These ridge gourds can be packed in bamboo baskets or in wooden boxes with good aeration.

Mulching and hand hoeing can help control the weeds. Although the seeds are sown in summer season, irrigation must be given with 1 day intervals. The Luffa acutangula, one variety of ridge gourds is fast growing among all other varieties. It is a creeper crop and has a habit of climbing and trailing. The trellises are very important for better yield. We are leading supermarket online which will work towards your satisfaction including pricing, freshness, delivery and everything which you think. A stretched fishing net can also help in growing the plant vertically. The pit should be refilled with composed mixture and the separately kept soil.

The propagation of ridge gourd is done by seeds. They are graded by size, colour and tenderness. Sometimes, none of the female flowers produce fruits, but drop off without growing into a ridge gourd. Read about trellis support ideas. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

The pit should be dug with 1 feet depth. While sending them to markets they can be packed in gunny bags. Cultivars/Varieties of Growing Ridge Gourd: Soil and Climate Requirements for Growing Ridge Gourd: Land Preparation and Planting for Growing Ridge Gourd: Propagation Method for Growing Ridge Gourd: Manure and Fertilization Method in Growing Ridge Gourd: Irrigation Methods in Growing Ridge Gourd: Flowering and Pollination in Growing Ridge Gourd: Intercultural Methods in Growing Ridge Gourd: Pest and Disease Control Measures In Growing Ridge Gourd: Harvesting Techniques in Growing Ridge Gourd: Post Harvesting Techniques in Growing Ridge Gourd: Pumpkin Cultivation Practices, Growing Methods, Radish Cultivation, Planting Methods Informaiton, Growing Pears In India, Cultivation Practices Guide, Loquat Cultivation, Planting, Growing Techniques, Jackfruit Cultivation, Planting, Growing Methods, Growing Olives, Cultivation Practices For Beginners, Anjeer Cultivation (Fig), Practices, Planting Methods, Amla Cultivation (Gooseberry), Planting Methods, Potato Chips Business – A Beginners Guide, 50 Pair Emu Farming Project Report and Business Plan, Commercial Mango Cultivation – A Garden Guide, Commercial Sunflower Production Information, Jasmine Flowers Growing Indoors Information, Sweet Orange Cultivation and Planting Methods, Growing Sugarcane and Cultivation Practices, Dairy Management Practices – A Beginners Guide, Bell Pepper Growing (Capsicum) Information, Growing Watermelon, Cultivation, Planting Guide, Improving Soil Fertility – A Role of Organic Matter, Pig Farming Basics, Housing, Feed, Breeding, Growing Passion Fruit, Planting Techniques, Growing Sweet Potatoes In Containers / Indoors, Growing Mangoes In Containers Information, Growing Guava Fruit – A Profitable Business, Rose Apple Farming (Java Apple, Wax Apple), Cultivation, Growing Lemon Grass In India, Cultivation Methods, Paddy Cultivation Information For Beginners, Coconut Oil Production – A Beginners Guide, Barley Production Information For Beginners, Hydroponic Tomato Cultivation, Cost and Profits, Rosemary Cultivation, Planting Methods For Beginners, Eggplant Growing (Brinjal) – A Beginners Guide, Profitable Quail Farming Business For Beginners, Growing Tamarind Fruit From Seeds,Cultivation Practices, Growing Tea Plants Procedure For Beginners, Geranium Farming, Cultivation, Growing Methods, Strawberry Production, Planting, Harvesting Guide, Growing Moringa In Pots / Containers / Backyards, Indigenous Cow Breeds of India and Their Importance, Mushroom Business Information For Beginners, Plant Nursery Business – A Beginners Guide, Tulsi Cultivation Practices, Planting Methods Guide. They yield great in warm climates. Just like other vegetable plants belonging to the Cucurbitaceae family you can grow ridge gourd directly from seeds in mid-June to August. The seeds are sown 55-60 days after the harvest. Fresh water should be sprinkled timely while storing them. A step by step guide of Ridge Gourd growing in pots from seeds. Select an area with efficient and abundant sunlight for the plants. Water the sown seed bed immediately by a light shower with a watering can. The ridge gourds are elongated; they are medium in size and with soft flesh. These pests can be controlled by spraying Dichlorvos 6.5 ml per 1 litre of water or Trichlorofon 1.0 ml per 1 litre of water. This temperature is required for the seed germination. Fill the container with proper potting layers & selected growing medium. If the rains are continuous then irrigation is not at all required. Cart total: You can grow Ridge Gourd with the appropriate water system throughout the year. The subsequent irrigation is given at an interval of 4-6 days in the rainy season. They grow as a vine so you will need to provide support to the plants.
Every plant of ridge gourd contains 15-20 fruits. It requires some support for spreading.

