A brick on the bottom course is holding up every course above it. The Titan Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up / Chin Up Bar can be mounted either vertically or horizontally, which really sets this bar apart from other wall mounted bars on the market. Download our FREE eBook guide and learn how to achieve the lean figure using the best pull up bars. Other benefits of doing pull ups include: If you are interested in adding pull ups to your workout regiment, you should seriously consider installing a pull up bar in your home. This pull-up bar has the most grips that we’ve seen on a product like this, which allows users to mix up their pull-up workouts and target different muscles. It securely attaches to the joists in a wall, giving you the stability that you can rely on to properly – and safely – execute your various types of pull ups. Use the setting tool to set the anchor, and remove it with the channel locks. This bar has an impressive maximum weight capacity of 550lbs, which is among the highest we’ve seen. Affordable, durable, stable and easy to install, the Wall Mounted Pull Up / Chin Up Bar from Titan Fitness is a favorite among body builders, weight lifters and those who are simply looking to enhance their strength and their overall health. I want to install a pull-up bar on a brick wall but I am not sure at all if it will hold or not. For the most convenient buying option, you may want to consider Amazon. Use regular bar soap on the threads to make the bolts go in easier. There’s no need to worry about fitting in time to go to the gym to fit in your pull ups; you can easily do them at any time of the day or night, no matter how jam packed your schedule is, or what the weather outside may be. If you are new here, please review posting/commenting guidelines. You need a hammer drill with bits, lead anchors, a hollow wall setting tool, a hammer, channel locks, hex head bolts, washers, and lock washers. Affordable, durable, stable and easy to install, » Titan Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up Chin Up Bar, Kipping Pull Ups, What You Need to Know About This Workout, How To Exercise Effectively: 7 Alternatives To Pull Ups, How To Rapidly Increase Your Pull-Up Reps In 1-4 Weeks. This pull up bar can be mounted on a concrete wall, or it can be installed into wall joists, which provides the stability and support. It is the users responsibility to choose a secure location and properly install the pullup bar using the instructions provide. Reviewers on Amazon gave this product an overall score of 4.5 out of 5 stars at the time of this review. Hold the anchor next to the bit's end and put a wrap of tape where the ancor's length ends. When it comes to the Titan Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up / Chin Up Bar, the reviews that customers have given are a true testament to the quality of this bar. A brick on the bottom course is holding up every course above it. lag bolts. Tighten all the bolts and try to move your bar around to test its stability. You could drill a exploratory hole to see if the whole spaces are … The wall mounted pull up bar is one of the most beloved. The Titan Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up / Chin Up Bar can be mounted either vertically or horizontally, which really sets this bar apart from other wall mounted bars on the market. Another recommendation when you hold the bar up to mark the holes slap a small torpedo level on it so it's level. I wouldn't be concerned at the carrying capacity of the wall, but at your ability to affix the pullup bar in such a way that Those who gave the highest ratings said the bar was durable, easy to use and was very secure. ASSEMBLE THE PULL UP BAR and grips using the machine bolts (part #4), washers and lock nuts (part #6). STEPS. If you don't have concrete wall I would run 2x6 lumber from the floor up to top of wall and frame it over the top and down the other side. You'd be amazed at what they will hold up. Chin Up Vs. Bricks are strong. The length of the bar is 52 inches and the diameter is 1.25 inches. Though most of the athletes use it for pull-ups, pull up bars are used in various other exercises from chin-ups to L-sits. Since wall mounted pull up bars are so popular, there are countless options available from a myriad of manufacturers. The Wall Mounted Pull Up / Chin Up Bar from Titan Fitness comes with brackets that are 31 inches high and 32 inches deep. One way might be to drive a short steel plate between 2 courses of brick, so that it sits over 2 bricks, and then have your pullup bar sit on top of the plate. Before using … When you drill and reach the tape you will know that's the correct depth. share. Pull up bar is an excellent gym equipment for upper body workouts. Draw lines on your wall to mark the exact center of each stud. Hang the the pull up bar from the predrilled hole using the wood bolts (part #5). Constructed of gauge steel, you can rest assured and with the ability to support 500 pounds that you will have the support that you need and can rely on to perform your pull ups and any other exercises that you may want to use this piece of workout gear to do. Using the screws, nuts, and bolts that came with your pull-up bar, attach your bar to the wall on 1 side. The Titan Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up / Chin Up Bar