I always detailed my car and was honest, but I never found any buyers. When selling a car or vehicle, it is EXTREMELY important to include at least one picture of the car or vehicle you are selling. Yeah there is sooo much money to be made buying and selling cars on craigslist. If he thinks the car or vehicle is worthless to you, he may think it is worthless to anyone else as well. Your email address will not be published. Get a cashier’s check or take cash only. most of the time, a savings of up to a few hundred dollars. The worst thing you can do is create the idea that you are somehow trying to take advantage of the buyer. I have an Infiniti G20 that they don’t make anymore, and it has been a challenge for me to sell that vehicle. That’s a great comment! 1st of all, most people will not accept checks. Such great tips you have written to sell a used car on craigslist. Some cars that are more rare, like the Mini Cooper, sell well because there is not a lot of competition. THESE are the deals you must look for to find a mechanically stable, dependable car or vehicle. It’s a waste of time for everyone if you overplay the vehicle’s condition. It really depends on the car that you are trying to sell. Required fields are marked *. What’s your thought? There’s a lot to think about. Would you search for a used car and do a little extra work if someone would pay you $500 to do it? If you’re standing there counting hundred dollar bills in front of him, even if it is less than he wants for the car, it hurts for him to see those hundreds go. Buckle up and hang on, because Ron, a.k.a "The Earth Roaming Car Guy" brings high-speed energy and enthusiasm that can be felt in his treasure hunting experiences. When they come to see the car, be open and honest. Read the tips below for selling a car on Craigslist in a way that will maximize your profit and minimize your hassle. Pay with cash, never settle on the asking price. Cars generally sell pretty quickly on Craigslist when they’re listed properly, in my experience. Include pics of all sides of the outside of the vehicle and several interior shots. Even if you offer $50 less, you get some extra savings for your effort. If you are looking for a specific car or vehicle, you may need to do some traveling until you find the right one. It can be a bit overwhelming, buying on Craigslist. Try not to go too far above the Kelley Blue Book value because most people will search for your car on that site to get an idea of what they should pay for it. My brother is thinking of selling his car and I had mentioned Craigslist without being intimately familiar with the process. If you favor a certain make and model car, chances are you will be more knowledgeable about those specific vehicles. Craigslist is a good place to list your car. Determine the Value of Your Vehicle. I would also recommend using social media platforms to sell your car. She has been writing about personal finance topics for over six years. Thanks for subscribing! And you can do it. We looked at several vehicles that listed “in excellent condition” that were far from it. Exterior? So the advertising price for this car would be around $2700. Search other listings for vehicles similar to yours, and check the Kelley Blue Book value before determining a price. But it's not for everyone. How To Buy And Sell Cars For Profit On Craigslist - YouTube I love your suggestion about an odometer pic. 6 Tips for Selling a Car on Craigslist. Be sure to include a picture of the odometer so that you can prove you are being honest about the mileage. It’s also important for your own safety and peace of mind that you’re aware of the legal rules pertaining to your state when selling a vehicle and that you have a plan for selling your car safely. For private people selling on craigslist, there are many different reasons why they may be selling the car or vehicle. Read closely the description to make sure you find out the correct pricing for your car. Don’t go for a test drive with the potential buyer. Yes, social media has been a game-changer for people who need to sell stuff. Read our Advertiser Disclosure. ~ Jody Potterjunkyardlife.com, Copyright 2020 and Jody Potter, junkyardlife.com. Be available for them to test drive your car or vehicle. When pricing your car, you will want to advertise a price significantly higher than this, because, keep in mind that the seller will most likely want to talk you down in price. I keep my hands greasy working on whatever vehicle I can drag home. Be Smart and Be Objective About the Price, How to Sell Stuff on Craigslist Extremely Fast, How to Buy a Car on Craigslist & Feel Good About The Process, Top 18 Sites Like Craigslist to Buy (or Sell). When we asked the seller about this, he said, “I don’t go by Blue Book – I just price base on what other people are pricing their trucks at.”. Buyer beware. We had $9,000 to spend and we wanted to spend it wisely. It may be true that you will spend more time and effort looking for the right car, but that time and effort spent will translate into SAVINGS. If any of you are out there reading, please feel free to share any advice. These are great pointers! Laurie has been featured in publications such as The Philidelphia Inquirer, The Seattle Times and Bankrate. YAY! Secondly, cash talks. Avoid hiding anything from the seller. 3. It’s important to know the legal requirements for buying and selling cars in your state before you sell a car on Craigslist.

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