Ridge gourds are also commonly called Torai in Northern India. This vegetable is native to the Central and Eastern Countries of Asia. This vegetable is cultivated as a fruit, but consumed as a vegetable. The female flower develop into ridge gourd, and this sets them apart from their male counterparts. Ridge gourd pollination Honey bees and some insects help in pollinating the flowers. The Cucurbitaceae family consists many other species like snake gourd and pumpkin. In 75 days you will be having lots of bottle gourds growing on the vine. The average yield of ridge gourd is 15-16 tonnes per hectare. So develop a strong trellis support up to height of 5-6 ft, by using locally available material like pipes, bamboo, ropes, wires etc. Ridge gourds produces both male and female flowers. It is a climbing vine. The spacing between each seed must be 5 inches apart.

The following information is about “Growing Ridge Gourd and Cultivation Practices”. If we allow them to grow on the ground, fruit losses may occur due to rotting. Laterals should be allowed to grow below the trellis. Water logging can result in poor growth as it can cause root diseases. You have entered an incorrect email address! Growing Ridge Gourd in Container/Pots. The female flowers are yellow in colour; the leaves are lobed and are dark green in colour with elongated, straight and slightly curved pods. Glyphosate based compounds help control the weeds. The seeds can get germinated in a natural way by wrapping the seeds in banana stem with moist soil. Height of the trellis needs to be kept at a minimum of 6 feet. The female flower is attached with small fruit which is pollinated from the mature fruit. The extra vegetation should be cleaned and land should be marked 2 x 2 feet for sowing. The diseases occurring in the ridge gourd are Powdery mildew and Downy mildew. The average weight of this variety is 380 grams. The temperature required for the ridge gourd cultivation is 25˚- 30˚C. On raised beds, sow two seeds per spot in a spacing of 2 x 2 ft. Push the seeds a little in soil medium with your fingers & completely cover them with surrounding soil. The water supply to the soil depends on the season and soil moisture. Each year you have to grow a new plant as it is an annual plant. These gourds could also be grown in February to March as early crops. The ridge gourd is long, 3-5 cm thick and slightly curved. The seeds are planted directly or the seedling can be transplanted from the nursery to the main field.
The bottle gourd plant grows quite quickly, very vigorously and spread to long distances. The average yield of this variety is 18-20 tonnes per hectare. If they are overly mature then the seeds start becoming hard and their flesh turns coarse. The seeds are soft when the gourd is completely mature. The seeds are planted directly or the seedling can be transplanted from the nursery to the main field. The edible pod length is 10-18 cm when immature. The pollinated gourds yield more than the other gourds. The varieties of ridge gourds have different flowers of male and female origin. The fruits which are tender and cylindrical in shape are more preferred in the market. The spacing between seedlings should be 3 inches apart. The row spacing is 1.5 to 2.5 cm.

Herbicides are a chemical solution for the control of weeds. The yield of the cultivated crop completely depends on the soil, climate, irrigation, manure and management practices. For ridge gourd cultivation rainy season is not suitable. All over the world India ranks 1st in cultivating all varieties of vegetables and China is in 2nd place for cultivating vegetables.

The trellis should be erected in that area. Weeds are plants which exhibit one or more of the following characteristics like little or no recognized value as energy, medicine, nutritional or material. It contains Vitamins like Vitamin A, VitaminB-12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E. The length of ridge gourd is 55 cm; the circumference of the ridge gourd is 2.5 cm. The seeds are sown by applying 25:30:30 kg of Nitrogen: Phosphorous: Potassium per hectare of land.

The harvesting can be done in 4-5 days interval.

If the seeds are sown in January then they are harvested in April. This For cultivation the soil, which is best preferred is well drained sandy loam soil with high organic matter. The gourds can be stored for 2-4 days without any damage. The scientific name of ridge gourd is Luffa. Optimal soil temperature: 10-40°C (50-85°F). Alkarty brings you the nursery online, Herbal beauty and other Products. These ridge gourds belong to the tropical and subtropical regions.

Ridge Gourd Seeds. When they grow to one third or half of the length, then they can be harvested. For ridge gourd farming drip irrigation methods are more beneficial. The pH value of the organic soil should be around 6.5-7.5. for your Ridge gourd plant. Weed Control Measures in Growing Ridge Gourd: The weeds among the crops are difficult to kill because it may also harm the neighboring crops, but weed control is a very important agricultural practice.

The land is prepared by applying 10-15 tonnes of well rotten Farm Yard Manure (FYM) per hectare. The seeds should also be treated with chemical pesticides.

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