instead of either either or neither.

in das man Bücher und Objekte stellen kann, die dadurch interessant und schön aussehen. B: Me either.

What is the difference between Me neither and Neither do I ? The correct sentence is, “You should do your homework or you will be punished.”. thank you .

Songwriters who are stuck.

B: Me either. Englisch für Anfänger mit Rich Morning Show, Verbessere den Wortschatz mit Wordflashback, Finden Sie eine Sprachschule oder Sprachtrainer. You’re right, they are wrong. - I don't have any money either. If the reader was being asked to: “We could be available at 1:00pm or 3:00pm tomorrow; 11:00am or 1:00pm Friday; if neither of those times work for you and Jen.” it would imply that the reader was being asked to suggest another time if none of the suggested times were suitable.

(I was talking about a songwriter/producer and some particular songs), He hasn’t either written or produced them, >>He hasn’t either written or produced them, No, that sounds weird. sole purpose on earth is to breathe life into a piece and to share the thrill with his listeners. 2- “Jenny is neither nice nor polite” No, that’s not correct – it’s what we call a “double negative” which is not allowed in English. für eine durch bestimmungsgemäße ingebrauchnahme der sache entstandene verschlechterung musst du keinen wertersatz leisten.

Yes, it’s correct. Neither can only be used without nor as explained above. I have a question, can i use either when someone wish me luck or something? There have been neither elevations in intraocular pressure nor refractive changes. 4- “Neither do I want to go to the beach, nor do I feel like going to the countryside” or There have been no elevations in intraocular pressure nor refractive changes. ich bin wirklich kein typ, der nur eine musikrichtung mag.

So you could rewrite it as “Neither will I help you, nor will I go to my room. 2. Correct. und das ist gut.

Not… either… or denies both possibilities: I don’t think either Mike or Lisa will be there. I can’t tell you what the last line should be until I understand the first.

um jetzt dieses Stück mit Leben zu erfüllen und den Zuhörer davon zu begeistern. 3 can’t include “do” because will is a modal verb (, which is another type of helping verb, and you can’t use the two together. The controlling subtlety here is that they can pick only one time.

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1955: When Marty couldn't use the time circuits anymore was the car still actually driveable?

or Either one of us could do it. It's possible some people might say "Either", but it doesn't really fit. I moved your comment here to the relevant lesson.

What does Too fast to live. Also, you cannot use “neither” by itself. Hello, the first sentence doesn’t make sense, I can’t understand what you are trying to say. Neither is used like not… either. I neither know which team won, nor care. Thanks for your response , i have another doubt, are these sentences okay?

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