After dying at the hands of an Ovoid fleet, Galactus managed to recover his consciousness and put it into a robot replica of him, but he wasn’t the same. Raised on the peaceful utopia of Zenn-La, Norrin Radd sacrificed himself to stop Galactus from devouring his homeworld. NEXT: Terrible Heralds: 8 Awful Heralds Of Galactus (And 7 Who Would Be Worse) Heralds of Galactus has 5 difficulty levels: Normal, Heroic, Master, Epic, and Herald Difficulty. Herald Difficulty is this month’s Canadian Difficulty and is tuned to Cavalier Players. Galactus creates a new herald Ardina but she is later undone by her creator. Before the idea of heralds, Galactus created a self-replicating program that sought out planets for him. One of the first worlds she aided Galactus with was New Korbin, and after hunting down the remaining Korbinites, she came face to face with their protector, Beta Ray Bill. As a force of nature, Galactus must consume planets for the energy and sustenance he needs to carry on his tragic existence. 06:52PM Unsure of what had happened to him, Kril spent years searching for his best friend, unaware of the events that had transpired after his disappearance. Galactus has tried to regain his services over the years, but he’s done whatever he could to escape his grasp. Her death upset Galactus, and his cosmic power was stripped away. They aid Galactus in devouring worlds, and represent different elements: water, earth, fire and air. With the help of Beta Ray and Billy Ray, they defeated it, but she nearly lost her life in the process. Stardust was one of the Etherals, known as Lamada-Zero before she became Galactus’ Herald. You must be Level 55 to access Herald Difficulty. Galactus has always been one of the biggest threats to the Universe, and also one of the most powerful. Raye would help the Fantastic Four for a while, but she began searching for something more, sure there was something special beyond the stars and out there in the cosmos. Many of Galactus' heralds wield weapons that can channel their cosmic energies. Galactus' Heralds are beings of cosmic energy, created by Galactus. The Silver Surfer #1 - The Origin of the Silver Surfer. 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They were defeated by the Avengers and the Code White (team). Traveling in space and searching for his next feast, Galactus has shared his Power Cosmic with many over time, hoping they would aid him in his quest to find planets to gorge on, but they’ve not always been as reliable as he’d hoped, or as willing. Morg’s power was improved drastically by finding the Well of Life on a planet that the two located, and after countless battles with former Heralds, Morg defeated them all, even killing Nova in the process. Galactus has tried to regain his services over the years, but he’s done whatever he could to escape his grasp. More The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Wiki, The Avengers:Earth's Mightiest Heroes Wiki. Upon learning about the true fate of his own world, Superman travels to the Marvel Universe to seek the help of the Fantastic Four in putting an end to Galactus' universal threat. After several planets learned how to turn their creation against Galactus himself, he searched for new means to help him sustain his hunger. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Chris is a lover of comics, movies, and TV, and has been a geek for far too long. Red Shift was an alien life form who became a Herald, ready to accompany his master to Earth. As your tickets are limited to just 28, you can’t play all the difficulty levels of the Side Quest. When the two first encountered each other, Morg threatened Galactus with violence, showing no fear at all and impressing him greatly.

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