You need to find a way to isolate the connections from the outside environment and from one another. The baby swampy is an idea I've had for quite a while, using the wicking power of common swamp cooler pads, and some household items and tools. The baby swampy actually creates a noticeable temperature difference, the upstairs of our house can sometimes exceed 100f. * Swamp cooler padding -  Obtainable from any hardware store, this was left over from replacing mine in my big swamp cooler, if you can't come across or afford any, I'd maybe suggest an old cotton t-shirt, sponges could work, but I don't think they'd let much air through them, I suppose you could consider paper towels. Share it with us! Use the vernier again to scrape a circle with the halfway mark as the pivot point. He is curious, imaginative, creative and always puts other people first, never failing to really help them put safety in their lives. Humidity IS the key. Depending on how many hole you want, mark a few circles around the bucket more or less 13cm. The steps are few, easy to understand and follow. Household fans, on the other hand, are rated 120V. If not using a drill, a dremel would be ideal, but I'd imagine you could use a razor knife or probably even scissors. Butt connects may also work. Some things you'll need and others you won't I chose to solder and shrink wrap mine (not a huge fan of house fires or electrocution), you may choose to tape it or use butt connectors (not shown). The potential for electrocution is real here. It may crack or even may change in shape. 7 years ago You'll want to use a high speed, and try not to force your bit through it. Please. I used a bigger fan, ice bottles, and working on using some old PC heatsinks for better delivery from the bottles to the fan. I used burlap and much larger holes. This is because of its low voltage rating (at 12V). This may not provide the desired effects. Proceed and heat the two connections (positive and negative) together at the same time. I got mine at 16mm minus 3.2mm for the rim. The dimensions are 40cm x 30cm. If you can't find them and are using another material. However, they may not be as good as another padding such as wet paper towels (sorry for my bias). You may also need screwdrivers, wire, and pliers. It vibrated quite a bit. After the connections are soldered, slide the shrink wrap up over them, and all you have to do is heat it up. This will protect you, your family and pets from unnecessary risks of electrocution. Plug it in and make sure it works. Maybe they'll work better! Again, I will not be liable or even sad if you electrocute yourself, children, pets, or burn your house down. Making sure it covers the hole and that a large piece of it touches the bottom of the bucket. I will not be held responsible for you electrocuting yourself, your children or your pets. If you're uncomfotable with using a power supply, feel free to use a 9v battery and connector. This is where your holes will be made so go and trace that halfway point all around the bucket. Survival Gear Secure the cage with the screws you kept. Dan Stevenson The hole should be about the size of the fan blades. During the day 25 is fine outdoors for most people, indoors it is to warm, and at night indoors is is much to hot, so I can see why. The only problem I see with this is the increased humidity from the evaporating water, this might give you condensation problems or even mold. If you’re a passionate survival enthusiast, The Survival Corps is the right place for you, as Dan will never cease to amaze you with valuable information for helping you plan, prepare and survive both in the wilderness and in an urban environment. This will be the power supply for the fan. If the lid seems to be low lying or ill-fitting, be sure to trim off the excess pads. Did you make this project? If using a computer fan, the ground pin is in the center of the Molex plug, if using a three pin plug, hopefully they're colored. Got the same idea last summer!Mine has different exits for fresh air and it's made with 2 buckets for better insulation.Soon I'll post the instructable.Nice job! I used two designs here as examples. So, what can you do to cool and humidify air? He is truly the lifeblood of The Survival Corps and we can honestly say that we wouldn’t be where we are without him. These geographical areas tend to be hot and dry with very low humidity. Simply place the fan on the surface of the container. Battery Powered Lamp That Turns on Through the Use of Magnets. Your goal should be to ensure the holes allow optimal airflow without necessarily compromising the structure of the container. There you go! I (almost) fix and fly airc…. That being said, become creative, the more air you move through your cooler, the more evaporative capacity your cooler has. 1 year ago. Wet the cloth all the way so it can act as a wick that keeps drawing water. Choose the cheapest pair of scissors you can find. I will post pics and instructable once I perfect it. He also knows quite a lot about preparing for emergency situations in the concrete jungle when one would need either self-defense or other survival skills in various cases of crisis, such as a natural disaster. Cut them a little bit big and trim off the excess, use the scraps to fill in gaps and you should be good to go. If the fan works plug it out and fill up the container. Keep in mind, this will not cool off your entire house, or maybe even a room. I live in South Africa and is currently a recovering vegetarian and amateur mustache grower. The problem is that these may not allow the passage of much air. Very COOL Indeed... no pun intended. This calls for your creativity. This is your intake holes so feel free to experiment. Please give me some advice, Reply The holes will determine the amount of air that flows through your choice container and the reservoir you might want. Centering the fan as much as possible is probably desired, as you can see my hole wasn't very center, but as it turns out, it was a bit lopsided as well, so it became quite a bit more centered before I mounted it up. If using a larger fan, I'd totally suggest a five gallon bucket. Add ice for a better effect. You need your fan to be drawing air through the container, this is going to help the pads stay moist. THE SWAMP COOLER OF COLDNESS (Horror of heat). The solder must pass through both wires to establish a reliable connection. You do not need to be ingenious to understand and follow the steps. A pair of scissors is great in cutting random items you will need to make a portable swamp cooler. I heated the two smaller connections at the same time, and then heated the larger connection over them. The smaller rage is important if you will be using a computer fan like the one we mentioned. I placed my fan on the lid, and traced around the inside with a pen. Cut the pads a little bigger than the container and then trim them back to fitting size. The appropriate container to make portable swamp cooler could be anything. I love wet paper towels because they will soak water even if only a small portion is immersed. Place a bead of glue under the hole and secure the cloth to it. My power supply is only 9.6v) try to use a fan that matches up with your power supply as well as possible. I also made a larger 2 bucket one. This item will make your work much easier. You can obtain a used fan from any source provided it fits your needs. Leave a comment in the desert), but not so good in high humidity.A small one is worth experimenting with. nice build why not use some small cooler pads? You do not need to be a technical savvy in order to pull this off. Ensure the voltage of the power supply matches that of the fan. Some are available right in your house. At the bare minimum, go for a large one as well as one with a range of 11/64. In order to make a portable  swamp cooler you will need absorbent breathable  padding from any hardware store close to you. I'd imagine it would still work in the reverse direction, but my thoughts were, that drawing the air up through the container would help pull moisture into the pads. Did you make this project? Being the person i am, I hacked an old (Newly bought) bucket to create a usb Aircon if you will. Use the vernier to determine the diameter of the fans cage minus the part were the screws go threw. Also the fact that my room gets a lot of afternoon sun does not make for a cool night in summer. I would suggest the shrink wrap, but your choices are your own. And it will smell like butt. There is an easy and efficient way to ensure the measurement is accurate. I chose this design because it's cheap, simple, and it doesn't require anything other than what I had lying around. It's also incredible for scrapping parts from circuit boards, if you're a tinkerer this is a very handy thing to have in your arsenal, and they're rather inexpensive at wal-mart.

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