is highly regarded in the fitness world. The height can also be adjusted to accommodate your physical height, or the height of the ceiling, which means that you can get the ideal positioning for your needs. You also don't want to just go ahead and drill all the way through the brick because it may blow out the back of the brick, undermining the stability of it. However, it does not seem safe for handling the torque caused by lifting one's self up on a bar that extends ~6 inches from the wall. Possibly mounting timber against the wall first or something else to 'thicken' it out and reduce the pull/lever loading? Bricks are strong. The height can be adjusted to accommodate either the height of your ceiling or your actual height. There are a lot of wall mounted pull bars on the market, and the Wall Mounted Pull Up / Chin Up Bar from Titan Fitness is certainly one of the highest quality, most reliable ones that we found. You need to be into the meat of the brick. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I'd feel better if the blocks are grouted, meaning it's filled with rebar and concrete. Having your very own pull up bar offers you a convenient and easy way to complete your pull ups whenever you want to. 7. So my primary concern is if this wall is even strong enough to support the pull up bar (and myself). Lastly, do not set the anchors into the mortar joints because they will probably fail. Then mount the bar on the 2x6 with 1/2 in. The advantages you will reap from adding pull ups to your exercise routine are many. Those who gave lower ratings were mostly disappointed with the packaging that the bar arrived in. Edit: looking closer at the bars mounting holes if they aren't large enough to accommodate the hardware you may be able to use hammer set lead nail anchors, or just drill it out a bit. The wall is holding up the roof. The wall is holding up the roof. I am building a home gym and looking to mount a pull up bar on the wall. Use the 2x4 method in option 1, but also add an exoskeleton to the sides that extends vertically down (basically, two 2x4s going a few feet in each direction vertically. Press J to jump to the feed. Doesnt have to be dead nuts center but not right along the edge or in a joint. I wouldn't be concerned at the carrying capacity of the wall, but at your ability to affix the pullup bar in such a way that the weight isn't a point load. This pull up bar should not be mounted to drywall alone or thin walls. HARDWEAR EDITION Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar FOR YOUR SAFETY: This pull up bar is designed to be mounted to wood frame walls with solid wood studs measuring 16 inches apart on center. For the screw length I'd guess off hand that a 3/4" length is what you'd need depending on how thick the metal is that you're mounting through. Most notably, you will increase the strength in your arms and your upper body, as you will activate the muscles in these parts of your body every time you pull yourself up and lower yourself down. The anchor screws on and is next to impossible to unscrew by hand to remove it from the anchor. The Titan Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up / Chin Up Bar is available at various retailers. Obviously more is better. Related: 5 Ways To Use Pull Up If it is a basement it probably is. The reviews that customers give a product can offer you the confidence you need to commit to buying. Whether you are looking to add a new exercise to your workout routine, or you are just getting started with a workout plan, pull ups are definitely something that you are going to want to consider doing. Do note that this pull up bar does not come with mounting hardware, but it can easily be purchased at a home improvement store. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the HomeImprovement community. Well, we have done extensive research and assessed the construction, the features and the specifications of various types of wall mounted pull up bars, and we have found one that we think is exceptional: The Titan Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up / Chin Up Bar. Lets say a minimal loading of 150kg (330lb) with myself and weight added. Then drill through the lumber and brick and use carrage bolts to fasten them together. They are known as one of the most challenging exercises, and for good reason: They require you to use you’re the strength of your arms and your upper body to support the entire weight of your body and successfully pull it up. To learn more about this wall mounted pull up bar, please keep reading. Because there are so many options, it can be difficult to determine which wall pull up bar is the best for your needs. Pull Up Whats The Difference. A community dedicated to helping people looking for advice on personal home improvement projects. That bar is already designed to reduce the leverage you're exerting on the fasteners. Put a correct size bolt with a lock and a flat washer through the bar and screw it into the anchor. You have the option of installing this wall mounted bar at different widths if you are mounting on 16 inch studs, including 16 inches, 32 inches and 52 inches. Now that you have installed pull up bar mounting brackets successfully, fit the bar in it. Attach your assembled bar to the wall with its hardware.

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