Literal meaning of this proverb is; What will a horse eat, if it befriends the grass. A frame of wood, a horse on the frame. O Mama (7 Khoon Maaf): Lyrics, Translation, Ishq tere Jalwe (Yeh Saali Zindagi) Lyrics, Kaise kahein Alvida (Yeh Saali Zindagi) Lyrics, na dil mein kasak hogi.. (Poetry from 7 Khoon Maaf). Ghoda ki Sanskrit. my daughter asking me, whats the meaning of kathi (in the song of lakdi ki kathi - kathi pe ghoda...). a frame of wood, a horse on the frame, when the hammer striked on the horse's tail, ran, ran, the horse ran with its tail high.. ghoda pahuncha chauk mein chauk mein tha naai.

Ghode ki dum pe joh mara hathauda. Still have questions? The horse ran with his tail held high.

:) Thank you for the lyrics and translation. Here is meaning of Ghoda in Sanskrit. takbak takbak takbak takbak. Kyun Main Jaagoon: Lyrics, Translation (Patiala Ho... Faani Dayaar (Soch Lo) Lyrics, Translation. Someday some english guys asked me if i can speak french.....why did they asked me that. A wooden sling that used to support or raise the horse ( it is the meaning of first line) Lakadi ki kathi means A wooden sling, a Seat of wooden strapped on a hourse for riding. A frame of wood, a horse on the frame. I love this song since my childhood and I still sing and enjoy it. ghodeji ki naai ne hazaamat jo banaai. Get answers by asking now. var sc_project=6034226; Woh Aadat hai Voh Lyrics (Patiala House/ Singer Vi... Lakdi ki Kaathi: Lyrics, Translation (Masoom), Tinka Tinka Aashayein: Lyrics, Translation. Many thanks from a Hindi illiterate fan of Hindi music.

). Tumba Tumba (Patiala House): Lyrics, Translation, ... Baby When You Talk to Me (Patiala House) Lyrics, Kyun Main Jaagoon Unplugged: Lyrics (Patiala House). here is the url of that toy: What do you think of the answers? Dauda dauda dauda ghoda dum uthake dauda. var sc_security="b7aab2bb"; Receive meanings and translations in your inbox. When we hit the hammer on the horse's tail. You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. The meaning of these line are a wooden toy horse having semi arc at botton, which moves up and down !! Every day. Ghoda ghaas se dosti karega to khaayega kya is a Hindi prover which is similar to What will a tiger eat, if it befriends a lamb. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. -Subhasree Pan Lahiri, Thank u for daughter learned song at preschool...I had nooooo I can help her perfect it;), thanx a lot needed dis fr my music notes .........:). Ghode ki dum pe joh mara hathauda.

What is घोड़ा in Sanskrit (Ghoda ka Sanskrit arth / matlab kya hai? A wooden sling that used to support or raise the horse( it is the meaning of first line), Lakadi ki kathi means A wooden sling, a Seat of wooden strapped on a hourse for riding.

Native English speakers, could you please help me with these issues?

even i'm unable find the right answer on google search. When we hit the hammer on the horse's tail, Ghoda pahuncha chowk mein, chowk mein tha naai, The horse reached the square, where there was a barber, The proud horse reached the vegetable market, Sabzi mandi baraf padi thi baraf mein lag gayi thandi, In the vegetable market there was ice, where he caught cold, Ghoda apna tagda hai, dekho kitni charbi hai, Our horse is strong, see how much fat it has, Chalta hai Mehrauli mein par ghoda apna arabi hai, He walks in Mehrauli but our horse is of Arabic descent, Taang chhudake dauda ghoda dum uthake dauda, The horse escaped and ran with his tail held high. var sc_invisible=0; He was not served with notice because he is presently abroad.? Above get definition and Sanskrit meaning of Ghoda. Is this correct grammar.? Lakdi ki kaathi, kaathi pe ghoda.

Thanks for the translation.I learned this song to sing for my little angle.

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