Munchies reports that they don’t follow the traditional rules of Mexican cooking, nor do they care to. As a result, Brazil, Colombia, and Cuba have some of the largest Afro-descendant populations. Often, when people say Latin America, they really mean Hispanoamérica – the places that only Spain colonized. There is a mini-book and Power Point game with this food vocabulary and the verb gustar here: Me Gusta Activities with Spanish Food Vocabulary. However, even with this limited set, origin isn’t straightforward, and our knowledge is constantly evolving. Experts generally agree on the origin for the foods I chose. All Flavor No Grease, a takeout spot in nearby Watts, uses store-bought tortillas and has one sauce called “green.” “I’m not gonna do the authentic Hispanic taco,” owner Keith Garrett told Munchies. Tomate – Tomato, Papa – Potato Rhyan Lowery, for example, is a young African-American musician who grew up being influenced by the Latino culture he saw everywhere. ¿Para preparar una salsa picante? They’re gonna like that ’cause I like that. Created by Meks. Some plants have two independent origins, while others originated in one place and were cultivated in another. This video about food originally from South America is a great way to practice listening and learn more about the 5 foods on the infographic. These plants were later transported to England and crossed with another variety to develop the garden strawberry. These are the foods from on the infographic and picture cards: Maíz – Corn PBS’ Black in Latin America series explains that 11 million Africans were taken to Latin America as slaves. You can watch the Guacamole Recipe in Spanish on YouTube and find a transcript in the description. After going to Cuba, she realized that the Afro-Cuban people were cooking the same food as her family in Mexico. It is usually served with acarajé, which is made out of deep-fried beans. Download a printable version of the Food from Latin America infographic with a white background. Just as Los Angeles was the birthplace of the Korean taco, it’s also responsible for African-Americans taking the taco and making it their own. Related: Black in Latin America Teaches Us About Our Hidden African Roots, Countries: Colombia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Venezuela. Both these sets of activities about fruit in Spanish and vegetables in Spanish include picture cards and a beautiful video. Related: A Taste Of Puerto Rico At Smorgasburg, NYC’s Most Popular Outdoor Food Market. If students are interested in learning more, there are excellent resources online. Country: Mexico. The diverse flavors of Latin American cuisine embody a mix of indigenous, African and European influences. Piña – Pineapple. From Bahia in Brazil to the Garifuna in Central America, here are eight foods that Latin Americans can thank Africa for: For many Dominicans, mangú is just part of a balanced breakfast, but the plátano favorite is inspired by West African fufu – a dough made from yucca or cassava. Mofongo is a mix of mashed green plantains with garlic and vegetables. Mogo mogo. Related: 8 Foods That Show How Latin America And Asia Have Influenced Each Other’s Cuisines, Country: Honduras, Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua. Sort the picture cards onto maps of Mexico – Central America and South America. For example, the Mapuche and Huilliche Indians of Chile first cultivated strawberries. Many foods originated in Latin America and then spread around the globe, becoming essential ingredients of world cuisines. Pilcher 2006 and Kiple 2007 provide overviews of food in world history with ample coverage of the global south and Latin America in particular. Download a printable version of the Food from Latin America infographic.

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